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One Song Workout “Bang Bang” Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj | Plus Size Workout Video

Someone said “Bang Bang” “Bang Bang” by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj is the new “Lady Marmelade” circa 2004. Lady Marmelade was pretty epic, but “Bang Bang” has definitely been on my workout playlist for a while now. This week, I linked up with trainer, Ashley Fettig to create another One Song Workout for us to “Bang Bang”!

We thought we’d found a secluded corner of the park to make this little video, but then a wedding party showed up and started watching us… I kept going but I was so nervous to have them watching. I assumed they were judging like “why is that big girl working out in front of a camera??” but to my surprise they were totally into it… you can even hear them cheering at the end!

You can workout with me using the video below. Rewind it and do the routine a few times for a longer workout or click here to get some plus size fitness technique tips from Ashley so that we do this plus size workout video with good form!

Last weekend during our #PSPfit Team NYC workout, we learned the “Come Get it Bae” workout before we started training, it was fun to do the dance all together and to know that my #PSPfit girls who don’t live in NYC are doing it too (if you make a video of yourself, tag me and #PSPfit so we can all cheer you on!

Don’t wait on your weight to live a Healthy & Happy Life!

One Song Workout Bang Bang

How I Treat My Acne, Oily Skin & Skin Discoloration

“Is this like a Noxema Commercial, or WHAT?!” (please tell me you got that reference lol)

Anyway, I went to the dermatologist last week for a consultation on laser hair removal (more on that later!) and she complimented me on having acne free skin… this is the first time I’ve had that happen, like ever.

One of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle is that my hair is getting longer, my scalp eczema is pretty much non existent, my skin is clear and my nails are growing strong. You know how we say that beauty comes from within? Well, that’s 100% true. When I’m putting good/clean/healthy foods inside my body, it shows on the outside. Pairing healthy living with products that balance Acne, Oily Skin and Skin Discoloration is creating a perfect remedy for the things that have bothered me since my teenage years.

Patricia hit me up asking about my skin care routine which was flattering to me because I’ve always thought of my skin as a work in progress, but over the past few months I feel like I’ve found my skin care groove. (I’ve only had one break out and it happened after I skipped the gym and ate outside my #PSPfit zone for a week.)

So below is a list of what I’ve been using and how I’ve been using it:

1.) Exfoliating Wipes: I use these to take off makeup and dead yucky skin at the same time. It works wonders and is super durable.

2.) Specific Beauty Daily Gentle Cleaner: This cleanser feels like a lotion, which is great if you don’t want your skin dried out. I have oily skin but this cleanser keeps me balanced (and its only $13!!!)

3.) Skin Brightening Serum: I have dark circles on my cheeks and dark lines on my nose, this has been evening those areas out so I don’t feel such a stark contrast with the rest of my face.

4.) Hydrating MoisturizerI love putting this on before bed, my skin feels soft and hydrated. By the time I wake up, my face has had a break and I’m ready to put on makeup and start again!

acne oily skin discolotation.jpg

Brazilian Waxing for Plus Size Princesses: Eight tips for Going to Brazil!

Last week, Irina, the woman who does my waxing mentioned that some salons ask plus size girls to pay more for a Brazilian Wax,  because of their size. That really broke my heart, because reputable salons will not charge you a “fat fee”. According to Irina, the rates should be based on the service they provide not the size of the customer.

Below is a video and 8 tips for big girls who are looking to “go the Brazil” this summer… lets go! (press play, the video works!)

  1. A Brazilian Wax is when you wax everything from the front to the back (Yes, the back!)
  2. A big girl should not be charged more for a Brazilian wax. My Aestetician says that rates are based on the type of work (i.e. legs, bikini line, full brazilian) not the size of the person
  3. Having good chemistry with the person doing your wax makes the awkward/intimate process of waxing so much easier. Don’t be afraid to walk away or ask for someone else. Its your body and your money 😉
  4. I always skip nail salons and go to dedicated waxing salons or spas for my wax. This makes it easier to find someone who makes me more comfortable, if needed
  5. You will have to take your clothes off from the waist down, so I often wear a dress so that I can just take off my chonies (aka underwear) and pull the dress up easily
  6. I also offer to help, when needed. Sometimes, I have to move my chub out of the way and/or hold my tummy taunt. Saying “let me know if you need me to help” in the beginning tells my aesthetician that she wont offend me by asking
  7. Getting a wax can often feel like yoga. Irinia, my wax lady has me in a lot of crazy positions so that she can get to all my “nooks and crannies”, for me this is why good chemistry makes things easier
  8. Always remember, having a brazilian wax can make a girl feel very… *wiggles eyebrows* I always try to make sure I get my waxing done at times when it wont affect my decision making on dates. That’s all I’ll say about that!



Plus Size Fitness: Squats with Bad Knees? Let’s Do it!

When I went home for Christmas in December, I was walking a few paces ahead of my sisters.

“Ummmm where did THAT come from?” I heard, one of them say. I turned around and saw both of them staring at my bum.

Both of my sisters have great backsides, while I hold it down in the boobs department.

I know I’ll never catch up to them but I’ve been doing the best with what I have and apparently its working and I’m a little less Sponge Bob Square @$$ than I was before!

A big part of toning up my derrière has come with learning that I can do squats without trashing my knees. So, I asked my trainer/friend Robbie to help me make a tutorial on how to do squats with bad knees.

Check it out below and if you’d like us to shoot any other plus size fitness tutorials, let me know what you need help with in the comments below!

>>>Click Here for my FREE Workout Videos

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 3.18.36 PM

#PSPfit: Tweets of the Week (Pets, Families & Smoothies)

You girls inspire me every day with your #PSPfit tweets.  Here are some of my faves from this week:



I guess you’re inspiring the folks at Weight Watchers Magazine too, because #PSPfit was mentioned in their Jan/Feb 2014 issue as an inspirational hashtag to follow!

“#PSPfit: Steal the get-fit secrets of plus-size women” Um… how amazing is that?? Healthy Curves at Every Size is something to be celebrated and the fact that +size women can be considered fitness experts with “secrets” worth stealing… I’m just beside myself. Should we tell them that our number one secret is that we love ourselves at ANY size? 😉

Registration for the January Jump Start ends in a few days… click Here to Join us


#PSPfit Clean & Green Boot Camp (21 Days for $21)

Greetings from California, hope you’re having a fabulous holiday! I’m hibernating with my family but I did want to check in with you girls on #PSPfit stuff.

How has your holiday food/fitness been?

Bad news from my end, I’ve been breaking out, my eczema is acting up and my period started three days later than it should have. A year ago that wouldn’t have meant anything to me, but working with my nutrition coach is allowing me to understand that my body tells me when I need to get my act together, especially when it comes to my eating. While I don’t regret the good times and good meals I’ve had over the holiday season, clean eating is definitely what my body needs, especially as I try to manage my PCOS.

Excema, acne and an out of whack menstrual cycle is my body saying “Excuse me, those holiday indulgences are messing with your #PSPfit groove!” and just in case I didn’t get the message, I jumped on the scale last week and I’d gained five pounds… womp womp!

There’s some good news, which is that Abra (my nutrition coach) is designing a January detox for me and its going to be 21 days of what she calls “clean and green eating”. I’m excited to get back to my morning smoothies and home cooked meals so I can regain clear skin, timely visits from aunt flow and drop this holiday weight.

Anyway, I was wondering if we could use this 21 day session to test some #PSPfit boot camp changes.

I want to see if we can bring the price down even more… the whole point of #PSPfit is to make professional nutrition coaching available/affordable to any girl who wants it, so I’d like to test out doing 21 days with Abra for $21. If enough people sign up and I can still manage to pay Abra for her time with us, we’ll keep the $21 rate for future boot camps too. *fingers crossed* (Click here to spread to word)

Registration for the $21 #PSPfit Clean & Green Boot Camp will begin on January 1st. We run bootcamps via email/private facebook groups so you can join from anywhere! As always, we will open the list via email, so remember to pre-register here. Boot Camp will run for 21 days from January 12th-February 1st.

Are you down for a January detox?

Questions? Leave a comment or email me: fitness@thebiggirlblog.com

Plus Size Fitness: Our Thighs Touch & We’re Still Crushing Workouts! (Thanks, Lane Bryant!)

A huge Congratulations goes to all of the bootcamp babes who completed #PSPfit: Plus Size Princess Fitness Bootcamp (Cycle 2!). For 30 days we’ve:

1.) Crushed our YouTube workouts

2.) Carefully prepared the recipes our Nutrition Coach, Abra provided

3.) Looked fabulously sweaty in your Lane Bryant Activewear!

#PSPfit Plus Size Princess Fitness Bootcamp Lane Bryant Active

Scrolling through the #PSPfit hashtag on twitter and instagram reminds me that big girls DO work out and eat healthy foods. For the past 30 days I’ve seen #PSPfit Bootcamp Babes embracing yoga, planking for 1:40 seconds, eating kale/quinoa/beats, ditching diet soda skipping processed foods and loving ourselves to health and wellness at any size. As icing on the (almond flour) cake, there are #PSPfit bootcampers who have lost 10… 15… 18.8 pounds this month. For those of us with endocrine issues such as PCOS, weight loss can mean increased fertility and a huge step away from things like diabetes and insulin resistance. *high five*

I’d like to give a little recognition to a few #PSPfit Bootcamp Babes who have  really inspired me this session. Smooches to you all… as a token of my appreciation, I’ll be mailing each of you a $100 gift card to Lane Bryant!

#PSPfit Plus Size Princess Fitness Bootcamp Winners@Kholland5 – I love that you made #PSPfit a family affair, seeing your toddler downing green smoothies for breakfast and hanging with you in the kitchen was so adorable. He’s the official #PSPfit Kids ambassador!

@trekab – Your gorgeous yoga posts are beyond amazing. I know that high level plus size yoga is possible, but seeing your poses held with such strength made it so much more tangible. I hope all aspiring plus size yogi’s check out your instagram page.

@fatnerdytori – First, you win for the cutest instagram name. I kinda wish I was FatNerdyCeCe, but I wont steal your swag. Thank you for being open and honest in the private facebook group. You brought up a few things I hadn’t thought of before and I appreciate your insights!

@lizserna – Liz, you quit smoking cold turkey on day 1 of #PSPfit and you didn’t look back. Need I say more?! Some might say, quitting smoking while doing a boot camp is too much at once, but you jumped in with both feet and took your health by the reigns. I am in awe of your dedication and commitment.

The next #PSPfit bootcamp will be designed specifically for Virtual/Non-NYC ladies. So, if you’re interested in working with a Nutrition Coach and a few Plus Size health nuts, click here to join the #PSPfit Mailing list!

The 45 Pound Mark… #PSPfit

Since I began my #PSPfit journey, I’ve hit the following goals:

  • I can do jumping jacks for a full minute without stopping
  • My periods are coming regularly, to the day
  • When my period comes, I don’t have cramps anymore
  • and I’ve lost 45 pounds

Because I have PCOS, weight loss is important for me if I want to keep my periods regular and someday have babies, so 45 pounds down is a move in the right direction. But all day, I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t ecstatic about hitting a strong goal.

Finally, it hit me… I’ve done this before. I’ve hit this weight loss milestone before and as good as it feels, its not a guarantee that I wont gain the weight back and have to start all over again… and that’s scary.

In the past when I’ve lost large amounts of weight, its been with extreme diets that were impossible to maintain. Even though I lost weight, I didn’t have the other health changes I’m having now that indicate my body is being renewed from the inside because of the change in my eating.

I know that the #PSPfit way of Clean Eating and Fitness is manageable, its just up to me to keep going with it and make the right decisions for my body.

A huge thank you goes to Abra Pappa, my nutrition coach (who you will be working with during #PSPfit boot camp), she’s opened my eyes to what my body needs to eat and when. She’s got me to try many new things. Her pep-talks have been inspiring and I’m so glad she’s there to hold my hand while head towards my next set of health goals.

As much as I depend on support from Abra, my health is in my hands and to be honest, that’s an intense thought but I’m up to the task. I have to own words like “lifestyle change” and “health at every size” because that’s the kind of thinking that will keep me grounded in what I need to do.

Here’s a before and after shot, if you’re interested… special announcement below

45BeforeAfterTonight, I’m hosting a #PSPfit twitter chat at 8pm EST. We’ll be giving away a #PSPfit Boot Camp membership! Get ready for the chat by signing in and clicking “join” here: http:/twubs.com/PSPfit


How To Prevent Ingrown Hairs & Shaving Bumps (My PCOS & Brazilian Wax Maintenance)

There I was, minding my own business in the grocery store on 116th street, when a woman approached me. “Excuse me, do you know about TendSkin?” I looked at her with a confused look on my face, which she took as a cue to continue. “TendSkin, it will help with those bumps,” she said with a kind smile and walked away.

“Those bumps” were the ingrown hairs that I was battling as a result of managing the hirsutism (excess hair) that comes with having PCOS. As much as I hate that I have to deal with hirsutism, I’m thankful that I don’t have hair growing on my face/cheeks as other PCOS women do, that’s got to be really frustrating. Anyway, I thought my hairy situation was under control, but the side effects to my regular hair removal was giving me ingrown hair bumps which also isn’t cute. I mean, if a lady in the grocery store noticed it… I needed to do better.

Fast forward a few months and I started getting brazilian waxes (yup, plus size brazilians are no big deal, I love them). The aesthetician encouraged me to exfoliate my “little CeCe” with a sugar scrub and moisturize her with an oil (not baby oil, it clogs pores down there and causes… in-growns!). I mentioned to a girlfriend that I was trying different scrubs to prevent in-growns after waxing and she told me that apricot scrub works really well for her.

Thus, my ingrown hair/shaving bump prevention routine was born! I use the following steps anywhere that hair grows, bikini area, underarms and my “PCOS hot spots” and it keeps me bump free!

Here’s my process:

Step 1: When I shave, I use a 5 blade razor so that I don’t have to go over the area too much. I’ve tried cheap 5 blade razors, but I find that Schick is the best brand.

Step 2: In between shaving/waxes, I scrub all areas with Apricot scrub. I think the acne fighting agents are what makes this work better for me than a plain sugar scrub.

Step 3: I moisturize any area that has been waxed or shaved with coconut oil. Coconut oil is great to use all over your body and in your hair!

Step 4: Tend Skin, this is basically a miracle product. Even if I’m traveling and skip the steps above for a while, Tend Skin keeps a girl bump/ingrown free until I’m back home with all of my supplies. I’ve started with the roll-on container, now I buy big bottles and refill as needed.

Do you get shaving bumps/in-growns? How do you manage them?