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Plus Size Brazilian Wax & Spa Review (Spa Ja)

Remember when I went to Miami and got my first Brazilian Wax?

Well, getting waxed has slowly become something I do regularly. I like the hygienic benefits and with my active gym schedule (swimming, changing in public etc.), I like not having to worry about maintenance “down there”.

The first brazilian I got was at Completely Bare, a hair removal spa with locations all over New York City. The experience and process was stellar. If I had my way, I’d go to them every time. Unfortunately, Completely Bare is on the pricey side and CeCe’s on a budget so I’ve started exploring other places to get it done.

Last weekend I went to Spa Ja on 56th and 8th avenue for my brazilian. I’ve spoken before about being a Plus Size Princess with “nooks and crannies” (some might call them rolls). One of my initial fears about waxing was that my nooks and crannies would make the process uncomfortable. Thankfully, it hasn’t been an issue.

At Completely Bare, I just laid back and let the esthetician do her thing. At Spa Ja, the experience was a lot more “hands on”. The esthetician who gave me my wax had my lifting my lower belly, moving my fat to the left and right so that she could get rid of every single strand of hair.

The woman who did my wax was older with a thick Russian accent. For some reason that made me more comfortable putting my “little CeCe” in her care. She said she’d been waxing for most of her life and she had a process that worked for me. She used a combination of old school hot wax/paper strips and the new paperless self hardening wax. She also gave me some good advice on maintaining my brazilian.

“Ven een zee showah, uze cree-stahl soo-gah scrrrab” (translation: when in the shower, use crystal sugar scrub). She also advised me to use an oil based moisturizer down there to prevent dryness, but to avoid baby oil.

I rate my experience at Completely Bare a 10 and my Spa Ja experience is a 7.5 (mostly due to the ambiance). But at $55 , Spa Ja is a lot cheaper than Completely Bare. I’d definitely go back, but I’m going to check out a few other places first.

I’ll keep you posted!