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Dinner With The Girls @ Frank NYC

As I’ve mentioned before, none of my close friends are plus size. Kelsi, Kenzie and Annie are no different. They are the first friends I made when I moved to New York City and they’re all “stop traffic” gorgeous in different ways. If Audrey Hepburn had a hipster daughter, it would be Annie, a brooding brunette who can mix innocence and sexuality perfectly. Kelsi has the classic beauty of old Hollywood with her perfect creamy skin and luscious curly hair. Then there’s Kenzie, the blonde bombshell who channels Marilyn Monroe and is forever searching for a Dean Martin look-alike to seduce (I was with Kenzie when the Walk of Shame happened).

For the past two years, all three of my girls have had consistent boyfriends. And although, I was dating guys here and there I was more or less single. I remember venting to Kenzie once that I felt a little ridiculous being the only single girl in the bunch. “CeCe, you’re different,” she said matter of factly. “I’m just bouncing around the city having fun and somehow I fall into these relationships. You’re looking for something real, substantial and long lasting– and that’s not something you just ‘fall into’ its going to take a while….”

Kenzie probably said that to me three years ago, but her words have sustained me.

Last week, the four of us decided to have dinner at Frank. Frank is a cozy Italian restaurant in the East Village where they seat everyone at a huge table that seats 20+ people. The four of us were wedged in between two other dining parties, one group of 3 (a woman, her boyfriend and her female friend) and another group of 4 who seemed to be NYU students.

Leaning forward across the long table to dish with Kenzie, Annie and Kelsi was like sitting with the “cool kids” in a high school cafeteria (except this high school cafeteria served wine).  As we chatted feverishly, laughed loudly and poured wine from our bottle constanly, we caught each other up on anything we had missed since that last time we were together.

Annie and Kelsi had both made the decision to break up with their boyfriends within the past few months. They were giving advice to Kenzie who had broken up with her boyfriend a few weeks prior. As they all shared battle stories of what it was like, Kenzie suddenly put her hand up to silence everyone– “wait a minute… does this mean… that CeCe is the only one of us who IS NOT SINGLE?!” she shrieked, loudly. There was a pause. The threesome on the other side of our group, stopped their conversation and turned to look at me.

“Oh my gosh… I am!” I said in a hushed whisper. Kelsi and Annie began to applaud vigourously as Kenzie pretended to adorn me with a crown, “our little princess has a boyfriend… I’m so proud!” she said wiping a fake tear from her eye.

The threesome gave us funny looks and went back their meals. Of course, they didn’t get it. Only my girlfriends could understand what a big deal this was. I laughed uncontrollably, and took a dramatic bow.

I guess the tables have turned….