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Not All Fat People Are Slobs

Full Figured Fashion Week rolled through NYC this month and while I wasn’t able to attend as many events as I did last year, I did take part in a few, including the All White Boat Cruise around Manhattan.

When I got to the dock, I was greeted by a long line of curvy girls wearing white from head to toe.  All of the women on the cruise were beautiful and ranged in size from super tiny to extra large. To me, the best part was that every single person on the boat was dressed appropriately for their body. Some had mini dresses, some had maxi’s, some had pantsuits and EVERYONE had killer stilettos on. It was a plus size fashionista’s paradise!

So, why is it that whenever they talk about obesity in America, they use footage of people in cotton shorts, baggy t-shirts with their bellies jiggling as they hobble down the street?

That is not the image I have of fat people and I’m always curious to know where they find these slobby looking people to represent us because I don’t see them in real life… only on TV.

If anything, the overweight people I observe, try harder to look good and dress well because they know they have weight as an obstacle when it comes to aesthetics.

I wish the news networks would come to Full Figured Fashion Week or some of the BBW Parties in the city the next time then need footage of what Obesity in America looks like. Then we could give them footage of large men and women who still take care of themselves and understand how to dress appropriately for their bodies.

They could see that we don’t hobble down the streets, but we strut… with pride because we look fierce!

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