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Plus Size Shopping at Torrid | Dressing Room Diary

This week I took my camera into the dressing room at Torrid. We seem to be having fun with my dressing room videos on YouTube so, I’m going to make them a more regular thing on my channel, subscribe here!

I usually have one specific thing I like from each plus size store, when it comes to Torrid I adore their jeans. The fit is perfect for me and they last through my chub rub for a very long time (win!).

Normally I shop on Torrid.com, but since I was near a store I made sure to pop in and have some fun in the fitting room.


I tried on a few pairs of boyfriend jeans and honestly, I think they might be a fail on me– let me know what you think in the comments!

Striped SweaterAll Distressed Jeans | Denim Shirt | Black Cocktail Dress

Click the Pics Below to shop my faves

Check out last week’s Dressing Room Diary at Ashley Stewart: Click Here

Plus Size Workout Video! #PSPfit #LiviLife

I hope you’re all feeling as pumped as I am for what’s ahead in 2015! There is so much potential in the air, I can feel it…. We’re doing a #PSPfit January Challenge and our theme is Body Love. We’re going to work with a professional Nutrition Coach, cook clean recipes and exercise out of love for our bodies, not hate.

click here to register for the #PSPfit challenge

Registration is open from January 1-January 15th, but you know I can’t wait till then to get moving, so I’ve got a New Years work out for us. Do this workout as many times as you want 🙂 Details on my Livi Active Gym Clothes below!

Plus Size Workout Top: LIVI Active Tank | Plus Size Gym Pant : LIVI Active Legging | Plus Size Workout Jacket: LIVI Asymmetrical Zip

3 Ways to Wear a Denim Shirt


Talbots Plus Size Denim Shirt Three WaysIf you watch my YouTube Channel you may have seen my Dressing Room Confidential video where I discovered that Talbots has some cute stuff for younger Plus Size Princesses. Now that the seasons have changed, I went back and tried on Talbots fall Plus Size collection and I was pleasantly surprised (video below).

Everyone is saying that a denim shirt is the “must have” piece for fall and I just might agree. Plus size denim shirts are hard to find, but I fell in love with the ones I tried on at Talbots. They’re long enough to wear with leggings, cut well through the arms and bust and the cuffed sleeves don’t unroll or become lose after washing. As you can see I’ve been rocking this one non-stop!

p.s. I’m 5’10, but if you’re on the shorter side, Talbots has a petite plus line too…

Talbots Denim Shirt Dress Wide Calf Boots BrunchThanks Ms. Lydia Hudgens for the photo snaps!

Talbots Denim Shirt Wide Width Boots Date Night

Talbots Plus Size Denim Shirt Burgandy Skirt WorkBrunch Look: Denim Shirt Talbots | Sweater Talbots (Size XL) | Leggings Here | Necklace similar here | | Boots here 

Date Look: Denim Shirt Talbots | Jeans here | Cowboy boots similar here 

Work Look: Denim Shirt Talbots | Skirt Talbots | Belt similar here | Boots here 

The entire Talbots site is 25% off right now, you can watch my Dressing Room confidential video to see what I liked.

Three Ways to Wear a Denim Shirt PlusSizePrincess.com 2

Shop the post!

Plus Size Health & Hygiene: Boob Sweat | Remedies & How to Prevent it

So, a few weeks ago we talked about sports bras for DDD, DD, and D cups and this week, I figured we could keep chatting about being on a fitness journey when you’ve got a lot up top *shimmies*.

I’d like circle back on a topic I covered a while ago… boob sweat (Awkward! Yay!). Anytime we have friction on our bodies, there’s a potential for things to get sweaty or for B.O. to occur. Since we’re all Plus Size Princesses here, I do my best to make sure we’re all fresh like roses, even after a workout so I’ve been testing out different boob sweat remedies and sharing them from time to time.

I have to give a huge thank you to everyone who commented on this post and pulled my coat tails on the risks of swiping deodorant between my chi-chi’s.  As some of you lovingly reminded me, some people consider under arm deodorant use to be something that puts us as risk for breast cancer, so swiping deodorant directly onto my boobs probably isn’t the brightest idea.

Your comments lead me to continue my google search for breast sweat remedies, and after deciding what wouldn’t work for me, I settled on an organic home made product from Etsy, called Boobalicoiuss. Boobalicious smells so yummy and is made from organic ingredients like coconut oil and sun flower oil, I don’t know how she does it but Joanie, the woman who makes it is a genius. My YouTube subscribers asked me to do some hygiene videos. Hygiens is definitely part of a healthy lifestyle, so here you go!

How do you combat boob sweat?

Plus Size Work Out Video + Lessons from the NYC #PSPfit Workout


On Saturday, I took the NYC #PSPfit girls to one of my favorite hidden gems in the city to workout on the water. It was a beautiful day, with beautiful girls.

Plus Size Fitness Workouts PSPfit.com

Lesson 1: As we used the grass and park benches to train on Saturday in the park, people would walk by and cheer us on which was a total surprise. I know some of us hold off on working out because we’re nervous/embarrassed/intimidated, so it was really nice to be reminded that the majority of people are kind and supportive.

Lesson 2: Although our trainer had us huffing, puffing and sweaty, when it was over people asked “When is the next one?” Sometimes showing up is the hardest part, but you will never regret a workout session.

We’re working on weekly workouts for the NYC girls, for updates send me your email at www.PSPfit.com.

Thanks to everyone who came out and I look forward to seeing you in September! In the meantime here’s a #PSPfit: Plus Size Fitness Cardio Workout that you can do at home.

Plus Size Workout Clothes: My Favorite Plus Size Gym Leggings!

There is nothing more annoying that burning a hole through your leggings. In the beginning of my Plus Size Fitness journey, I’d just buy cheap fashion leggings from wherever. I’d workout in them, work a hole right through the inner thighs and then go buy more (augh!). Over time I learned that there are benefits to ordering plus size workout tights/gym leggings. Its taken some time but I’ve finally got a solid collection of plus size workout leggings. Here are my faves:

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Gym Leggings Plus Size Fitness PlusSizePrincess.com

Gym leggings are usually made of a more slick/slippery material which means they’ll hold up better against inner thigh “chub rub” and last longer. There are also great functional pockets in workout tights that hold things you may need during your workout like keys/phone/lip gloss (maybe that’s just me lol) anyway, if you don’t want to carry a purse, these pockets come in handy. Keeping your fashion leggings and gym workout leggings separate also makes them last longer because you’re not doubling up on usage.

I’m so excited that plus size workout tights are finally starting to come in fun colors/designs. Here’s a quick video lookbook with my five favorite plus size gym tights/leggings.

Let me know which ones you like best?

plus size workout clothes gym leggings p

Blue Legging Here |  Grey Legging Here | Black Legging Similar Here | Galaxy Legging Here | Yoga Capri Here

 Duffle Bag Here | Sneakers Here (I have wide feet but these shoes fit great!)

Also, the #PSPfit Plus Size Fitness Challenge has some exciting things coming this fall, be sure to sign up for the mailing list at www.PSPfit.com

Thanks Ms. Lydia Hudgens for the photo snaps!

How I Treat My Acne, Oily Skin & Skin Discoloration

“Is this like a Noxema Commercial, or WHAT?!” (please tell me you got that reference lol)

Anyway, I went to the dermatologist last week for a consultation on laser hair removal (more on that later!) and she complimented me on having acne free skin… this is the first time I’ve had that happen, like ever.

One of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle is that my hair is getting longer, my scalp eczema is pretty much non existent, my skin is clear and my nails are growing strong. You know how we say that beauty comes from within? Well, that’s 100% true. When I’m putting good/clean/healthy foods inside my body, it shows on the outside. Pairing healthy living with products that balance Acne, Oily Skin and Skin Discoloration is creating a perfect remedy for the things that have bothered me since my teenage years.

Patricia hit me up asking about my skin care routine which was flattering to me because I’ve always thought of my skin as a work in progress, but over the past few months I feel like I’ve found my skin care groove. (I’ve only had one break out and it happened after I skipped the gym and ate outside my #PSPfit zone for a week.)

So below is a list of what I’ve been using and how I’ve been using it:

1.) Exfoliating Wipes: I use these to take off makeup and dead yucky skin at the same time. It works wonders and is super durable.

2.) Specific Beauty Daily Gentle Cleaner: This cleanser feels like a lotion, which is great if you don’t want your skin dried out. I have oily skin but this cleanser keeps me balanced (and its only $13!!!)

3.) Skin Brightening Serum: I have dark circles on my cheeks and dark lines on my nose, this has been evening those areas out so I don’t feel such a stark contrast with the rest of my face.

4.) Hydrating MoisturizerI love putting this on before bed, my skin feels soft and hydrated. By the time I wake up, my face has had a break and I’m ready to put on makeup and start again!

acne oily skin discolotation.jpg

Shopping at Forever21 Plus: Dressing Room Confidential Video

Good News: The Forever21 on 14th street added a plus size section, hooray for avoiding times square!

Bad News: The selection isn’t as big as what they have on 42nd street, BUT I’m hoping that if I keep clearing them out they’ll start stocking more clothes haha

I took my camera into the dressing room with me for a new plus size shopping video. If you don’t have F21 plus sizes in your area, I’ve got links for you below!

This is one of my favorite stores for pushing my own boundaries, so I tried on bodycon, crop tops (and jeggings for the first time ;-))

Shop the Looks:

Plus Size Blue Blazer! http:/bit.ly/1jvp5NQ
Plus Size Floral BodyCon: http:/bit.ly/1ohyzgL
Plus Size Red Skirt: http:/bit.ly/TwqdHR
Plus Size Polka Dot Bandeau Top http:/bit.ly/1qWEegy
Plus Size Jeggings: http:/bit.ly/1qWEpZ6

CeCe Olisa Forever 21 Plus Sizes Shopping.jpg

Brazilian Waxing for Plus Size Princesses: Eight tips for Going to Brazil!

Last week, Irina, the woman who does my waxing mentioned that some salons ask plus size girls to pay more for a Brazilian Wax,  because of their size. That really broke my heart, because reputable salons will not charge you a “fat fee”. According to Irina, the rates should be based on the service they provide not the size of the customer.

Below is a video and 8 tips for big girls who are looking to “go the Brazil” this summer… lets go! (press play, the video works!)

  1. A Brazilian Wax is when you wax everything from the front to the back (Yes, the back!)
  2. A big girl should not be charged more for a Brazilian wax. My Aestetician says that rates are based on the type of work (i.e. legs, bikini line, full brazilian) not the size of the person
  3. Having good chemistry with the person doing your wax makes the awkward/intimate process of waxing so much easier. Don’t be afraid to walk away or ask for someone else. Its your body and your money 😉
  4. I always skip nail salons and go to dedicated waxing salons or spas for my wax. This makes it easier to find someone who makes me more comfortable, if needed
  5. You will have to take your clothes off from the waist down, so I often wear a dress so that I can just take off my chonies (aka underwear) and pull the dress up easily
  6. I also offer to help, when needed. Sometimes, I have to move my chub out of the way and/or hold my tummy taunt. Saying “let me know if you need me to help” in the beginning tells my aesthetician that she wont offend me by asking
  7. Getting a wax can often feel like yoga. Irinia, my wax lady has me in a lot of crazy positions so that she can get to all my “nooks and crannies”, for me this is why good chemistry makes things easier
  8. Always remember, having a brazilian wax can make a girl feel very… *wiggles eyebrows* I always try to make sure I get my waxing done at times when it wont affect my decision making on dates. That’s all I’ll say about that!