Why I Became a Nutrisystem Ambassador

Healthy curves at every size is a priority for me. Body Positivity is at the heart of my work. I also have some weight loss goals I’m working towards.

Why I want to lose weight

In the past I kept my weight loss efforts private, but 91% of you said that you wanted me to talk about weight loss. I’m very happy in my size 18 jeans, I feel really confident in my body right now. The only thing I want to change about my body is my knee pain. Studies show that losing one pound takes four pounds of pressure off of your knees. My 2022 goal is to lose ten pounds and take 40 pounds of pressure off of my knees.

Why I Became a Nutrisystem Ambassador

If you’ve been following my body positive weight loss updates, you know that meal replacements (i.e. protein shakes, meal delivery) are an essential part of my weekly healthy curves routine. I love to cook recipes at home like my simple greek salad and my amazing roast chicken but I don’t always have time or energy for an elaborate meal. So, I’m going to let you in on my little secret– when I want something that’s convenient and supportive to my healthy curves, I put nutrisystem into my weekly routine. I learned recently that as a nutrisystem ambassador I can offer my community 50% off. I consider Nutrisystem the most accesible meal delivery service that I’ve tried so far and since I was already sharing the meal replacements that work for me in previous body positive weight loss posts, I liked the idea of having an exclusive discount for anyone who wanted to join me.

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Here are a few questions that have come my way about nutrisystem:

Are Nutrisystem Meals Frozen?

Yes, nutrisystem meals are frozen. They arrive in a styrofoam cooler packed with dry ice to keep everything frozen until you can unpack it and put it in your freezer, so be sure to schedule your delivery on a day that works for you. The nutrisystem delivery is packaged in a way that keep the food frozen for a while (I’d estimate up to 36 hours).

Frozen meals are ideal for me. In the past when I’ve used fresh meal delivery services I ran into challenges with my schedule. Sometimes I wouldn’t have time to cook all of my fresh meal delivery service recipes in time and they’d go bad in my fridge, this felt wasteful. On the other hand, coming home after a long trip to a box of fresh food that had been delivered while I was away and started to spoil felt wasteful. Having frozen meals ensures I have what I need when I need it on my schedule.


Can you drink coffee on Nutrisystem?

Yes, I have chosen to keep coffee in my morning routine and I am still seeing results. On busy mornings I grab something fast and simple like this nutrisystem moist blueberry muffin and a cup of coffee.


Can you eat fruit on Nutrisystem?

Yes! Fruits and vegetables are the cornerstone of Nutrisystem. That’s one reason I’m comfortable using it as part of my healthy curves routine. I need fruits and vegetables in my daily diet for a healthy gut and I like that there aren’t any restrictions on “real food”.

What are the best tasting nutrisystem meals?

I will take more photos of the meals I grab over and over, but here are photos of my top two: the Merlot Beef (with or without the sauce) and the Lemon Caper Chicken (just add a pinch of sea salt). For breakfast I like the egg sandwiches, especially when I’m craving fast food. These meals are filling and full of flavor.


I’m happy to share that I am officially a nutrisystem ambassador! After using nutrisystem privately, it’s a pleasure to share how I make them a part of my healthy curves routine. As an ambassador, I get to offer you 50% off– click this link to learn more!

Thank you for being open to learning what works for me– I’m currently on the women’s plan! As a nutrisystem ambassador I can offer you 50% off, click here to find a plan that’s supportive to your healthy curves routine. xx

*Expect to lose 1-2lbs per week on average

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