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What Would You Do?

Robert and I were walking hand in hand up first avenue. After a fantastic wedding, a large group of my best friend’s wedding guests were headed to a nearby bar that had been reserved for the “after party”.

Walking around New York City in a large group is tricky and ultimately people get split up. Robert and I ended up straggling far behind the group when I noticed Kenzie was up ahead talking to Ben. Ben was the live-in boyfriend of Lisa, one of our friends from high school.

Just ask I was about to call out and ask where Lisa was; I saw Ben reach out, slip his arm around Kenzie’s waist and let his hand slide down over her butt.

“What are you DOING?” I yelled out, my inhibitions had clearly dissolved with all of the champagne from the wedding. Ben turned around, saw me and immediately jogged away, leaving Kenzie on the corner as Robert and I approached.

“What was that?” I said to Kenzie, who was clearly wasted.

“iii wasssn annnthing,” she slurred waving me away.

I was livid.

Ben was getting close to (and in my opinion, taking advantage of) my friend Kenzie, while at the same time betraying my friend Lisa. I was angry for both my friends sakes and I was frustrated because I was the only one who had seen it.

I looked to Robert for advice, “I have to tell her…  right? I mean, I have to tell her…” I kept saying.

“Okay,” he replied, “but I don’t think now is the time…”

We entered the bar and there were Ben and Lisa, coupled up in the corner. Ben wouldn’t meet my eyes and Roberts steady hand on my back kept me from screaming at him. We partied into the night as if nothing happened. Kenzie met another guy, Ben was the life of the party and I had a good time despite the feeling of dread in my stomach.

Lisa and Ben flew out the next morning and I’ve been trying to figure out what to do ever since. I care about her and I know that she thinks Ben is The One but if it were me, I would want to know that my boyfriend was fondling another chick when I wasn’t around. Lisa and I are the type of friends that only see each other on holidays– is it weird for me to call her our of the blue with random bad news?

Should I say something? Leave it alone?

I’m really struggling here….

NYC Theater Review: Cirque du Soleil Zarkana

I was recently invited to see Cirque du Soleil’s new show, Zarkana.

Walking into Radio City Music Hall, the show had already begun! Characters were running around the lobby engaging with everyone as we walked into the theater. Soldiers and dancers with hula hoops were teasing us, jumping into photos and being althogther entertaining which in my opinion was a great way to start the show.

The stunts were pretty breathtaking and the cast was full of energy.


On the show’s website, its described as The story follows Zark, a magician who has lost his powers – and the love of his life – in an abandoned theatre populated by a motley collection of off-the-wall characters and incomparable acrobats. He runs into the Mutants, four sirens as sinister as they are fabulous, who are determined to divert him from his quest. Maybe I was too enthralled with the talented cast, but I didn’t really follow the story line. That said, I really enjoyed the show and if you’re in NYC I think you’d have a good time checking it out.


Just make sure you get there 15-20 minutes early so that you can interact with the cast.

For more information, check their website!

Spotted: Chris Brown Playing Basketball in NYC

Have you heard Chris Brown’s “Dueces” song?

There’s a line in there that says like Tina did Ike in the Limo, it finally hit me. When I heard that lyric, I knew that Chris Brown would never see what he did the way most of us do. How could he site the most infamous domestic violence incident in pop-culture in one of his songs when he’s next in line for that title?

I’m soooo over Chris Brown! He may have forgotten his savage beating of a woman, but I haven’t.

Last night Robert and I  exited the train at West 4th and there was a huge crowd around the basketball courts. Robert said out loud to no one in particular “Is someone famous playing ball today?” then a stranger responded, “Yeah, Chris Brown!”

We both looked over the crowd and saw the “blonde bombshell” running up and down the courts. I guess he needed to let out some steam after breaking a window at Good Morning America earlier that morning. I snapped a photo because I could not believe he was making such a fool of himself in a single day.

“Do you think he’s ‘on something’?” Robert asked as we pushed our way through the crowd that was watching the CBreezy train wreck. I just shook my head.

A few weeks ago, Chris Brown leaked full frontal photos of his, um… “little Brown Chris” (sorry, I’m not posting those photos) and now Chris is having a public meltdown during the release of his comeback album.

My personal opinion is that the guilt of what he did is haunting him and making him ruin his own moment in the spotlight. Guilt can do funny things to a person (kind of like how OJ Simpson somehow managed to put himself in jail even when he was acquitted for murder).

Is Chris Brown on the Charlie Sheen band wagon? Does he really think we’re going to forget what he did do our precious RiRi? Also, where are his “people” and why aren’t they telling him to stop acting like an idiot

I have no clue, but it made for a very interesting evening!