Wide Feet, Big Style: Shoe Shopping at Gucci

Hello there, dolls! I wear and 11 wide shoe and today I’ve got some juicy tips for all my fellow wide-footed dools who are venturing into the world of Gucci shoes for the very first time. You deserve to strut your stuff in style, and I’m here to make sure your shopping experience is as fabulous as you are!

Does Gucci make Wide Width Shoes?

Short answer– No, Gucci does not make wide with shoes. Long answer– I often find the wide with sit I’m looking for in Gucci shoes when I go up a size. Of course, if you’re a woman with big feet, this may be more challenging in some styles but in unisex styles, you should be able to go up a size until you get the fit that feels right on your foot.

Are Gucci Shoes Unisex?

Some Gucci shoes are unisex, but not all. Good news! Gucci has a stunning selection of unisex shoes that are perfect for all genders. So, if you spot a pair you adore, don’t hesitate to try them on, regardless of the gender label.

How to Find Wide Width Gucci Shoes

Now, here’s a tip that’ll be your holy grail when shopping at Gucci – while Gucci doesn’t specifically advertise wide width shoes, sizing up by half a size or even a full size can often give you the wiggle room your wide feet crave. It’s all about that extra space, honey!

How to Find a Gucci Belt in Plus Size

Ever since I started posting outfits with my Gucci Belt, I’ve been bombarded with questions about how to purchase a plus size gucci belt, how I figured out sizing and I made a Gucci belt work for my plus size body. So, in this very popular post, I’m sharing the exact steps I took so that I would know how to buy a Gucci belt in plus size.

So, there you have it, my wide-footed darlings. Gucci is all about luxury, and with these tips, you’ll be strutting your stuff in the most fabulous kicks, feeling like a true fashion icon. Remember, the perfect pair of shoes can make any outfit pop, and wide feet won’t hold you back from looking absolutely fabulous. Embrace your unique beauty and rock those Gucci shoes with confidence! 💃👠

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