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What I Did & What I Wore (JETS Game, Brandy Concert, Opening Night of a Broadway Show!)

This week may qualify as the best, ever!

Saturday night my bff, Alex took me to see the opening night of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” on Broadway. It was a star-studded evening and we had a great time enjoying drinks and yummy food with some of our favorite actors from the stage, TV and movies.

Then on Sunday, Robert took me to my first NFL game. We watched the JETS beat the Colts and our seats were fantastic!

Monday, when I got out of work, I had a text from my friend Dominic offering me a ticket to see Brandy in concert, so I dropped everything and met him at the Best Buy theater. We had an amazing time and my big sister Brandy is looking and sounding great!

Lastly, the Plus Size Princess Fitness Challenge is starting to pickup on Instagram and Twitter… we’re committing to eating well, working out 4 times a week and documenting it all online to hold ourselves accountable. Check out some TBGB readers below who are doing #PSPfit with me (we’re working out, devouring salads and feeling strong!). There’s still time to join, the official start is Monday 10/22! (just leave your twitter handle in the comments section here)

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CeCe & Jonathon Singing in LA

One of the cool things about not being anonymous anymore is that I can share ALL the aspects of my NYC life with you guys. If you’ve read TBGB for a while, you’ve heard me mention singing performances here and there. Music is a super important part of my life and a lot of my friends I know from performing.

When I was in Los Angeles last week, I spent a few days with my good friend Jonathon Grant (aka @YourCoverBoy). Jonathon and I met studying Musical Theater in NYC. Now he’s doing well on the west coast acting and doing acousitc covers. Get two singers together for a few days and something creative is bound to happen… we started messing around with some of our favorite songs and did an impromptu mash-up/cover… here it is, hope you like it!


Fat Girl Flashback: You Can’t Play That Part

My script rattled gently in my hands while I stood on stage. My performing arts high school was debuting a new musical set in the 1950’s and I was auditioning for a leading role!

The character of Sheila had to be very funny and had to sing very well, out of all the girls in the drama department Mr. Bologe, our director, had narrowed it down to two; myself and Janie Rogers. While Janie was hilarious, her voice was pretty bad. I on the other hand had been singing since I could talk.

The final audition was pretty intense as we took turns reading the same lines and singing the same songs. I was a ball of nerves, but I was confident. As Janie struggled to stay on pitch, I hit all the notes effortlessly and still managed to make everyone laugh with my delivery. I left the audition feeling like the part was mine.

The next morning as I made my way to the call board where the cast decisions would be listed, I ran my fingers along the characters names looking for confirmation of my first leading role and there it was:

Sheila…….. Janie Rogers

I was devastated, I called my parents to let them know the results and they advised me to talk to Mr. Bologe and ask if there was anything I could do better for my next audition. During our lunch period I made my way to his classroom where he was munching on a salad and grading papers.

“Mr. Bologe?” I called out, standing in the doorway, “Can I speak to you?”

“Of course, CeCe… come in,” he said, pushing his salad to the side.

“I just wanted to stop by and ask if there was anything I– I could have done better in my audition yesterday,”

“Oh! No, No CeCe… you were PERFECT! Your comedic timing is impeccable and your voice is beautiful, you’re actually better for the part than Janie,”

“Okay…” I whispered, waiting for him to continue. Mr. Bologe leaned in with a smile on his face.

“The ONLY problem is that line in the second act. You know, when Sheila confesses that she ‘made love to Ben in the back of a Studdebacher’? I mean… at your size its not believable that you would FIT in the back of such a small car!”

My lips parted to say something, but I couldn’t. I could not believe that even though my talent had earned me the role of Sheila, he hadn’t given me the part because of one line in the play. It was high school theater, not Broadway. The smile on Mr. Bologe’s face said that he felt his logic was completely right and in no way offensive to a 16 year old girl who was struggling with her weight. There was nothing more to say, so I walked out of his classroom with tears stinging my eyes.

Two years later I moved to New York City to pursue a career on Broadway professionally (yup, I have other talents besides writing haha) and while being a plus size singer/actress has its challenges, no one has been so bluntly hurtful as that high school drama teacher.