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Ice Cream Cone Chic

I just want to take a minute and give props to my girl, Chastity for her GarnerStyle for Rebdolls collection.

I’m so proud of her!

She has an amazing eye for fashion and it’s so exciting to see her ideas for plus size fashion come to life. The line has a lot of sold out items, but here are a few pieces that I love and you can still find on the website.

Dress (Similar) Here | Bag Here | Boots Here

I paired my camel brown accessories with this pale pink and I felt like a chic little ice cream cone! This dress has pockets and you can also wear it simply without a belt. Chastity styled it with black accessories, but I’m all about pink and brown.
Photo Dec 27, 7 42 00 PM

Dress (Similar) Here | Bag Here | Boots Here


Top Here


Dress Here


Top Here


Plus Size Dresses with Sleeves: Where Are You? | Fashion | OOTD

Has anyone else noticed that 90% of plus size dresses are sleeveless?

I can’t help but wonder if we are always wearing cardigans because no one will put sleeves on our dresses… or if designers know plus size princesses are cardigan obsessed, so they don’t even bother to give us sleeves.

Either way, its annoying… give us sleeves, please!

Anyway, last week we spoke about how cardigans are an easy trap for PSP’s. I’ve been really been trying to avoid wearing cardigans as an outfit staple, which means the hunt for dresses with sleeves has begun.

Plus Size Fashion CeCe Olisa Dress with Sleeves 2.jpgPlus Size Fashion CeCe Olisa Blue Red Dress one

I ordered this dress from GwynnieBee (the Netflix of plus size clothing) they’re offering a 30 day free trial here.

Dressing Room Confidential: Plus Size Shopping at MACYS

Last weekend I went to Macy’s to see if they had anything on the 7th floor where the plus sizes live.

I tried on some Michael Kors and Calvin Klein pieces along with some more affordable items from INC and American Rag (who is definitely bringing back a 1990’s trend) If you see me sporting big sunflowers and carrying a baby backpack, you’ll know why…

Shopping Tip: If you go shopping at the Macy’s on 34th street, hit up the visitors center and show your out of state/out of country ID. They’ll give you a 15% off coupon that’s good for three days!

The piece I loved the most was over $300 which is not in my budget right now, but there were a few other items that were cool… let me know which pieces you like?

Shop the look:

Macys Thumbnail2

Size is Just a Number: Plus Size Shopping & Body Confidence

The list of crazy things I’ve done to avoid people knowing what size I wear is pretty embarrassing (remember my cutting the tags off of my clothes post? *blush*) I’ve always been the “token big girl” amongst my friends, I can remember a skinny friend asking me what it meant when there were “xx” in front of the “L”… like seriously I had to stand in old navy and explain to her that there were sizes past large called xl, xxl, xxxl, etc. Yeah. Yesterday I posted a video of me in the dressing room trying on clothes… it was so liberating to discuss sizes without feeling ashamed.

Being in the dressing room with Amanda from Fashion Love & Martinis was soooo refreshing, it made me realize that shopping is something I do alone mostly because I feel my size makes the experience awkward with some people. I could say to Amanda, “hey can you grab me a 2x?” and not freak out because she knew my size.

So we came home and had a chat about what its like to be a big girl shopping for clothes:

Plus Size Shopping @ Wet Seal (Video)

So, it turns out that Amanda from Fashion Love & Martinis lives in my hometown! Make sure you check out her site, she is a great resource (especially if you’re a size 24+)

Anyway, when I was home for Christmas, I met her for dinner and she took me shopping (obvi!)  Apparently, there’s a new plus size line from Wet Seal and a dedicated “Wet Seal Plus” store… who knew?!

Because I work an office job, I realized that I’m constantly buying work clothes but I need more play clothes! Not everything was a winner, but here’s what I tried on: