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Maybe We Should Shake Hands First?

When I got a message from Roland online (before I met Robert), I was stoked because he was a cutie! Roland was 6’4, 2 years out of the Navy super sweet and very complimentary of me. We’d spent an evening exchanging messages online and he made it very clear that he was looking for a relationship which made me warm up to him even more.

After messaging back and forth for about 2 hours, he asked for my phone number. We then began texting and the next evening he called for our first phone conversation. After speaking to him for a while, I decided that he seemed cool and I’d be down to meet him for a date if he asked.

Just as he began to ask what my plans were for the weekend, my Dad called me on the other line. No one comes before my family, so I quickly told Roland I’d call him back in a few minutes. 30 minutes later, I was done chatting with my Dad so I dialed Roland’s number to continue our chat.

“Hey, I was just about to text you,” he said when he answered the phone.

“Oh, what were you going to say?” I asked casually.

“I was just gonna say… ‘I wonder what your tongue tastes like’”

I paused, sure that I’d heard him wrong. “Wait– what were you going to say?” I asked again.

“I wonder what your tongue tastes like…”

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I never understand why guys think that getting super sexual, super fast is a good move. I’m no idiot, I know that as a man you’re as interested in me physically as much as anything else. But throwing it in my face before we’ve even met is a total turn-off (for me at least). I don’t find overt sexual comments cute or funny, especially if you’re saying you want something long-term.

If we haven’t shaken hands yet, we should probably keep tongue tasting queries to ourselves… don’t you think?

Anyway, after I digested that he really had asked what my tongue tasted like, I took a deep breath and said “I really wish you hadn’t said that,”. I expected him to ask why, so I could explain. But instead he said “oh” and hung up on me.


He. Hung. Up. On. Me.


Do YOU like it when guys make sexual comments right away? Chime in below….