The Curvy Girls Guide to Portable Picnic Chairs

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It’s not every day that you make one of the top 10 best purchases of your life.
But that’s exactly what I did when I bought a bright red, plus-size park chair on Amazon.

Me & my friend JP at Jazz Fest in 2017. 

I bought the park chair in New Orleans when I was there for Jazz Fest back in 2017. And this foldable chair is the first one I ever sat in that felt solid and genuinely comfortable. It felt like it was made for me!
The chair holds up to 500lbs. Back when I bought the chair, I was closer to 400lbs than I am now. I originally found it unbelievably comfortable because it was wide enough for my hips when I was a size 28. I also loved it because it sat high enough off the ground so that it didn’t bother my knees. Plus, it had holders for my drinks and it came with a carry bag that made it a little easier to transport.

I didn’t really plan on keeping the chair or lugging it back home after the festival. But the chair was so comfy that when the time came, I caved and decided to pay the extra baggage fee on my flight back to NYC so that I could keep it. This was such an unexpected find. I loved it too much to let it go! I’m happy to report that almost 5 years later, I still use my perfect plus size park chair every summer and it’s in great condition!
Now I bring it to the beach, the park, truly everywhere that I go during summer in the city.
I will say, it can be a bit hefty to carry. But, trust me, it is so worth it.
I’ve noticed every time I post about it on my Instagram, I get DMs like, “Hey where’s that park chair? I have a cookout coming!” Or I get messages like this one below:

Ask and you shall receive: I’ve gone digging for the best plus-size park chairs out there right now.
I wasn’t able to find the exact chair that I have. It sold out online pretty quickly after I brought it back from NOLA.
But, don’t worry, I’d never leave you hanging!
I’ve rounded up some other styles that I think are the best plus-size park chair options at price points ranging from luxe to more affordable.
Ready to shop?
Here are six of the best plus size friendly picnic chairs. And remember to leave a comment to let me know what you think and which one catches your eye!
The Best Plus Size Park Chairs 

Oversized Zero Gravity Chair; $119.99

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