Thinking About a Brazilian Wax? Read This…

Summer is here so, let’s talk brazilians! I’m answering all of your questions about taking a trip to Brazil. Thinking about a brazilian wax? Read this for everything you need to know.

Thinking About a Brazilian Wax- Read This

Q.) What is a Brazilian Wax?

A.) A Brazilian Wax is when you use wax to remove hair “down there”. When you get a brazilian, they remove everything from the front to the back (Yes, “the back”!)

Q.) Will I be charged more because of my body type? or how much hair I have?

A.) Nope. A big girl should not be charged more for a Brazilian wax. My Aestetician says that rates are based on the type of work (i.e. legs, bikini line, full brazilian) not the size of the person. If someone tries to charge you more based on your size, leave immediately.

Q.) CeCe, I’ve watched your brazilian waxing video a million times, but I’m still scared– HELP!

A.) I know it can be scary the first time, but finding the right person to do your wax will help ease your anxiety. Walk into a few salons and see what kind of vibes you get. Having good chemistry with the person doing your wax makes the awkward/intimate process of waxing so much easier. Don’t be afraid to walk away or ask for someone else. Its your body and your money ?

Q.) How do I find a Waxing Salon?

A.) I always skip nail salons, I find that their rooms and processes are often a bit shady. I go to dedicated waxing salons or spas for my wax. This makes it easier to find someone who makes me more comfortable, if needed.

Q.) The lady who does your waxing sounds awesome! Would you mind giving me her number?

A) Sure, Irina is the best!! and I’ve sent lots of my readers to get waxed by her. Click Here and I’ll email you her phone number so you can make an appointment. Be sure to tell her that CeCe referred you!

Q.) What should I wear for Brazilian Wax?

You will have to take your clothes off from the waist down, so I often wear a dress so that I can just take off my chonies (aka underwear) and pull the dress up easily.

Q.) What if I have a tummy or big thighs, can they wax me?

Yes! I always offer to help, when needed. Sometimes, I have to move my chub out of the way and/or hold my tummy taunt. Saying “let me know if you need me to help” in the beginning tells my aesthetician that she wont offend me by asking.

Q.) How do they… um… get everything?

Getting a wax can often feel like yoga. Irinia, my wax lady has me in a lot of crazy positions so that she can get to all my “nooks and crannies”, for me this is why good chemistry makes things easier

Advice you didn’t ask for but I’ll give you anyway: Always remember, having a brazilian wax can make a girl feel very… womanly *wiggles eyebrows* I always try to make sure I get my waxing done at times when it wont affect my decision making on dates. That’s all I’ll say about that!

Watch my full video on going to brazil at any size, I blush through the whole thing lol

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21 thoughts on “Thinking About a Brazilian Wax? Read This…”

  1. I get them and I pay the same as everyone else so definitely agree, get out of a salon that makes you feel uncomfortable. Also, I’d recommend getting a brazilian the week after your period – hurts less. Doing breathing exercises can take the edge off from pain (and it’s distracting). Be prepared to be acrobatic. lol

  2. I got my first one about 2 years ago in Atlanta, GA. It was awesome. I loved my aesthetician, Joi at Beauty by Joi. She was very personable, very discreet & very professional. I felt really comfy & my body is far from picture perfect. I was actually 2 months pregnant. My advice is take 2 pain killers about an hour before (preferably Aleve), cut your “down there” hairs low before your appointment with scissors or an electric shaver and invest in some No Scream Cream by Relax and Wax. It’s a numbing cream. I agree with CeCe about feeling very sexy after the wax. You’ll want to show it off. Luckily, I’m married. Good luck!

    1. I agree with everything you’re saying EXCEPT the part about trimming. I’d let the aesthetician do that. If you make it too short, she wont be able to wax you and you’ll have to wait. xo

  3. Pertaining to the advice you didn’t ask for, my lady tells me I’m not supposed to do ANYTHING [;), working out, etc.] for 24 hrs since your pores are wide open. When I first started a couple of years ago, I lived by this pretty faithfully. But now, chile please! If I get waxed before noon… 8hrs feels like 24 to me!

    BUT you’d have to know your body in order to go against the grain. My lady has also altered the after care products she uses so for all I know, that could be why I feel more spontaneous come nightfall.

  4. I loooooove Brazillian waxes! I even introduced my sister to them. We are both plus sized women and are not bothered by having to help lift up this or hold that lol! Loved the article!

  5. Geneva Williams

    Very interested in getting one, but so fearful of the pain! I also would like to kn I was how to prevent ingrown hairs.

  6. I love this post! This past year was my first ever brazilian wax! I wish i would have read this post first….it would have helped me not be so nervous! I love your blog! I have recently started my own blog and i am so knew to blogging and learning so much from seasoned professionals like you! This is so awesome!
    WOuld love for you to check it out!

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