The Truth About Nike Plus Size Mannequins

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A few things you should know before you read this:

1.) I’m writing to you from Paris, where I’m support the US Women’s National Soccer team in the world cup. More on that here.

2.) I make plus size workout videos

3.) I’ve lost over 100 pounds… and I’m still fat.

A few years ago, Jen Carson got on the internet and said that fat women didn’t belong in the fitness space, I shared what happened to me and this post went viral.

This week, Tanya Gold saw a plus size mannequin at the Nike store and had a full meltdown, which she poured into her article for the guardian. When I read her words I laughed, got irritated, then I opened my laptop and started writing this post

I’ve been thinking all morning about what I should say about Tanya’s Tantrum that big girls are getting decent workout clothes now too and it’s not just for skinny people. I’ve got some options:

I could take time today to explain that women of all sizes are active and fit.

I could say that I work out because I love my body not because I hate my body.

I could even talk about my 5K, my hiking, my swimming, my soul cycle, my orange theory but as I read the comments on social media, you guys are already doing a great job snatching Tanya Gold’s wig and showing her that big girls DO work out. Sincle you’ve got that covered, I’ll focus on something else:

I’m going to tell you the truth about the Nike Plus Size Mannequin.

When a plus size Nike mannequin shows up in a store, it’s not an accident. There are so many people at Nike corporate who had to approve the size, shape and use of that body type in a Nike store. Nike could have said no to the idea of strong plus size representation in their stores… instead, they said yes.

The reason there is a plus size Nike mannequin for us to debate over is because Nike is (finally) working to serve plus size women.

As a Nike ambassador (Yup, this fat girl is a Nike ambassador. More on that here.) I’ve been able to speak on our behalf and share that there are plus size nike mannequins all over the world. They look like me, they look like us, they look like 67% of American women.

The point isn’t about our health, or a war on obesity (eye roll), it’s about finding a sports bra that will hold my boobs down while I’m throwing punches in a boxing class. It’s about finding leggings that won’t roll down while I’m doing tap backs in soul cycle.

It’s about making sure that if anyone over a size 14 decides that she wants some cute workout clothes, she can have them.

So, when it comes to Tanya Gold and her intense fat phobia I don’t have anything to say to her. Instead I’ll speak to you and say that with your help, brands like Nike are starting to listen and serve plus size women.

I prefer to buy clothes from brands who see plus size women and decide to serve us… I’ve added Nike to that list.

Click the arrows to see the best plus size nike items I’ve tried so far. For reference, I’m a size 18 on bottom and a size 14/16 on top:

Nike Pro Plus Size Leggings

Nike Plus Size Leggings always look small to me when I hold them up, but when I put them on they fit like a glove. If you’re concerned about the waist rolling down, look for a pair with a draw string in the waist too.

Leggings Here | Jacket Here | Shirt Here

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17 thoughts on “The Truth About Nike Plus Size Mannequins”

  1. What’s disgusting is the fact that she’s all “concerned” about the “health” of fat people, but when a company inclusively supports ALL of its consumers’ right to quality exercise clothing that supports and fits, regardless of size or shape, she has a problem ?

  2. I take so much pride in my workouts. I’ve been doing yoga for years I love to dance and cycling is my thing also. Before people were jumping on a bandwagon or getting mad that fat people are indeed active ,always been , I never felt a threat until I was faced with buying items that would enhance my workout. People are hilarious and it makes no sense that she had to be that over opinionated about this. Guess I’m going to buy another pair of Nike leggings cus that’s all she caused me to do. Support them more. Girl bye. Who has time for her negativity? I’m more worried about why this bakery is out of plain bagels and why they don’t sale egg ones lol. Great response as always. Keep doing you , I keep doing me and we live our lives with me wearing my bright blue beyond yoga pants lol.

    1. I’m plus size too and so glad the people on the comments got Tanya All the way together! Feel sorry for people who are so blindly ignorant…moving on. I commend NIke for always having their ear to the ground with their consumer. It’s no coincidence they help set the trends and willing to take chances to support the people vs. what everyone else is doing. This is my first glimpse at a plus size mannequin and I think it’s great! The posture and pose communicates she’s ready for motion. Kiddos to NIke. Coincidentally I just bought my first pair of Nikes this week. Trying to get fit and practice better self care. Awesome post CeCe! Congrats on being a NIke ambassador too!

  3. I LOVE THIS . I THINK IGNORANCE SHOULD BE IGNORED , I’m so happy about this Nike body positive initiative and i’m happy that ordinary people like you are constantly spreading love and kindness

  4. Whoever this Tanya Gold woman is she is certainly laughable. How can you rant on about pre-diabetes, obesity and whatnot and in the same breath be shouting down the fact that Nike are creating clothing for plus size women who want to exercise. So even if a size 24 woman IS prediabetic what might she want to do?? Um let me think- EXERCISE. What kind of clothes does a size 24 woman need to clothe herself in to do this exercise? Ah yes, size 24 workout gear. So where is the problem? Tanya Gold just like to see her words onscreen but she needs to step away from the computer with her daft self.

  5. Thank you for a great article! I guess some think that plus size woman should be relegated to the over-sized t-shirts and baggie pants until their body is suitable for public viewing -not!

  6. Now that ALL of my workout clothes are going to come from Nike… do you have a code or a link so I can make sure that Nike knows that you sent me?

  7. Very well stated CeCe!!! I’m so excited that brands are starting to open up to the plus size community! I’m also excited that the people are giving it to Tayna Gold ??????. Someone is always going to have something negative to say, but how are you negative about someone trying to get in shape, be fit, loose weight, or whatever our reasons are to be active. Makes no sense!

  8. She’s complaining about us having representation because it encourages health issues. Bitch! We need work out clothes so we DON’T develop health issues. Or would Heathen, I mean Heather, just hope we all roll over and die? If a mannequin sets her off I wonder what me walking next to her in a dressing room, or sitting across from her at a restaurant with a hot date, or walking by her at a beach in a bikini would do. We’re not going no where Heathen, I mean Heather. Nike has chosen us over your isolated thinking. Sis Cece may have taken the higher road, but I’m still working on myself. Lol You should do the same Heathen, I mean Heather.

  9. Hi Cece….this is an awesome post. Thanks for going High when she went low. I was so glad to find a fitness class with everyone looking like me size 16 and up and not a size 2. Plus size women can do just as much if not more than a petite size women.

  10. It’s sad because I always look to faceless plastic mannequins for my health advice. ?

    You’re so fierce, CeCe! ❤️

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