The Pressure Of Weight – CeCe Olisa on NPR

I’m always a bit nervous when “mainstream media” asks to speak to me about weight. I love the body positive bubble that we’ve created here on this site, I feel safe discussing weight and body image here in a positive way.

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Last week I agreed to be interviewed by NPR on weight and being plus size. Yesterday the segment went live.

Even though we all had drastically different weight and/or body acceptance journey’s, when the other two guests spoke I could hear versions of myself in their stories. There have been times when my weight has been a painful part of my life that I just couldn’t get over, there have been times when I’ve considered weight loss surgery, there have been times when I laughed my way through things that weren’t really funny.

I went through all of those phases and came out on the other side, loving myself and my body at any size and getting the chance to talk about that on NPR (!!!) this is the most exciting and liberating space to be in for me.

CeCe Olisa on NPRAt the same time, it was nice to be reminded that there is no singular experience that we have as plus size people. In the end we all have to do what’s best for us and our health.

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This NPR segment was just a snapshot of what its like to be a big person. There was no agenda, no angle and I loved that… I hope you enjoy the segment. Take a listen below and let me know your thoughts– for those who can’t listen at work, I’ve also included a link to the transcript here! Thanks to everyone who tweeted/facebooked me that they were listening… I love you guys!

9 thoughts on “The Pressure Of Weight – CeCe Olisa on NPR”

  1. I made this comment on the sweat shirt post after I heard you on Sunday. I’m moving my comment here.
    Cece, I was listening to npr this morning and imagine my delight to hear you preaching the gospel of healthy self acceptance. It was So thrilling and a beautiful reminded that I really needed. I too wore a tight horizontal stripes dress on Valentine’s Day. My husband loved the look!

    I’ve spent the last few weeks being fat shamed by a doctor because of a health issue. All the testing is in and it turns out the doctor was wrong. I don’t have the problem she thought I had. I have something that’s super common, not weight related and easy to fix (without surgery).

    I often come to your blog for fun, fashion and emotional solace. I’m so glad you’re here!

  2. I wrote a poem called #2 about plus size women and you’re the reason I perform it with my heart soul in it because I know words can make a difference

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