Workout Wednesday: Plus Size Nike Outfit of the Day

Hey Dolls! Welcome to the first Workout Wednesday of the year!

What is Workout Wednesday?

I believe that health is a practice, not a pant size, so let’s make Workout Wednesdays a place where we’re all about joyful movement, accountability and active vibes! Here’s the drill: every Wednesday, let’s sweat it out and keep each other motivated. Share the love by posting a pic or video of your midweek workout on your Instagram stories, and don’t forget to tag me @ceceolisa.

Together, we’ll turn Wednesdays into a fitness fiesta! Let the endorphins flow, and let’s crush those wellness goals. 💪🏽🏋️‍♀️ #WorkoutWednesday #CurveMethod

Today’s Workout: CeCe Olisa’s Plus Size Winter Walking Routine

Embrace the crisp January air and lace up those boots! An outdoor walk in January is a natural mood booster and a refreshing start to the year. The invigorating cold stimulates circulation, while the gentle winter sunlight provides a dose of mood-enhancing vitamin D. Breathing in the chilly, fresh air awakens your senses and clears the mind, offering a serene escape from the indoor hustle. Plus, the contrast of the winter landscape adds a touch of magic to your steps. So, bundle up, step outside, and let the brisk January breeze be your companion on this wellness journey. Your body and mind will thank you! Here is my plus size walking routine.

My Plus Size Walking Routine


Where can I find cute plus size winter workout clothes?

Ready to elevate your style effortlessly? Dive into todays outfit of the day and discover a seamless shopping experience with my LTK links. Inside each post, you’ll find these magic links leading you to the exact (or super similar) pieces I’m rocking—from XS to 4XL, with plus and standard sizes often in different links. Not sure which link is your fashion soulmate? Fear not! Let the model photos be your guide, showcasing the glam in every size. It’s like having a personal stylist at your fingertips. So, click away, shop smart, and let’s slay those outfits together!

You can recreate today’s workout Wednesday look by clicking this link– I’ve got everything from puffer coats to leggings in size XS-4XL here on my LTK shop


Shop: Nike Plus Size Outfit of the Day

Shop: Nike Plus Size Outfit of the Day

I hope this is helpful!


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