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Texting & Dating: Sexting

I went on a date with a guy last year and in my opinion there was no chemistry. He never called for a second date, but about 3 weeks after we went out I got a text from him. It was a photo of his penis.

My girlfriend Kenzie has a guy who texted her asking for a photo of her “beautiful face” because he missed her. When she sent a normal smiling photo, he responded by sending a photo of himself totally naked.

Sexting just weirds me out… I can understand why people in relationships do it, but why do guys think its okay to send unsolicited “dick-pics” to girls they barely know?

Usually I have a plan for different dating scenarios, but sexting is something I’m still figuring out how to respond to.

If a guy were to flash me in the subway, I’d probably just laugh at him or walk away. Opening my phone to find a photo of a man’s privates is the digital equivalent of flashing but … what’s the proper reaction?

What do YOU do when you get dirty pics from guys you don’t know?