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Model or Me: Eloquii Gown

This Fall, I brought “Plus Size Model or Me?” to the blog with this post.

Some of you asked: “Why make it a competition?”, “Why ask us to choose?”, “Is this even body positive?”

Here’s my answer:

As plus size women, many of us automatically think our bodies are a hindrance to wearing certain items. Big girls often feel they aren’t even in the same “league” as a smaller girl. I do think there’s some body positive affirmation that comes when you can root for the fat chick. I think it’s body positive to see that items can look just as good on a big girl with lumps as it does on a model with a perfect figure. So, these posts are just my way of leveling the playing field a bit and opening our eyes that we can wear whatever we want. The main point is comparison and seeing that different can be good, not competition.

Hope that makes sense… now, on to today’s post!

I’m going to show you an item on a model, I’m going to explain how I made my purchase (what size I chose, color, width, etc.), then I’ll show the item on me and you can decide if you like it on the model… or on me.

Eloquii Long Sleeve Petal Neckline Gown


www.plussizeprincess.com model or me CeCe Olisa Eloquii Gown

Here’s the dress on the model.

The only long dresses I own are summer maxi’s, so I was really excited about this gown. It seemed simple enough to wear for any occasion where I want to step things up and I knew with the right accessories this dress could be super glam.

There is a long sleeved version of the dress here, but I chose the short sleeve version

  • so that I could pull it out during any warmer months too.
  • Because the long sleeved, floor length dress looked like I was trying to cover up my body
  • I think if you’re wearing a floor length gown, you should show a little skin 😉

Normally, I order maxi dresses a size larger to get some extra length, but with this one I ordered the dress in my normal dress size 18, because I didn’t want it to be baggy at all, that would kill the fun of this curve hugging dress. I just crossed my fingers that it would be long enough (I’m 5’10).

www.plussizeprincess.com CeCe Olisa Model or Me? Eloquii Gown

Here’s the dress on me. 

The dress was more than long enough (yay!). The only thing that’s a little awkward is how the fabric clings in the tummy area, but that’s nothing a little shapewear can’t fix. Styling the dress was super easy. I found a fur stole at the goodwill (yessss!) and the clutch and shoe combo is something I’ll probably use with other Little Black Dresses, its unexpected and fun.

www.plussizeprincess.com CeCe Olisa Model or Me: Eloquii Gown

 Clutch Rebecca Minkoff | Shoes: Here | Nails Etsy | Stole (similar) here or here

www.plussizeprincess.com CeCe Olisa Model or Me: Eloquii Gown

 Clutch Rebecca Minkoff | Nails Etsy | Stole (similar) here or here

CeCe Olisa PlusSizePrincess.com

www.plussizeprincess.com Model or Me? CeCe Olisa

So, here it is on the model and on me.

Let me know what you think in the comments…

Plus Size Princess in Pink & Peplum (Say that Three Times, Fast!)


How do you girls feel about peplum tops these days?

Every time I think peplum doesn’t work for me, I find one more variation that I want to try, so I ordered this plus size peplum blazer and surprise! I liked it!!

Plus Size Peplum Blazer Plus Size Full Pink Skirt 1

This jacket basically speaks for its self, so I can also pair it with skinny jeans or a pencil skirt.  I can wear it as a light jacket during date night or as an all day office blazer. I don’t own a lot of blazers because they make me feel restricted in the arms/shoulders, but this one fits almost like a workout jacket, with a zipper instead of buttons, so its comfortable and looks structured without being structured, this makes it easy for me to wear it all day.

Plus Size Blazer Peplum Plus Size Full Pink Skirt 2Plus Size Peplum Jacket Here | Plus Size Full Pink Skirt Here | Wide Width Leather Heels Here | Faux Leather Trim Tank Here

Since I’m in the mood to try new things, I’ve also been using a new laptop for my blogging. I’m an Apple girl, but when Intel asked me to test out the Intel 2 in 1 laptop/tablet, I was like “obvi!”.

I do love I can eject the monitor from the keyboard and voila I have a tablet. I also love that carrying it in tablet mode lets me have all of my saved info with me in one place. I could see this being an option for someone who doesn’t want to invest in an tablet and laptop separately… This device definitely budget friendly.


Shop my outfit below!


#spon: I’m required to disclose a relationship between my site and Intel This could include Intel providing me w/content, product, access, etc..

How to Wear Ankara Prints for Work or Play

When I was a little girl, my aunts would send me the most beautiful clothes from Nigeria, where we are from. I remember loving the fabrics but feeling like the outfits weren’t necessarily styles that I could wear every day. I always craved trendy clothing made from African fabrics. When I had more time, I would make Ankara pieces for myself but these days I’m too busy. Thankfully, the internet has come to my rescue and now its pretty easy for me to purchase plus size Ankara clothing in trendy/modern styles.

I’ve been mixing and matching my new African Wax/Ankara Print pieces into my wardrobe at work and on the weekends and here are some tips on how to wear African Ankara Prints anywhere!
How to Wear African Ankara Prints For Work or PlayPeplum is a great silhouette for the office in any print. I purchased this Ankara peplum top because I knew it would work well with a simple pencil skirt. This look is chic, professional but still lets me rock my Nigerian girl style!

Plus Size African Ankara Print Peplum TopPlus Size Black Pencil Skirt Here | Plus Size Ankara Peplum Here | Wide Pointy Flats Here

 I wore this Ankara maxi skirt during the NYCurvyCloset Sale this past weekend. I paired it with my favorite plus size denim chambray shirt. The denim gave me relaxed look that still felt put together. This skirt also has nice deep pockets so I was able to keep my phone and other essentials close to me while meeting some of my awesome readers 🙂

Maxi Skirt

Plus Size Denim Chambray Shirt Here | Plus Size Ankara Maxi Skirt Here | Necklace Similar Here

Remember the other week when I was rocking vintage skirts and Tshirts? Welp, that rule easily applies with African prints. A simple black T-shirt let this tea length teal Ankara skirt speak for its self! Again, this skirt had pockets so yay!!

Tea Length Teal

This skirt was actually part of a two piece mixed Ankara set that I ordered for under $100. I snatched up the two piece set quickly because I can tuck the top into a plain skirt too (maybe a long black maxi? or even my black tutu!), that gives me at least three different ways to wear this set… winning! This look got me featured in Ebony‘s “5 Plus Size Women Killing it at Fashion Week” round up!
CeCe Olisa Ebony Ankara Plus Size Fashion

Plus Size Two piece Ankara set Here | Bag (similar) Here

Keep in mind that the pieces I ordered were hand made and most of them came from West Africa, so it took about 4 weeks for them to arrive… but it was sooo worth it!!

What do you think? Are these looks that you could see yourself rocking?

Relaxed & Cool | Plus Size Casual Linen Pants

The other day on my YouTube channel, I said that I never wear pants because I carry weight in my tummy. The minute I said those words, I realized that I was limiting myself. Do I prefer dresses? Sure! But not wearing pants because I’ve got a full tummy is the same as not showing my arms because they’re big… its a negative way of thinking and it goes against who I want to be as a Plus Size Princess.

So I went online and ordered three pairs of pants. This linen pair is the best! It feels like I’m in my pajamas, but I still feel put together. Best of all, they’re on clearance for $17! Links below…

Plus Size Linen Pants wide leg

Linen Pants Here | Shirt in Red or Teal Here | Jacket (similar) Here

P.S. If you’re in NYC on 9/6 you can shop the closet of some of my favorite plus size fashion bloggers and me! RSVP here

Shop the look:

What is a Swing Dress? | Plus Size Fashion | Summer Style

A modern swing dress is a flowy dress that still has an A-line shape. Instead of the top part of the “A” shape hugging your waist, it often will hug your chest and then the fabric will bell out from there. This gives the dress lots of movement potential…. the dress will “swing” when you walk or dance!

With a swing dress and two simple accessories, I was able to put together a dressy/comfy Saturday outfit that’s perfect to wear from a daytime bachelorette manicure party straight into an evening birthday dinner for one of Roberts friends. Easy Peasy!

CeCe Olisa PlusSizePrincess.com ASOS Curve Swing Dress Paisley 1


CeCe Olisa PlusSizePrincess.com Rebecka Minkoff Large Clutch Cute Wide Width Flats

 Thanks Ms. Lydia Hudgens for the photo snaps!

CeCe Olisa PlusSizePrincess.com ASOS Swing Dress 2

Dress: here | Bag: Similar Here | Shoes Here

If you hate wearing shape wear in the summer, these dresses are perfect. Also, depending on the fabric, you can make a swing dress casual or formal. I have some in cotton and denim. I ordered this plus size swing dress on ASOS, these Wide Width flats from Zappos, and snagged this Rebecca Minkoff bag in NYC.

What do you think of swing dresses? Would you/Could you/Have you put one on?

Shop The Look!


My New Obsession: Plus Size Skirts with Pockets

My goal of breaking my cardigan addiction continues this week.

I bought this full skirt and it came just in time for the first day of spring last Thursday. This skirt definitely has a vintage feel to it, so my instinct was to pair it with a pink cardigan (which I’ll still do, at some point) but for my first time wearing it, I decided to create a crop top feel with a cable knit sweater.

I was so happy to be in my colorful spring outfit and then I walked into a fashion show and every single person was wearing head to toe black… awkward!

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Fashion Skirt Pockets 1.jpg

I’ve been scooping up quite a few skirts like this in different colors and patterns, hopefully I’m not replacing my cardigan addiction with an addiction to plus size skirts with pockets!

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Fashion Skirt Pockets 3.jpg

Skirt with Pockets: Here | Plus Size Belt: Here | Wide Calf Boots: Old | Wooden Necklace: Similar Here

Plus Size Dresses with Sleeves: Where Are You? | Fashion | OOTD

Has anyone else noticed that 90% of plus size dresses are sleeveless?

I can’t help but wonder if we are always wearing cardigans because no one will put sleeves on our dresses… or if designers know plus size princesses are cardigan obsessed, so they don’t even bother to give us sleeves.

Either way, its annoying… give us sleeves, please!

Anyway, last week we spoke about how cardigans are an easy trap for PSP’s. I’ve been really been trying to avoid wearing cardigans as an outfit staple, which means the hunt for dresses with sleeves has begun.

Plus Size Fashion CeCe Olisa Dress with Sleeves 2.jpgPlus Size Fashion CeCe Olisa Blue Red Dress one

I ordered this dress from GwynnieBee (the Netflix of plus size clothing) they’re offering a 30 day free trial here.

My Plus Size Nautical Look Book: One Sweater, Three Ways

Part of growing up for me is making smarter clothing purchases so that my closet and my wallet are happy. When I spotted this sweater, I fell in love instantly because I knew I could pair it with things I already had in my closet to create a variety of looks.

So, here’s my second LookBook… “Plus Size Nautical: One Sweater, Three Ways” (images/links to the pieces are below)

Let me know what you think?

Special thanks to Jack, The Dog for his cameo!

Also, LOL @ that man trying to photo bomb in the video bloopers… I wish you could see his daughters face, she was so confused. I think his dog was confused too!

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Nautical One

Sweater: Here

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Nautical Two

Denim Shirt: Here

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Nautical ThreeSkater Skirt: Similar Here



My First Plus Size Fashion Look Book!

Here are a few looks that I’ve been rocking this month. Let me know what you think!

Black & White Dress: http:/bit.ly/1ewg14J
Black Cardigan: http:/bit.ly/1csMP28
Pink Pashmina: http:/bit.ly/1ewgaFv

(Similar) Black Turtleneck: http:/bit.ly/1d71iw5
Wet Seal Skirt: http:/bit.ly/1b34k8c
Cognac Riding Boots: http:/bit.ly/1fv6U6x

Mustard Dress with Collar, deets here: https://ceceolisa.com/2013/09/plus-size-dresses-from-byashley_nell-sizes-10-32-pspstyle/

Purple Sweater: Similar http:/bit.ly/1nha1EA
Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans: Similar http:/bit.ly/1flK9Uj

OOTD: SimplyBe.com Coat Review

Merry Christmas!

Thanks to everyone who helped me choose an outfit for my holiday party. Of course, I can only wear the dress once in a while but the Capelet Trench Coat I ordered from SimplyBe might be my best purchase this winter. I’ve worn it every day since it arrived haha! It was $99, but I had a coupon for $40 off any purchase, so it was a steal at $59! Also, the coat is super heavy and warm. I have a collection of brooches, so I added a few sparkly ones on the lapel for a some glamorous flair.


For those of you wondering, the cape does come off if you want to wear it in a more simple style.


Coat: SimplyBe here, Bag: SimplyBe here, Shoes: Avenue (sold out), Tights: JustMySize (in-store at Walgreens), Glasses: H&M (Old), Infinity Scarf: H&M (Old).

Hair: Bantu Knot-out, Nails: Essie “Jazz”, LipGloss Anastasia