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Plus Size Wedding Dress Tips!

When determining the kind of wedding dress that is right for you,determining your specific body shape is a good place to start. Perhaps you carry more weight around your mid-section and chest than you do your lower half, otherwise known as “top-heavy.” If this is the case, consider having a playful hemline that swishes about the knee instead of your ankles so you can show off your lovely calves. Your overall look doesn’t have to favor one half of your body, so you can lean towards embellishments being on the skirt while you keep jewelry simple. If you do not have a distinct waist, you can raise the skirt higher along the torso so your stomach is softened by an A-line bottom.

Perhaps you are what is known as “pear-shaped,” meaning that your lower-half is thicker than your upper half. If this is the case, look for a fitted top that will help accentuate your slimmer half and have a skirt that flair out slightly above the waist to help cloak the wide hips and thighs. Use design or eye-grabbing accessories to draw attention to your slimmer top to balance your overall aesthetic.


Above all else, select a dress that makes you feel sexy and comfortable.  You should be enjoying yourself on your big day and not preoccupied with the task of “sucking it in.” When trying on dresses, move around in it as you would during your wedding; this means, sit down, walk around and maybe even dance a little in it. Remember, the thing that is going to truly make you shine as a bride is confidence and the elation that comes from knowing that you are marrying the love of your life.

New Years Dating Resolutions from WeLoveDates.com

As the new year approaches, it means only one thing-New Years resolutions. If you’re single and dating, one resolution might be at the top of your list-you want to make 2013 the year you find  love. A great way to jump-start your dating life in 2013 is with online dating.

Despite it being more popular than ever, some people are still hesitant to sign up for an online dating site. Maybe it seems like too much work or they just aren’t sure where to start. But if you’re tired of the bar and club scene, and frustrated with your friends futile attempts at “matchmaking”, maybe it’s time to take the leap to online dating, We Love Dates is the perfect place to start.

When selecting an online dating site, choose one that fits your needs and what you’re looking for in a date and a relationship. There are online dating sites that cater to specific ethic backgrounds, professions, locations or interests. Search for vegetarian dating, BBW dating and even brunette dating-the sky really is the limit.

Now that you’ve signed up for online dating, make sure you’re doing everything you can to get the most out of it! Read dating advice blogs for online dating tips and tricks. Some people upload a blurry photo and a one word sentence and then complain that nobody emailed them and declare that online dating doesn’t work. Don’t be afraid to show off your personality. The more you share, the more chances you give someone reading your profile to connect with you. Not every first online date is going to be a love connection, but don’t let a few bad dates deter you from your goal of finding the one.

Lastly, maintain an open mind. Instead of going in with a pre-defined list of qualities a date absolutely must have, lose the list and follow your heart. It’s crucial to have high standards when it comes to the people you date, but it’s equally important to make sure you aren’t limiting yourself in your search for love. Take charge of your New Years resolutions and make this the year you find the love of your life, or at least have a blast trying!

Trying Online Dating for the First Time

In recent years there has been plenty of buzz about the popular trend of online dating. While it’s proven to be successful for thousands of happy couples around the country, if you’ve never used it before online dating can seem just as daunting as sitting alone at a bar. The good news is that dating sites are proving to be as easy to use as they are successful. Here is a look at 5 things to keep in mind when first entering the world of online dating.

Finding the right site for you There are plenty of different dating sites available to accommodate people’s varied interests, whether you’re looking for friendship, passion or anything in between. However the most in demand style of dating site are those that offer the opportunity to find loving and meaningful relationships.

If this is the sort of experience you’re searching for, dating site eHarmony and  eHarmony Canada specialize in matching compatible singles who share similarities that would make a potentially fulfilling and serious relationship. It’s important to consider what sort of dating experience you’re looking for online in order to always feel within your comfort zone and find people with similar interests.

Logging on When you’ve decided on the right style of dating site for you, then it’s time to get online. Many sites will charge a fee, but there are plenty of quality sites like eHarmony that offer a range of free stages. The next stage is to create your dating profile. Be sure to use a clear and current photo of yourself and avoid using pictures with sunglasses or a hat, as they give the impression you have something to hide.

Many dating website ask that members complete a detailed personality questionnaire that’s used to formulate your online dating profile. Nearly all online dating success stories start with creating a fun and natural dating profile, and that allows you to simply be yourself. At the end of the day, an authentic picture of your personality and character is what people ought to find attractive.

Meeting people online Once you’re happy with your dating profile the next phase is to start meeting people. Different sites take different approaches to this stage of the online experience. Some companies prefer to match people based simply on their location, while other focus on the similar interests that people share. The best option is to opt for a site that combines both of these functions.

Communicating Once you have found matches, the next step is to get in touch and see if you share any chemistry. The best dating sites help you to get to know people without any stress or hassle. Icebreaker tools allow you to get in touch and start chatting, so be sure to make the most of them.

Meeting in person You’ve broken the ice, you’ve chatted online and you’ve decided there might be something more there. The next step is to meet in person. When arranging a first date location, opt for a laid back and fun destination, like your favourite local café or a picnic at a nearby park.

+Sizes from Australian Brand Crossroads.com.au

Australian retailer Crossroads is putting their spin on plus size dresses. Offering trendy styles in bright colors, they’ve got some cute pieces that would work for a night on the town, a daytime date or a special occasion. Crossroads offers plus size dresses in the same styles that they make for their smaller/straight sizes.

The range goes up to an XXL or dress size 22, so I’d recommend taking a look at their size chart and the cut of the dresses you like before purchasing, but once again its nice to know we’ve got more options. Below are some of the stand out dresses from their site… check them out at crossroads.com.au


Finding a Bra That Fits

Did you know that’s it’s estimated that around 80% of women are wearing a bra that’s the wrong size for them? No matter if you’re a size 14 or 24, an 8 or a 10, finding a bra that fits you properly is crucial not only for comfort but for the well-being of your boobs!

This is true if you’re wearing a bra that’s too tight – this is no time to try and squeeze yourself into a smaller size; it’s all about finding the size that fits. The same can be said if you’re wearing a bra that’s too big – it will feel plain uncomfortable and can dramatically impact the way you stand and look in your clothes.

Here are some top tips to bear in mind when finding your perfect bra match:

Don’t pad when going for a fitting.

When you’re going for a bra fitting, don’t wear a bra with padding or gel pads. This won’t result in a true measurement of your boobs and you’ll end up with a bra that’s not the right fit. Cue discomfort from the wire digging in at your sides or lose cups that won’t support your chest.

A fit is not definitive

As a general rule, not all bra fittings will give you your definitive bra size. After all, if you know you’ve recently lost weight, or had a baby, your bra size is likely to change. Most of the time though, they’ll act as a great guidance tool to finding your perfect fit.

Shake it up

Don’t stick to one shape of bra; there are all sorts of different styles that will shape your boobs differently, some much better than others. Try a balconette bra to enhance your shape and cleavage, or a demicup, which is similar to the balconette but offers more support and covers up more boob. Perhaps you’d prefer a sheer style bra? This style, made of translucent material, might not be the most appropriate for the office (try a T-shirt bra for that!), but would make a gorgeous bra for a special evening in.

The importance of finding a bra that fits you properly shouldn’t be overlooked, so even if you think you’re wearing the right size bra, it’s definitely worth checking – you might be surprised.

There’s a New Auction Site in Town

There’s a new auction company launching called Auctionopia.com for anyone looking for an alternative to ebay. This site is attracting a lot of interest from big brands and small business sellers alike.  What makes Auctionopia different is that it offers real-time negotiation (via IM) between buyers and sellers.

If you want to modify the terms of your bid by using a coupon, asking for a lower price, getting free shipping, etc., you can do all of that during the transaction. Also, there are zero required fees for sellers, which means more money in your pocket.  From what I understand, they are currently developing a  payment system (like Paypal) that will have lower fees than any other of it’s kind.  So all in all, it should be a real money saver and create a greater shopping experience if you’re looking for a new way to bid on your favorite items.

Bundle Up with Bonmarche.co.uk

Its getting cooler outside, which means its time to go sweater shopping!

When it comes to women’s knitwear, I’ve always found that I can buy my sweaters in a size down (maybe its the stretch that sweaters give!). Because of this, I don’t limit myself to sweaters from plus size stores only. I’ve found adorable sweaters in an XL that fit perfectly, so I’d suggest looking around at a variety of shops when looking for cozy tops this season. Here are some of my finds from Women’s Knitwear section of Bonmarche.

Sparkles, stripes, punched out designs and fur are details that make these sweaters really pop with a variety like this, it makes it easy to stay warm during any occasion. Check them out!

Sweaters from Bonmarche

A Note From Onestopplus.co.uk: Finding The Perfect Swimsuit

The ideal plus size swimwear should work to flatter your appearance, accentuate your bust, trim your tummy, camouflage your hips and of course make you feel 100% confident relaxing by the pool!

It is good news that plus size swimwear is now largely available on the market as buying swimwear can be a daunting enough task.  However, choosing a swimsuit for the fuller figure no longer has to be a difficult task, regardless of your size or shape.

There are however a few tips that should be followed if you wish to invest in the perfect swimsuit.  If you wish to hide a bigger belly then investing in a full swimsuit complete with a vertical stripe pattern is a good option.  Another tip is to look for a swimsuit that has gathering around the stomach area, as this will hide any signs of a bulge.

If your figure is made up of a small top half but a more shapely bottom then look into purchasing a swimsuit that has wider shoulder straps or alternatively one that comes with a skirt attachment or wrap.

For those that have a smaller bust yet possess a bigger bottom half, choosing a halter bikini top with added underwiring for that extra lift.  Lighter colours are also a better option if you wish to enhance your upper half, as blacks tend to make you appear smaller.  Strapless swimsuits will also give the appearance of a flatter chest so it is best to avoid this type of garment unless of course you want to hide your bust.

If you do have an extremely big bust then you will need to invest in a swimsuit that offers a lot of support.  Wider straps and underwiring is also a good option, which will in turn add a little extra lift.

It might help if you browse a plus size retailer such as Onestopplus.co.uk and you can check out all of the latest styles on trend this season.

Win a $250 Shopping Spree at eShakti.com

Hello Lovelies,

As you’ve probably noticed, eShakti is one of my favorite clothing stores right now. They’re doing a contest where you can win up to $250 in store credit by putting their brand into your own words!

You have till March 31st to enter, so lets go! You can win:

1.) A Grand Prize: $250 gift card

2.) One of 25, yes TWENTY-FIVE $50 gift cards

And there’s a guaranteed $10 gift card for every entrant!

The details are here make sure you fill out the form, and let them know that you’re a TBGB reader… Happy Shopping!


P.S. Tell your (skinny) friends too, this line carries size 0-26 and can do custom fittings for size 28+

Plus Size Coupon Code from eShakti!

When I was in high school my friends mom was a seamstress. She would make dresses for me and the fit would be perfect. I miss having those custom pieces and I haven’t found anyone who will make custom clothes on my budget… until now.

eShakti is a clothing company with a different approach to fashion, they design clothes which are then tailored and/or customized to the exact specifications of each buyer making it possible to change a sleeve, neckline etc.

This is really helpful for those of us who have special proportions or curves (i.e. being one size on top and another on the bottom or having a really large bust.) With eShakti, you can get affordable clothes that are tailor made.

I ordered some holiday pieces from them and they were kind enough to let me offer TBGB Readers $20 off on the eShakti website (All the dresses I liked were under $70).

Here’s how it works:

Use Coupon Code “ZKDFE4F” and get $20 off

This $20 coupon will be in addition to the new customer registration gift certificate for $15 given to all first time customers at eShakti.

There is no minimum purchase so you can even shop for $20, and use the $20 coupon (Pretty cool, huh?!)

When you Checkout, you can enter this code where it says ‘Enter Gift Certificate Code’ and $20 will then be taken off of your total!

This code is valid until Christmas day.

Happy Shopping!