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CeCe Olisa on the Rachael Ray Show | Plus Size Fashion Segment

Set your DVR, because… I’ll be on the Rachael Ray show doing a plus size fashion segment.

The episode airs Monday (March 28th), I’m not giving any spoilers but the episode should be lots of fun.

In the meantime, here’s what I wore for the segment:

CeCe Olisa Rachael Ray Show Plus Size Fashion

Eloquii Pin Stripe Shirt Dress 1

Dress: Eloquii | Shoes: Zappos | Belt (Old)

When I posted this outfit on my YouTube channel, someone asked about wearing skinny belts as a plus size girl, and honestly, the key is shapewear.

Skinny belts have tendencies to creep into a girls, um… “nooks and crannies”. No one wants a skinny belt getting lost, you want it to accent your body nicely and not to budge. So what I do for this look is grab a light pair of shapewear to smooth out any lumps or bumps. My favorite plus size shapewear are maiden form, flexees.

CeCe Olisa Rachael Ray Show Eloquii Plus Size Fashion

Let me know if you catch the episode! xx

Dating & Van Gogh Vodka with Perez Hilton & Patti Stanger

One of the first lessons I learned when moving to NYC is that you don’t gush over celebs when you see them, so I kept my composure when I walked into Toshi’s livingroom and saw Perez Hilton and Patti from Millionaire Matchmaker. Dating is one of my favorite subjects and I loved sitting back and listening to them dish about dating and go over the results of the Singles in America study. Some interesting things I learned from the event are:

1.) Women like to text during the day/at work, men don’t

2.) The issues/red flags you see by date three will not go away as the relationship progresses

3.) Men tend to imagine a future with their date faster than women d0

Now that I have a proper camera, I can take you guys with me to events like this:

I think the vodka cocktails definitely freed people up to ask questions and air their dating dirty laundry which made for a hilarious afternoon. The giftbags from this event included bottles of Van Gogh Vodka and a cocktail recipe book. I’m not going to lie, I tested alllllll the cocktails. Now that I have a couple of bottles at home, the recipe I’ll probably try tonight is the “My Honey Valentine”

My Honey Valentine

1-1/2 oz. Van Gogh Pomegranate Vodka

3/4 oz. pomegranate juice

1/2 oz. fresh lemon juice

1/4 oz. honey syrup (equal parts honey and hot water stirred until the honey dissolves)

Shake ingredients very well with ice and strain into martini glass or over ice into a rocks glass. Garnish with a lime wheel.


CeCe Olisa Perez Hilton Millionaire Matchmaker

For more recipes, follow Van Gogh Vodka Facebook: http:/facebook.com/vangoghvodkas  Instagram: http:/instagram.com/vangoghvodka Twitter: https:/twitter.com/vangoghvodka Pinterest: http:/www.pinterest.com/vangoghvodka/

Dressing Room Confidential: Plus Size Shopping at MACYS

Last weekend I went to Macy’s to see if they had anything on the 7th floor where the plus sizes live.

I tried on some Michael Kors and Calvin Klein pieces along with some more affordable items from INC and American Rag (who is definitely bringing back a 1990’s trend) If you see me sporting big sunflowers and carrying a baby backpack, you’ll know why…

Shopping Tip: If you go shopping at the Macy’s on 34th street, hit up the visitors center and show your out of state/out of country ID. They’ll give you a 15% off coupon that’s good for three days!

The piece I loved the most was over $300 which is not in my budget right now, but there were a few other items that were cool… let me know which pieces you like?

Shop the look:

Macys Thumbnail2

Getting Out of Our Comfort Zones | Thank You

Can we talk a little bit about comfort zones today?

On the way home last night, I began thinking about what it takes to get out of your comfort zone. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ve seen me push myself out of my comfort zone a few times.

1.) Starting this blog and putting all of my insecurities on the table. Being plus size in NYC can be frustrating and painful. But this site gave me a safe space to talk about plus size night clubs, my thighs rubbing together and online dating horror stories with people who “get it”.

2.) When I finally took the plunge and asked Robert if he liked me. I know some of you were like “FINALLY!” when that happened *blush*

3.) When I stopped being anonymous and started sharing my plus size fashion photos/videos on the blog. I know that seems like an easy task, but being anonymous was a very safe space for me and I had to learn how to continue to be vulnerable with you guys once my photo was attached.

4.) When I lost 55 pounds and started our #PSPfit virtual clean eating/fitness boot camps

None of the moments were easy for me, in fact I spent lots of time with that anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach. But, I swear I’ve never regretted pushing past my comfort zone. Even if things didn’t go my way, pushing past my comfort zone gives me clarity and/or closure on things in my life so that I can keep holding on or let them go as needed.

As I grow up, I can look back and see that many of the things I hold dear today are because somewhere along the line I took a chance. Even in something as simple as yesterdays post, many of the comments were about the “side plank” photo I used at the end– if I had stayed comfortably anonymous, that part of the post would have never happened.

I know for a fact that life and growth sits just beyond my comfort zone and doing the things that scare me are what propels me forward. The tricky part is getting over the discomfort and taking those leaps. I know its a little late for new years resolutions, but I wonder if I need to put “Get Out of Your Comfort Zone” at the top of my to-do list. I’m sure there are many moments big and small that I let pass me by because I’m uncomfortable… thoughts?

Have you had a chance to push past your comfort zone? or are you considering pushing past it?

P.S. I am so grateful to everyone who tweeted and shared my plus size yoga story… because of you the post was picked up by the Huffington Post, BlogHer and Refinery29… THANK YOU!! xoxo


“Tigger”, “Tenderheart” & Other Characters Who’ve Hit on Me

“Look, Tigger!” my baby sister cried out as we made our way through Disneyland.

I was 15 and Denise, my middle sister was 11. Disneyland is fun no matter how old you are, but Nikki, our baby sister had just turned 4, so the park was super magical for her and she was running the show. When she spotted Tigger frolicking near the bushes, we immediately rushed over to take a picture with him and our parents followed with the camera. We huddled around him, I ended up on his left side while my sisters were on the right. Tigger put his arms around us as we posed. Just as my Dad began snapping photos, I heard a whistle from inside Tiggers costume.

You know, the “hey hot stuff” whistle… WhoooHoooooooo! I thought I was hearing things, but immediately after Tigger whistled, his furry paw began to gently rub the small of my back. Being a teen Plus Size Princess, I was very insecure about my body, so having someone touch me so intimately made me tense up. The fact that it was a stuffed animal? Well that made it even more awkward. I couldn’t believe it, looking back I should have said something. I should have let someone know that I was being sexually harassed by someone from The Hundred Acre Wood, I mean… we all know that Tigger is a little feisty, bouncing on that tail and carrying on, but this was too much.

When I was a voluptuous 16, our family was at a college basketball game, we had good seats so when the Mascot came out to hype of the crowd he was very close to us. I was on the end texting my latest crush when suddenly the furry mascot was beside me on one knee “acting shy”. I looked up, saw him and laughed, thinking it was a quick moment and part of his routine, but he kept going… he took my hand, kissed it and then nodded out to the crowd. He kissed my hand again and then reached up to touch my hair… I suddenly realized that the mascot was legit flirting with me, I think my parents realized it at the same time, because my Mom yelled at the mascot “She’s SIXTEEN!” The Mascot threw his hands in the air and scurried away.

Fast Forward three years, I’m 19 and at my first Halloween Parade in New York City. As we watched the crazy characters march down sixth avenue, there was a Care Bear, Tenderheart to be exact, skipping down the street. “Awww I LOVE Care Bears!” I said to my friend. Tenderheart must have heard me because he broke away from the crowd with his arms outstretched to hug us. As his arm went around me, his hand made a pit stop on my left boob, giving it a little squeeze. “Gross!!! get outta here, Tenderheart!” I yelled and he dashed away before I could knock his furry head off.”

From that moment, I’ve avoided people in Mascot costumes like the plague.

I was telling these and other crazy mascot stories to my bff Alex last night (Yes, I have more mascot stories, smh). Alex brought up a good point, “You know the guys inside those costumes, they do what they want because they’re anonymous…” he said.

What he said got me thinking… why am I such a target for people inside of mascot costumes?

I’m going out on a limb here, but I think it boils down to a few things:

Philosopher, Michael Foucault and feminist writers like Laura Mulvey talk about the “Power of the Gaze” it’s an interesting concept that I think all women should research. I’m no expert, but I’m going to do my best to explain it a bit: Think about when you catch someone looking at you, or staring at you… that moment when you quickly look away puts that person in a dominant position. Now what if you look or stare back at them… don’t you feel like you’ve regained a bit of control/power in the situation?

Lets take that to the next level when someone is staring at you and you don’t know it (i.e. a peeping tom) the fact that they can watch you but you can’t see/watch them back creates a skewed power dynamic that’s even more intense than if they were staring at you openly on the train or in the street. In my opinion, Mascots have that type of power. That anonymity that Alex mentioned gives them a space to act out towards women from a safe and powerful place.

Now lets add the element of me being a Plus Size Princess. We all know that there are a good amount of men who are attracted to big girls but don’t want to admit it. They keep their desire for a PSP under wraps for whatever reasons and if they do get involved with a PSP, they work hard to keep it a secret (late night visits, no actual dates, etc.) Do you see where I’m going with this?

I can’t help but wonder if I’ve had all these crazy run-ins with Mascots because I’m a Plus Size Princess. I mean, a Mascot costume is the perfect hiding place for a secret chubby chaser. Instead of sitting in a dark room with the laptop and a BBW images, they can get up close and personal with their secret desire while keeping their identity hidden. Tigger can rub his paws all over me, Tenderheart can give The Twins a squeeze and then they can take off the big head, go have drinks with their buddies and talk about how hot some skinny girl is.

But then again, maybe its just me. Maybe I just attract the toothless, the homeless and now… the mascots.

Have any of you ever had a weird experience with a Mascot?

P.S. Registration for the #PSPfit Clean Eating & Fitness Bootcamp closes in FOUR DAYS, don’t forget to sign up!

#PSPfit Clean Eating & Plus Size Fitness Bootcamp

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#PSPfit Boot Camp – Virtual (US and International)

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  • “What is Clean Eating?” Guidebook
  • Weekly Recipes and Meal Plans
  • Private Facebook Group Access (Daily Inspiration, Support and Accountability)
  • Free #PSPfit Tshirt
  • Weekly Giveaways
  • $3,000 in Prizes (based on participation, not pounds lost )

Questions? fitness@thebiggirlblog.com

Cardio & Curvy Conversations (Video Recap) #CurvyConvoNYC

Cardio & Curvy Conversations was such a fun event! We did an intense workout with TruDog and then had enriching conversations on what its like to be a Plus Size Princess living a healthy lifestyle, dating and trying to make it all work.

Thanks to everyone who came out… I’ve got lots more planned for us in 2013. I’ve also uploaded the photos from the event on my personal facebook page so add me as a friend to see them and tag yourselves (CeCe Olisa).

I thought this video would be a great conversation starter for this weeks Plus Size Princess Fitness Challenge Weigh-in. So, watch the video and chime in with your comments on any of the subjects (Whats the most you’ve spent to lose weight? Do you find it hard to date while on your fitness journey? Do you like dating bigger guys?). I’d love to hear your thoughts and I’ll be online all day responding to comments!

[youtube http:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZYYq1pS0xY]

As far as my weight goes, I’m maintaining but holding on by a thread… the holidays are killing me, I cant wait till its all over and I can go back to my salads and grilled chicken– augh.

Yes, I’m Plus Size and Yes, I Can Move (#PSPfit Challenge: Day One)

It was a Monday afternoon and I was taking a dance class at one of my favorite studios in midtown. The routine we were learning was hard, but my body was learning the movements well enough. The whole reason I moved to NYC from California is to pursue my dream of performing/doing theater, so taking dance classes weekly is a great way for me to workout and stay prepared for anything that an audition would throw my way.

So, there I was in jazz, level 4. Learning the routine and feeling strong. “C’mon guys, sell it to meeee!” the instructor screamed before hitting play on the stereo. “FIVE, SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT!” he cried out, and we hit the routine. At this point we were drilling the dance over and over, which gave us all a chance to stop thinking about the steps, let go and just dance… perform even. I started to have fun with the choreography and give the routine everything that I had.

“Wait a minute,” the instructor called out as he paused the music. “Sorry– what’s your name?” he said pointing at me.

“CeCe,” I replied.

“CeCe, I like what you’re doing with those first few eight counts… can you do it again for the class?” he asked, beckoning me to the center of the floor. “Um, sure…” I said. My heart was beating fast, but I came to the middle of the dance floor while the class stepped aside to watch.

For those of you who didn’t grow up performing, being called out in class to show the other students “how its done” is a big deal. Its something that is only asked of the strongest dancers in class and for me, it was a huge deal because so matter how good I had been in previous classes, my weight had always kept me from being considered the strongest (I have more stories on that, but I’ll save them for another day).

At a young age, I had to accept that teachers would pretty much ignore me as a viable option for their stand out student because of my size, I never let that stop me from training, but every once in a while, I’d feel like everything I was doing was pointless. But now, here was a moment where my abilities as a dancer were being validated. I tried to play it cool and act like it was no big deal, but inside I was doing cartwheels!

The dance instructor pushed play and I began to do the choreography. I danced with every part of myself and when I was done, the class erupted into applause as is customary in a moment like that. Then the instructor walked to the middle of the dance floor, “thanks, CeCe!” he said giving me a nod, then he turned to the rest of the class and said “now, if this big girl can work my routine… I KNOW the rest of you can put in a little more effort!” and with that he started the music over again.

It felt as if he had punched me in the stomach. Oddly enough, I could tell that the dance instructor didn’t say what he said with malice. He actually pulled me to the side later, to tell me how much he loved having me in class, how talented he thought I was, etc.. But it didn’t change how hurtful that moment was.

Its frustrating that a PSP who isn’t bedridden is treated like some sort of magical elephant. I’m constantly approached by people at the gym who compliment me on how well I move, how light on my feet I am and how much stamina I have. 99% of the time, I think they’re trying to be encouraging and I try not to take offense, but I’ve always been this way and as I’ve mentioned plenty of times before, I am not the only Plus Size Princess who can do this stuff.

(That’s a big reason why I’m excited about Cardio & Curvy Conversations on Saturday. I think it will be nice to get a room full of Plus Size Princesses together who aren’t afraid to break a sweat.)

Anyway, as we begin out Plus Size Princess Fitness Challenge, I just want to mention that people might say awkward things to us as we become more adventurous in our fitness. Please don’t let that hold you back from taking a new class or trying a new machine at the gym. We shouldn’t be embarrassed that we’re active PSPs… that’s something to be proud of!

For more information on the Plus Size Princess Fitness Challenge, click here.

What I Did & What I Wore: HuffingtonPost, Focus100, DogOpera, Brunch & Dinner

Do you follow “PlusSizePrincess” on Instagram? If you don’t, here’s what you missed:

First of all I’m having the best time transitioning my Foxcroft Denim Shirt into the fall. I came up with two new ways to rock it one look was for dinner, the other for brunch.

(skirt: Rachel Pally, Leather moto jacket: Avenue, Infinity scarf: H&M, Mini skirt: Rainbow)

Lets see… what else?

I was on Huffington post Live (twice!) you can see the first segment here.

Two of the post talented people I know are producing a play, so I went to support them and help raise money… you can learn about their production of Dog Opera here and get tix here.

I had a cute girls dinner in Harlem with Kellie from fatshioninsider, Nadia Abhoulson, and Beck from Manfattan and a few other bloggers.

I also got to spend some time with Luvvie and +size designer Monif C. at the Focus100 symposium. There are women of color doing amazing things in technology, don’t sleep!

Have a good weekend!


PSP in NYC: Fashion Week, Manhattan Boat Cruise, Red Rooster & More!

First of all, I’ll be doing another live #CurvyConvo chat on Twitter AND facebook tomorrow at 2pm. We had a great time last week, so lets do it again… follow @thebiggirlblog or “like” TBGB on facebook to participate. Okay, now on to my week:

I spent Fashion Week skipping shows and attending parties and events instead. Here’s what I did and what I wore! (follow me on instagram “PlusSizePrincess”)

I started the week with a Brazilian themed cruise around Manhattan with Robert, Adam from CutToTheFront and Suezette from Tales of a Southern Broad.The company is called Affairs Afloat and they do party cruises throughout the week. The boat is three levels with different types of music and its fully covered, so they can sail rain or shine. We had a great time dancing and enjoying the views of Manhattan. I would definitely do it again and its something good to do when you have friends in town!

The next night was Fashion’s Night Out, I wore a denim shirt from Foxcroft, a leather belt from Torrid and a pencil skirt from Lane Bryant (I got the belt and skirt ages ago). I spent that evening sipping champagne and looking at the upgraded Crocs collection. The event was held at the SoHo store and was hosted by Ms. Kathryn Finney. I’m really impressed with how Crocs are branching out into more trendy styles of boots and ballet flats. I wear an 11W and they fit my feet, so check them out!



Friday Night I had a quiet dinner with Patrice from Afrobella and Ms. Kathryn Finney at Red Rooster in Harlem. The food was good (I had a shrimp & Walnut salad) and the crowd was perfect for a Friday night. The night turned interesting when I guy who complimented me when we walked into the restaurant, found me at our table and handed me a poem that he wrote for me on the spot! He said I “inspired” him… that was definitely a first!

Then on Saturday I attended Cocktails & Couture, hosted by Liane Farbes and Afrobella… I had a great time and hopefully the pictures from that event will come out soon, in the meantime… here’s what I wore! This is a vintage Lane Bryant dress (from the style and fabric, I’m guessing from the 1960’s) I got it at a thrift store for $5!! Necklace from H&M (old), clutch was a gift from a friend.

Anyway, that was my week! Hope yours is off to a good start…