I Tried Orange Theory Fitness: Plus Size Review



When I arrived at my first Orange Theory Fitness class, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

Walking in, there was a welcome sign with my name on it and a friendly person at the front desk ready to help me get started. I got there 30 mins early as instructed so that I could get my heart rate monitor and fill out some forms.

The class is HIIT based (High Intensity Interval Trainng), so once I saw that I got a lot more comfortable. I started on the row machines, move to the weights then finished on the treadmill.

I used my intense Orange Theory workouts to test out the new Clinique Fit makeup line. I’m partnering with Clinique to put Clinique Fit to the test during real workouts! I do wear makeup to the gym, or on a hike so when I found out the Clinique developed makeup that’s supposed to be worn at the gym, I was intrigued.

The foundation and mascara are my favorites, followed by the lip and cheek tint. Clinique Fit is light weight and held up against my super sweaty face after Orange Theory. The mascara didn’t run down my face and it didn’t sting my eyes as I sweat (this has happened to me before with other mascaras at the gym).

I’ve used Clinique Fit for a few workouts now and my pores aren’t clogged and I haven’t had any breakouts… so far so good, right?

You can see how the makeup looks on me in the photo below…

Okay, so I know you’re wondering is Orange Theory plus size friendly? The short answer is yes! But I went into full detail on my YouTube channel. You can watch my video below for all of the details on what to expect in your first Orange Theory class.

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This is a collaboration with Clinique, All Opinions are my own (of course).


14 thoughts on “I Tried Orange Theory Fitness: Plus Size Review”

  1. I ordered the wipes lets do this ! lol I am a lipstick wearer as i said on your youtube, so if the berry colored stuff was darker Id be into it. I am a yoga girl and if seats were bigger Id be a cycle girl also. I just like to maintain what I have so I want my workout life to be enjoyable and fashionable.

  2. Yay!! I am always so happy to hear when people enjoy OTF!! I LOVE it there. I’ve been a member for 2 years. It’s the best gym membership I’ve ever had and I love the community they build among their members.

  3. Loved this article and the youtube video. My only question, is does that he mean makeup wipe off while u are working out?! Love that the makeup can stay on so ur till cute while working out. I just don’t like seeing my makeup on my gym towel!!!

  4. Yestarday I went to my first class and I went too fast to the orange zone, as you said in your video. But then. I was most of the time in red zone. I havent exercised that much lately, but I am strong.
    Any suggestion?
    Now I am scared to go back tomorrow.

  5. Thank you for this review. I am a sz 16-18 and have carried around this extra weight for a few years. I work out but it isnt enough on my own. After reading your review, I joined OTF and was able to get in on founder’s rates for a new location. I am enjoying the workout and losing weight. The OTF workout IS HARD but manageable and the coach gives alternatives or I know I can ask. I am learning that I am not in the shape I believed I was in – no upper body strength and leg strength not what I thought either. Your review gave me confidence to try OTF because I thought it was meant for in shape younger people. (I am 57) I’m sticking this out and going to get back into those clothes I miss wearing. Thank you for your review!

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