Updating my Self Care Routines

Hey Dolls,

How’s the last bit of summer treating you? I hope you’re soaking in all the good vibes and sunshine! 💖 Speaking of sunshine, I’ve been spending my summer diving deep into something super important: SELF-CARE. Yep, you read that right. It’s all about taking the time to show ourselves some extra love and care.

Let’s chat about self-care, shall we? It’s like giving yourself a big, cozy hug from the inside out. It’s not just about face masks and bubble baths, although those are amazing too! It’s about looking after our minds, bodies, and hearts. 

If you’re one of my instagram dolls, you know that I’ve been on a mission to demystify self-care and show you why it’s sooo important. I’m so passionate about this that I want to make sure we’re talking about it here too. I’m excited because you dolls are sharing our self care conversations with your family and friends. Together, we’re breaking down the myths and getting to the life changing stuff. We’re talking practical, real-life routines that cover everything from head to toe. So, if you don’t follow me on instagram, here’s what you’ve missed:


My Updated Sisterlocks Routine

In the hair department, I’ve been sharing my Sisterlocks journey. I’ve been obsessed with adding moisture to my hair, with things like steaming—think of it like giving my hair a spa day every month! And trust me, keeping that gorgeous hair hydrated is a must. I’m on the hunt for a good post-shampoo conditioner. I’ll keep you posted on what I find. I also did a Q&A chat with Sabine, my natural hairstylist at Sabine’s Hallway Natural Hair Salon. You can watch it here:



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My Updated Skincare Routine

When it comes to skin, I’ve been all about sunscreen, exfoliation and scent styling. Imagine your skin getting a fresh start and smelling like a field of flowers at the same time. Ahh, pure bliss.



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My Updated Morning Routine

Let’s not forget about our home sweet home! I’ve been focusing on my bedroom, creating a serene oasis where I can relax and recharge. Including kicking off my day by making my bed. My future self thanks me every time I come home to a freshly made bed at the end of the day.



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My Updated Workout Routine

And of course, we can’t skip fitness! Cardio, arms, legs, and abs—it’s a full-body party with #CurvemethodbyCeCe. Getting those endorphins pumping is like a burst of happiness. I’m super proud of myself for being consistent with my strength training too, like weight squats.


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So there you have it, dolls! This summer, I’ve been on a journey of self-care in these four fabulous areas. And guess what? You’re invited to join me. Stay tuned because I’ll be sharing all the deets and tips real soon.

Remember, you deserve all the love and care in the world. Keep shining bright! Sending you virtual hugs and self-care magic,

CeCe Olisa 🌟

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  1. Updating my Self Care Routines is a refreshing exploration of personal growth and well-being. It’s inspiring to see someone embrace change and adapt their self-care practices. The blog reminds us that self-care isn’t static; it evolves as we do. By sharing their journey, the author encourages us to reevaluate our own routines and make necessary adjustments to prioritize self-compassion and growth. It’s a relatable and motivating read for anyone on a self-discovery journey.

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