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Women in High Heels… Foot Petals Wants to Help!

I confessed to you all a while ago, that while I wear high heels and love the way they look… sometimes I just want to wear flip flops and call it a day. But if you’ve taken a look at my outfit posts on Tumblr and Instagram, you’ll notice that I’m often wearing heels.

Living in NYC wearing heels is an art and Foot Petals are making the process more comfortable with their new Stiletto Shieldz & Pressure Pointz.

Stiletto Shieldz are a clear plastic shield that adheres to your high heeled shoes (leather/synthetics/wood, etc.) and will protect your high heels from scuffs while appearing invisible to the eye.  The Stiletto Shieldz for high heels retails for $6.95 and is sold at www.footpetals.com and department stores, including Nordstrom


Pressure Pointz are small shoe cushions that we can stick in a specific spot of their shoes to create a defense layer between their shoe and skin to avoid blisters and uncomfortable rubbing. You know those spots on your feet that you put band-aids or tape on? Pressure Pointz eliminates the need to do that!

I also love that Foot Petals are easy to use with sandals… check them out!