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Plus Size Peplum Tops? Yes Please! #PSPstyle

I carry most of my weight in my tummy, so it took me a verrrrry long time to test out the peplum trend. I didn’t think the flare of the peplum would sit right awkwardly on my rolls, but that is not the case at all. This is a plus size peplum from SimplyBe, I’ve paired it with three different bottoms and while leggings were my most daring choice, I loved the vintage feel. I wanted to sing songs from Grease all day!

As I mentioned on twitter the other day, a good pair of leggings should be able to double as shapewear. I like my leggings to sit high on my waist so that they help keep me cinched in and smooth. Also, be sure your leggings arent worn because when the sunlight hits a pair of worn leggings, all bets are off and no one on the street should know if your underwear has polka-dots, or not 😉

Blk Set2resize

Photo by Zanography

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