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How to Create Fake Bangs with Box Braids | Natural Hair Tutorial

Sooo I’m going to be on the Wendy Williams show tomorrow (5/6/14), I’m nervous, but excited to meet her– details on that below!

This post is for Kim who asked me to do a tutorial on making fake bangs with my braids. I have my hair braided with Yaki Pony hair, but this updo is possible for straight hair too if its long enough.

Okay, now for the Wendy Williams deets:

I purge my closet a lot but there are a few things I’ve just never gotten rid of. Some of them are way out of style and too small but I’ve been wanting to fit into them for so long, I couldn’t let them go. Other clothes are too big, but… honestly I keep them *just in case* I gain back any of the 55 pounds I’ve lost. Which in a weird way, gives me permission to go back to my old habits that weren’t good for me. So now it’s time to say goodbye!

A few weeks ago, I was asked to liberate my closet as part of the My Healthy™ Promise. I felt like My Healthy™ was all of the stuff we do with #PSPfit already (doctors visits, workouts, healthy foods), but adding the fun “Liberate Your Closet,” exercise was something I had never thought of before. “Liberate Your Closet” essentially encourages people to give away the clothes that are too big/small and hold us back from the path to optimal health.

I loved the idea of liberating my closet and donating items that were holding me back, and felt great after I did it. I also took the My Healthy™ Promise, which is a commitment to talk to my doctor about my weight, eat healthy and be active – things that a lot of us are already on the path to doing, but I’m proud to re-affirm my goals and join others on this mission. I’m looking forward to sharing my healthy moments on myhealthy.com.

Can we just take a moment and discuss how crazy it is that a Plus Size Princess gets to promote healthy living? We keep showing that big girls DO work out and eat healthy foods… I guess people are listening! Thanks to Eisai for the opportunity to join in the MyHealthy fun… More to come!

Bunny Hop, Anyone?! | Plus Size Swim & African Prints | NYCeCe Vlog #6

I finally had an excuse to wear my plus size moto jacket that I scooped up a few months ago. It was perfect for a pretty spring day and I think the bunny ears really pulled this outfit together 😉

For those who don’t know, this is my best friend Alex, I’ve known him since the 2nd grade!

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Fashion Bunny Ears

Had so much fun the other week running around the city with my friends, checking out the new Monif C swimsuit line and of course having brunch… I recorded it all for you on my YouTube channel (PlusSizePrincessNYC) You can also see me doing the Bunny Hop, which might be my favorite dance lol outfit deets below!

Yellow Skirt with Pockets: Here | Michael Kors Wrap Dress: Here | Striped Moto Jacket (sold out)

My Shift from “Get Skinny” to “Get Healthy” | #PSPfit Cycle 3

I’m always looking for new ways to measure healthy curves success… Do you have specific things you do to celebrate healthy curves outside of the scale or what size you wear?

One of my favorite things about the #PSPfit Bootcamp community is watching the bootcamp babes define success for themselves. Whether its quitting smoking, cooking more or taking a challenging gym class there are so many curvy girls making positive changes towards our health and in my opinion, that’s success.

For me, taking “skinny” out of the equation is changing my definition of success. I’ve spent half of my life obsessed with a body ideal that I’m pretty sure isn’t for me. If I keep focusing on skinny, I’ll always feel like a failure, but as I focus on healthy, I feel like I can set attainable goals for myself. Instead of a number on the scale or a pants size, success to me is doing the right things for my body (fitness/food/self care) and loving my body every step of the way.

Changing my focus from “Get Skinny” to “Get Healthy” has made a world of difference as I try to navigate healthy curves, PCOS and my body. Twice a year I share the resources I have available to me (fitness/nutrition coaches) with my readers. You can join the #PSPfit bootcamp here (Use 50% discount code APR201450)

If you’d like to join the #PSPfit girls for our pre-summer bootcamp, here’s a little insight into what our schedule is:

Thursdays: The #PSPfit weekly guidebook is released (Recipes, Grocery Lists, Meal Plans & Nutrition Education)

Sundays: #PSPfit Cook-a-Thon in our Private Facebook Group, where we cook together and share photos and tips as we go

Wednesdays: Our #PSPfit group call (if you miss the call, we’ll email you a recording for download).

You can join the #PSPfit bootcamp here (Use 50% discount code APR201450)

Here’s a video with more deets on #PSPfit Cycle 3:


You can join the #PSPfit bootcamp here (Use 50% discount code APR201450)

My Weight Makes me Uncomfortable on Dates | Curvy Conversations | Plus Size Dating

Hey Cece!  

I am one of your biggest fans, I’m from Nairobi Kenya not sure if that rings a bell but anyhoo, I LOOOOVEEE you, your work i.e. your writing, and your #PSPfit….basically everything about you!
My question was kinda personal which is why I decided to email you directly. I’ve always felt self conscious about how much ‘wider’ I was compared to the dudes I liked and even went out with! Much like you, I also want to feel like a little bird with a guy or at the very least have him tower over me…I remember once I was on a movie date and I felt sooo awful because my ‘sides’ spilled over into his seat as well..and I remember being so sad and tense that I could hardly enjoy the movie!
Have you ever had this issue i.e. feeling self conscious in particular scenarios e.g. car rides, movie dates etc, where suddenly you were confronted with your size in comparison? Sigh I dont want this to ruin the next and final relationship…how does one ‘feel’ small or just get over this kind of reality? Hope I’m making sense….
Thanks loads for your time CeCe..you’re one of my imaginary mentors in my head! Lol
Hey Miss,
You are too sweet… I decided to answer your letter in a YouTube video. We all know that plus size dating can be frustrating, so even though you’re wrestling with some things I think its great that you’re putting yourself out there.

My main suggestion to you is to try and look at yourself as a total package. Guys are asking you out because they see something in you that’s special. We all have flaws, some more visible than others, but its up to us not to get so hung up on our flaws that we block the good things/people coming our way.

With Robert I feel more and more like a “little bird” with him because I let my guard down and open up. But it doesn’t come easy, but I have a feeling from your vivacious email that you can do it!



p.s. Does anyone else have advice for our friend from Nairobi?

p.p.s Registration for the #PSPfit Pre-Summer Clean Eating/Fitness Bootcamp opens on April 10th. Registration closes April 20th, pre register at www.PSPfit.com for registration info, discount codes and membership giveaways! Questions? Email fitness@thebiggirlblog.com

What’s Easier for you: Food or Fitness?

When it comes to food, I’ve got issues. I’ve been running from the image of a fat girl shoveling food into her mouth since I was eight. I never wanted to be seen eating too much food.

This meant as a teen I ordered fries and a milk shake because it was visually less food than a burger/fries. Though I know now that I’d be better off with the burger than the sugary milkshake.

I’m not in high school anymore, but old habits are hard to break.

When I first started working with my nutrition coach, she had me eating so much food and I was terrified. It was so hard for me to accept that it was better for me to eat large quantities of clean/unprocesed foods than to eat tiny portions of lean cuisine… then I lost 10 pounds in two weeks and I was like, oh… okay!

I’ve spent my entire life hearing that eating is what’s making me fat, which makes it almost impossible to imagine that food is what I need to get my weight and/or health under control, even though I see it happening. Truth be told, I can workout for 7 straight days and lose 2-3 pounds… or I can eat clean for 7 straight days and lose 4-6 pounds.

Fitness is always the easier choice for me, but getting my food under control is always the right choice.

What’s easier for you? Food or Fitness?

Here’s a nutrition lesson + recipe from the #PSPfit Nutrition coach, Abra (Recipe Below).

Pre-Register for #PSPfit pre-summer bootcamp at www.PSPfit.com (you don’t have to live in NYC to join us, jump in from any city!)

1 can organic black beans, well rinsed

1 small bell pepper, chopped
1/4 jalapeno, chopped
1/4 red onion, chopped
handful of chopped parsley
1/2 avocado, diced
olive oil, lime juice, salt and pepper

Another version of the recipe can be found here 

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.10.12 PM

My Plus Size Nautical Look Book: One Sweater, Three Ways

Part of growing up for me is making smarter clothing purchases so that my closet and my wallet are happy. When I spotted this sweater, I fell in love instantly because I knew I could pair it with things I already had in my closet to create a variety of looks.

So, here’s my second LookBook… “Plus Size Nautical: One Sweater, Three Ways” (images/links to the pieces are below)

Let me know what you think?

Special thanks to Jack, The Dog for his cameo!

Also, LOL @ that man trying to photo bomb in the video bloopers… I wish you could see his daughters face, she was so confused. I think his dog was confused too!

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Nautical One

Sweater: Here

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Nautical Two

Denim Shirt: Here

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Nautical ThreeSkater Skirt: Similar Here



Putting Insecurities in the Back Seat…

Remember when I started this blog and I was anonymous?

So many of you knew every detail of my life and didn’t know what I looked like. I even had a twitter troll accuse me of not really being plus size because I didn’t show photos. A few bloggers had to vouch for me by tweeting that they had met me and I was indeed a plus size woman.

Many people found it odd that I didn’t post my photos, but being anonymous was a huge security blanket knitted out of fear. I felt like I could never openly discuss my weight AND have my picture attached to my inner most thoughts and insecurities.

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Fashion Blog

But over time something interesting happened. Talking about my insecurities openly with you girls gave my insecurities less power. I faced them head on and realized that I was giving my body image issues a front seat as I navigated through life. As I slowly pushed my insecurities to the back seat (and some to the trunk) they didn’t rule my life anymore and my life became more full of lovely people and experiences.

Those of you who read this blog have been instrumental in making me more comfortable in my own skin. I still have a lot of growing to do, but when I came across this YouTube video from January I had to laugh 1.) because my friends are funny and 2.) because two years ago I would have NEVER even made a video like this. Its a silly, fun video, not too deep but its a huge confidence accomplishment for me that I even made it.

Making YouTube videos… sharing outfit photos… not covering my arms… asking Robert if he liked me… these are all things I didn’t think I could/would ever do, but as I grow up I’m realizing that life is much more fun when I stop holding myself back with my fears and insecurities.

Do you ever have little things in your life that might seem mundane to someone else, but you know they are huge accomplishments for you?

A Big Girl and Her Cardigans…

A few years ago I was sitting in church, when one of the deacons daughters climbed into the pew in front of me. I love talking to kids, so having a 10 minute conversation with a seven year old isn’t a big deal to me. We began chatting about school, her teacher and her friends; then she looked at me,

“I like your dress,” she said putting her hands underneath her chin.

“Oh, thank you” I smiled.

“You wear THOSE a lot,” she observed pointing at my cardigan sweater.

I paused (man, little people really pay attention to everything!)

“You’re right, I do! I actually have one in every color… kinda crazy, right?” I laughed. She laughed and then we went back to discussing her playground dramas.

I got home and peeked into my closet, there on the hangers was all the proof I needed. Clearly, I had a very intense cardigan sweater addiction passion.

Back when I refused to show my arms, cardigans were the answer to all of my sleeveless/strapless dress problems. I also felt like the draping of my cardigans hid my tummy and love handles well when I was wearing jeans. I found myself making regular shopping trips for $20 cardigans and my collection of colorful cardigans grew and grew overtime. Cardigans became a staple in my wardrobe. Cardigans became a comfort blanket in my closet, a piece of clothing that made me feel like the jiggly parts of my body were hidden.


You can scoop up my polka dot dress here

I knew I had a cardigan addiction when I tried to throw a button down cardi over a freakum dress. (Girl, bye!)

I knew I had a cardigan addiction when I refused to take my cardi off while waiting for the train in the hot, humid subway station one summer. (*faints*)

I knew I had a cardigan addiction when I brought a cardi to wear over a strapless bridesmaids “in case it got cold” in the middle of July. (Um, no.)

Breaking my cardigan addiction meant I had to address the real reason I was wearing them constantly. I was wearing cardigans to hide my body and it was getting out of hand. Cardigans had gone from making me a little more comfortable, to dictating what I would/wouldn’t wear. They went from give me a confidence boost to holding me back. I had to take control of my own body image. Let’s be honest, all of the cardigans in the world would not change my size or weight. (read more on that in “You Can’t Hide the Fat“)

Slowly overtime I’ve put cardigans in their proper place in my wardrobe. I wear them a lot for work because its cold in my office and it helps me transition some of my more casual dresses into work wear. You’ll notice a lot of cardigans in my twerking Vlog below because I was hanging out in my work clothes, but on weekends and when I’m out at night, I have a “no cardis allowed” rule that keeps me from getting too dependent on my old comfort blanket.

I had to throw cardigans and shrugs out the window along with “black is slimming” and other nonsense that I convinced myself of. Maybe next month, I’ll try to do 30 days with no cardigans at all, just to be sure I’ve really kicked the habit.

Do you wear a lot of cardians or have a different kind of “fashion comfort blanket” that makes you feel like your trouble spots are hidden?

Oh, and check out this weeks PSP in NYC Vlog 🙂

Plus Size Yoga Tips + Curvy Yoga Party Video

One of the things Keisa, our Yoga instructor said during the Curvy Yoga Party was that “everyone needs some type of modification”. It was nice to hear that because, sometimes in yoga classes its easy to feel like being plus size is keeping me from being able to hit certain poses, so it was good to be reminded that all bodies are different and that’s okay! Asking for modifications is something that people of all sizes need to do, so I’m going to try and be less shy about things like that.

CeCe Olisa #PSPfit Yoga Curvy NYC.jpg

We also discussed Yoga Blocks and how they can be used to extend your stretches and poses to make you more flexible. If your hands don’t touch the ground use Yoga Blocks in any position to “bring the ground to your hands”!

yoga blocks

 (Photo via ashtamangala.net)

Thank you to everyone who came out for Yoga & Curvy Conversations on Saturday!

A special thank you to all of the #PSPfit girls who bought/donated tickets to girls who couldn’t afford the class… you ladies never cease to amaze me with your open and generous spirits.

I love throwing events and meeting you girls and it was so exciting to watch PSP’s taking their very first yoga class, learning modifications for our bodies and of course having our “Curvy Conversations” at the end was icing on the cake.

CeCe Olisa #PSPfit Plus Size Yoga NYC.jpg

I’ve got a quick 5 minute Vlog recap of the day below + an extended live stream of the class. If you’re looking for plus size yoga tips, there are some gems in the live stream. If you want to be inspired, watch the NYC PSPs ROCKING our yoga session. We’ve got this ladies!

If you’re interested in joining us for curvy workouts (in NYC or other cities), make sure you register for updates at www.PSPfit.com


Quick Five Menute Recap:

Extended Live Stream + Full Class:

My Forever 21 Plus Size Shopping Trip… Plus Size Body Con | Retro | Long Maxi’s

The only Forever 21 store with plus sizes is in Times Square, which means I had to navigate through a naked cowboy, spider man and people dressed up as sesame street characters just to shop! (side note: the elmo on 41st street really needs to deep condition and comb out his fur).

Anyway, I made it into the store and found some cute stuff so I shot a new Dressing Room Confidential video. Many of the dresses are online here if you want to avoid the times square circus.

Let me know your thoughts, the girls on YouTube loved the black maxi that I tried on even though I HATED it… lol

What do you think of the pieces?

forever 21 plus size cece olisa fashion