What the New York Liberty can teach you about Style

This week, the New York Liberty (Brooklyn’s WNBA team) stopped by my apartment to chat with me about women and confidence. There is so much you can learn about style through women’s sports. But before we get into that… 

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Now back to fashion and women’s sports…

While fashion and women’s sports may not seem to have an obvious connection, there are a few lessons that I’ve learned from my time at WNBA games.


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Comfort is key

Female athletes often choose clothing that is comfortable and functional, allowing them to move freely and perform at their best. This can translate into everyday fashion choices by prioritizing comfort over trends. You’ll see how I mix style and comfort when my plus size resort wear collection drops next week.

Embrace your body 

Female athletes come in all shapes and sizes, and they often wear clothing that highlights their strengths and unique features. This can inspire us to embrace our own bodies and wear clothing that makes us feel confident and comfortable. It has taken me years to build up the confidence to show my arms, so you’ll see a some cute sleeveless dresses in my plus size resort wear collection as a celebration of my body positive journey.

Performance and style can coexist

Something I’ve learned in my work with Nike is that athletic clothing can be both functional and stylish. This has inspired me to create plus size clothing that not only looks good but also allows you to feel cool and at your best all summer long.

Yes, doll, women’s sports can remind us to prioritize comfort, embrace our bodies and find a balance between performance and style.

I’ll be shooting the official product shots for my plus size fashion collection all day Friday and I’ll circle back with you Monday with an update.

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p.s. You can click here to watch my full interview with the New York Liberty.

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