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How to Create Fake Bangs with Box Braids | Natural Hair Tutorial

Sooo I’m going to be on the Wendy Williams show tomorrow (5/6/14), I’m nervous, but excited to meet her– details on that below!

This post is for Kim who asked me to do a tutorial on making fake bangs with my braids. I have my hair braided with Yaki Pony hair, but this updo is possible for straight hair too if its long enough.

Okay, now for the Wendy Williams deets:

I purge my closet a lot but there are a few things I’ve just never gotten rid of. Some of them are way out of style and too small but I’ve been wanting to fit into them for so long, I couldn’t let them go. Other clothes are too big, but… honestly I keep them *just in case* I gain back any of the 55 pounds I’ve lost. Which in a weird way, gives me permission to go back to my old habits that weren’t good for me. So now it’s time to say goodbye!

A few weeks ago, I was asked to liberate my closet as part of the My Healthy™ Promise. I felt like My Healthy™ was all of the stuff we do with #PSPfit already (doctors visits, workouts, healthy foods), but adding the fun “Liberate Your Closet,” exercise was something I had never thought of before. “Liberate Your Closet” essentially encourages people to give away the clothes that are too big/small and hold us back from the path to optimal health.

I loved the idea of liberating my closet and donating items that were holding me back, and felt great after I did it. I also took the My Healthy™ Promise, which is a commitment to talk to my doctor about my weight, eat healthy and be active – things that a lot of us are already on the path to doing, but I’m proud to re-affirm my goals and join others on this mission. I’m looking forward to sharing my healthy moments on myhealthy.com.

Can we just take a moment and discuss how crazy it is that a Plus Size Princess gets to promote healthy living? We keep showing that big girls DO work out and eat healthy foods… I guess people are listening! Thanks to Eisai for the opportunity to join in the MyHealthy fun… More to come!