What I Did & What I Wore Thanksgiving, NYC Brunch & Natural Hair

Its been a while since I did an instagram roundup, so I thought I’d catch you guys up! I got back down 30 pounds right around thanksgiving. While was in Indiana with my family, I noticed that my skinny jeans were fitting a lot better, *whew*

I’ve been hitting the gym hard, and had an awkward moment when I had to yank my underwire out during my cardio class… I feel like my bras are always falling apart, augh!

I had brunch with my gays and someone decided to bring a brooch in the shape of a bird… I thought the brooch was hilarious!

That’s a general update…Friday is my office holiday party and the outfit that you guys helped me choose is really cute. I’ll have pictures from that soon too.

Have a good weekend!

Instagram: PlusSizePrincess

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