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What Happened When I Used A Full-Body Pic On A Dating Site

It took months for me to finally upload a full-body photo to my online-dating profile. Because I’m plus-sized, I figured that a head-to-toe picture would prevent men from messaging me; I assumed cute, up-close selfies would work in my favor — but, boy, did I misjudge that one.

I had heard people say I have a pretty face (the classic “big girl” compliment), so in the beginning, my dating profile pictures highlighted my face — and cut off my body. I usually made sure to include my chest, since, well, that was another area that usually got attention. You know the photo I’m talking about: the selfie taken from a perfect, slightly raised, double-chin-hiding angle — cropped just below the chest.

Putting those assets proudly out there felt like I was presenting the best version of myself — not unlike the way we put our best foot forward when interviewing for a job, right? Could what I was doing really be considered lying if my (innocent) goal was to give a strong first impression?

At first, this approach seemed fine. Many guys messaged me, and while we were flirting I’d always send over a head-to-toe photo of me in a cute outfit — so I wouldn’t shock them when we met in person. That’s when things would get awkward. Some guys would stop texting me; the others made it obvious that they only wanted to hook up. I’d been chatting with one guy regularly, but after I sent the full-body photo, he went from calling me every night (to ask how my day was) to sending messages at 1 a.m. (to ask whether I was dominant in bed).

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What Happened When I Used A Full-Body Pic On A Dating Site

I was frustrated beyond belief. It became exhausting to sense chemistry with someone and then have to wonder if everything would change once he saw my body. It almost made me want to stop dating online altogether. But, that was before I stopped to consider: Was I doing this right?

To find out, I decided to re-do my profile. I was still eager to present my best self, but this time with honesty and integrity. So, I added five full-body photos to my dating profile, and the results were somewhat surprising: Continue reading

Don’t be a Layer Hater

I swear sometimes I have the silliest fashion fears. Although I love the look of layering on other girls, I always thought that too many layers would make me look “bulkier” because I’m plus size. Of course, when I actually tried layering I realized that this is one of my favorite plus size casual looks! I’m not a Layer Hater anymore….

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Sweaters How to Layer

Sweater Here | Turtleneck similar Here | Jeans similar Here | Watch Here | Shoes Here | Bag Here

The trick for layering plus size sweaters for me is not being afraid to buy baggy sweaters. Once I have a thick baggy sweater (ponchos work well) I use more curve hugging turtlenecks and tanks underneath. As the temps drop, I layer a colorful plus size coat under a look like this and I’m good to go!

Here are some adorable sweaters and ponchos that are perfect for layering plus an affordable 3-pack of plus size turtlenecks in different colors.

click each image for details and pricing

How to Wear a Plus Size Tutu

When I first got my plus size tutu I knew I loved it, but I wasn’t quite sure how to wear it. With time and practice I’ve learned that its a pretty versatile piece that can be styled up or down depending on where I’m going. This is one of my favorite pieces because even as my personal style evolves, this skirt still makes me feel amazing.

Here are three different ways I like to wear my tutu and if you’re looking for a plus size tulle skirt, I’ve got links for you below!

How to Style a Tulle Skirt PlusSizePrincess.com

CeCe Olisa Plus Size TuTu Tulle Skirt Formal

Tutu Here | BodySuit Similar Here & Here | Belt Similar Here | Shoes Here

Putting a bodysuit on under my tutu creates an instant cocktail dress. I’ve worn this look for singing gigs and for more formal events. I could definitely see this as a New Years Eve outfit. To add color, I swapped out the black satin sash that comes with the skirt for a thick leather belt in burgundy. Continue reading

3 Ways to Wear a Denim Shirt


Talbots Plus Size Denim Shirt Three WaysIf you watch my YouTube Channel you may have seen my Dressing Room Confidential video where I discovered that Talbots has some cute stuff for younger Plus Size Princesses. Now that the seasons have changed, I went back and tried on Talbots fall Plus Size collection and I was pleasantly surprised (video below).

Everyone is saying that a denim shirt is the “must have” piece for fall and I just might agree. Plus size denim shirts are hard to find, but I fell in love with the ones I tried on at Talbots. They’re long enough to wear with leggings, cut well through the arms and bust and the cuffed sleeves don’t unroll or become lose after washing. As you can see I’ve been rocking this one non-stop!

p.s. I’m 5’10, but if you’re on the shorter side, Talbots has a petite plus line too…

Talbots Denim Shirt Dress Wide Calf Boots BrunchThanks Ms. Lydia Hudgens for the photo snaps!

Talbots Denim Shirt Wide Width Boots Date Night

Talbots Plus Size Denim Shirt Burgandy Skirt WorkBrunch Look: Denim Shirt Talbots | Sweater Talbots (Size XL) | Leggings Here | Necklace similar here | | Boots here 

Date Look: Denim Shirt Talbots | Jeans here | Cowboy boots similar here 

Work Look: Denim Shirt Talbots | Skirt Talbots | Belt similar here | Boots here 

The entire Talbots site is 25% off right now, you can watch my Dressing Room confidential video to see what I liked.

Three Ways to Wear a Denim Shirt PlusSizePrincess.com 2

Shop the post!

How do you find Fitness Motivation?

In July I went to the see Beyonce and her Hubby for the On the Run tour with some girlfriends. Everyone was going crazy, singing along and throwing up that dynasty sign, and I was standing there looking at Bey and thinking… I gotta start training harder in the gym.

While Bey’s body is banging, her figure wasn’t what inspired me– her stamina did. She’s a young mom with a demanding career and family and she’s physically able to tear up the stage for hours that’s fitness to me. I want to be able to tackle my life and have a little energy left to spare. I want to be agile and flexible… basically I dont want my body to fall apart.

In that moment Beyonce randomly motivated me.

My fitness motivation comes from different places (often from you guys on instagram, heyyy). But I know some people do things like vision boards, photos, etc.

As we start prepping for #PSPfit bootcamp, I’d love to offer my girls some ideas on where to look for inspiration when we feel like giving up…. any suggestions?

This week, to find inspiration, I filmed myself working out its actually kinda funny to see how I look when I’m in the zone, so I made it into a little workout vlog. Maybe in a few months I’ll be jumping higher than I am here…

p.s. you still have time to order your #PSPfit Tshirt here our shirts ship internationally! Supporting our next set of workout videos with a shirt also gets you a chance to win a Fall online bootcamp membership (you can join from anywhere!) You can reserve a shirt here

My 2014 Wide Calf Boot Picks (under $99)


Hi CeCe,

Since fall is underway, any recommendations on wide-calf riding boots?


Hi Maribel,

Great question! The wide calf boot hunt is definitely in full effect right now. Living in New York City, my Wide Calf boots must be: Comfortable and Supportive, Fun and Fashionable, Made to last a few seasons and, of course… affordable.

I’ve ordered three pairs of wide calf boots that I’m loving, but here are four more options from brands I trust from past purchases. Hope this helps and let me know what you end up getting!



Wide Calf Boots Under $99 2014


1. Faux Leather Wide Calf Boot 2.) Over the Knee Wide Calf Boot 3.) Stacked Heel Wide Calf Dress Boot

4.) Tri Color Wide Calf boot 5.) Classic Wide Calf Riding Boot 6.) Two Tone Wide Calf Riding Boot

7.) Faux Suede Wide Calf Wedge Boot

I also scooped up these genuine leather wide calf boots, using this coupon I got $50 off! You can check out my boot haul below…

My September 2014 Plus Size Fitness Shout Outs | #PSPfit

Today’s Plus Size Fitness shout outs go to @My2Morrow, @TheCurveandtheLine and @ThrowingaCurveBall. Thank you for tagging #PSPfit in your workout pics! You’re in the gym, running marathons and wearing cute gym clothes too, I love it!

@My2Morrow is from Oregon, she says: Needing some of this yoga mentality right now, and passing it on to my friend to help her get through her amazing (but stressful) wedding weekend… #PSPfit

@ThrowingaCurveBall is from Australia, she says: Today I actually ran the 4km City to Surf Perth and didn’t pass out! It’s amazing what your body can do when you put your mind to it. This year has been about doing things out of my comfort zone and hell I was uncomfortable! Big thanks to my support team… #PSPfit

@TheCurveandtheLine is in New York, she says: This is the face of someone who did not want to come to the gym today. Nothing bright-ass pink tights and makeshift Ankara bows couldn’t fix… #PSPfit 

(snag plus size pink workout leggings here)

You ladies are killing it. If you’re thinking about starting a workout regimen and you’re nervous take a cue from these girls and make it happen. We’re in this #PSPfit journey together! We’re all at different levels, but the most important thing is to begin. Our bodies were made to move!

Don’t forget to follow @My2Morrow, @TheCurveandtheLine and @ThrowingaCurveBall on Instagram!

Relaxed & Cool | Plus Size Casual Linen Pants

The other day on my YouTube channel, I said that I never wear pants because I carry weight in my tummy. The minute I said those words, I realized that I was limiting myself. Do I prefer dresses? Sure! But not wearing pants because I’ve got a full tummy is the same as not showing my arms because they’re big… its a negative way of thinking and it goes against who I want to be as a Plus Size Princess.

So I went online and ordered three pairs of pants. This linen pair is the best! It feels like I’m in my pajamas, but I still feel put together. Best of all, they’re on clearance for $17! Links below…

Plus Size Linen Pants wide leg

Linen Pants Here | Shirt in Red or Teal Here | Jacket (similar) Here

P.S. If you’re in NYC on 9/6 you can shop the closet of some of my favorite plus size fashion bloggers and me! RSVP here

Shop the look:

Plus Size Work Out Video + Lessons from the NYC #PSPfit Workout


On Saturday, I took the NYC #PSPfit girls to one of my favorite hidden gems in the city to workout on the water. It was a beautiful day, with beautiful girls.

Plus Size Fitness Workouts PSPfit.com

Lesson 1: As we used the grass and park benches to train on Saturday in the park, people would walk by and cheer us on which was a total surprise. I know some of us hold off on working out because we’re nervous/embarrassed/intimidated, so it was really nice to be reminded that the majority of people are kind and supportive.

Lesson 2: Although our trainer had us huffing, puffing and sweaty, when it was over people asked “When is the next one?” Sometimes showing up is the hardest part, but you will never regret a workout session.

We’re working on weekly workouts for the NYC girls, for updates send me your email at www.PSPfit.com.

Thanks to everyone who came out and I look forward to seeing you in September! In the meantime here’s a #PSPfit: Plus Size Fitness Cardio Workout that you can do at home.

Plus Size Workout Clothes: My Favorite Plus Size Gym Leggings!

There is nothing more annoying that burning a hole through your leggings. In the beginning of my Plus Size Fitness journey, I’d just buy cheap fashion leggings from wherever. I’d workout in them, work a hole right through the inner thighs and then go buy more (augh!). Over time I learned that there are benefits to ordering plus size workout tights/gym leggings. Its taken some time but I’ve finally got a solid collection of plus size workout leggings. Here are my faves:

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Gym Leggings Plus Size Fitness PlusSizePrincess.com

Gym leggings are usually made of a more slick/slippery material which means they’ll hold up better against inner thigh “chub rub” and last longer. There are also great functional pockets in workout tights that hold things you may need during your workout like keys/phone/lip gloss (maybe that’s just me lol) anyway, if you don’t want to carry a purse, these pockets come in handy. Keeping your fashion leggings and gym workout leggings separate also makes them last longer because you’re not doubling up on usage.

I’m so excited that plus size workout tights are finally starting to come in fun colors/designs. Here’s a quick video lookbook with my five favorite plus size gym tights/leggings.

Let me know which ones you like best?

plus size workout clothes gym leggings p

Blue Legging Here |  Grey Legging Here | Black Legging Similar Here | Galaxy Legging Here | Yoga Capri Here

 Duffle Bag Here | Sneakers Here (I have wide feet but these shoes fit great!)

Also, the #PSPfit Plus Size Fitness Challenge has some exciting things coming this fall, be sure to sign up for the mailing list at www.PSPfit.com

Thanks Ms. Lydia Hudgens for the photo snaps!