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Three Ways to Get Motivated to Work Out (No Gym Required)

Is fitness one of your goals right now?

I’m pretty sure we all know that working out is important for our health at any size. We probably know the workouts we enjoy and the ones we can’t stand (I’m looking at you, spin class).

But at the end of the day, knowing what workouts we should be doing and actually working out are two different things. So, here are three ways to get motivated to work out.

Reach out to a Friend

Something I love to do is to catch up with friends and family while I take long walks. While I was home in California I caught up a lot with our family dog, Bingo. When I’m in NYC, I’ll schedule phone dates with old friends, or I’ll call one of my cousins that I don’t speak to often.

Pairing a phone call to someone I love with my workout makes me more eager to get out and get moving. If I plan a one hour walk by myself, I find that I get a little bored around the 40 minute mark. Chatting while walking really helps to make the time fly and I find that I don’t even notice when the 40 minute mark arrives.

Not a phone person? I also suggest listening to podcasts or audio books. Something you can look forward to!

Resolutions Tee | Bingo, the Dog

Resolutions Tee  |  Leggings  | Sneakers

Take Advantage of Your Surroundings

It’s really easy to convince yourself that you have to join a gym to get fit. That’s 100% not true. When you’re ready to step your fitness game up, be confident that you already have access to everything you need. Just add a little dose of motivation!

I don’t have a gym membership when I’m in California, so I love to get creative with my workouts. I headed out to the University Track in my hometown for some walking and then I used one of the bleachers to do modified push ups and squats. I use things like broom sticks and walls in my parents house to break a sweat and it doesn’t cost me a penny.

Want to learn some of my modifications you can do around the house? Clikc the button below and I’ll send you my “How to Get Fit with Bad Knees” workout videos:


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Redefine Your Workouts

When I say “work out” or “exercise”, you probably imagine sweating up a storm for an hour. But sometimes that’s just not possible.

When I flew to California, I had a long layover. So, instead of spending hours on instagram I wore travel clothes that I could move in and I took a long walk around the terminal. After spending most of my day sitting in a plane, it felt good to move my body and while I didn’t get super sweaty and winded, I did make sure I moved my body and that counts for something.

Thankfully, this Catherine’s workout tee was perfect to wear as “real clothes” and their jeggings are super easy to move around in.

Reversible Vest  |  Angles Tee  |  Jeans

Bonus Tip: Get Cute Plus Size Workout Clothes

When I look cute, I’m more eager to go out and that applies to exercise too!

All of the plus size workout clothes I wore when I was home came from the Catherine’s. I was so happy to take the styles they had for a test run because they come in extended sizes (up to 5x) and the sizing runs big so there should be something for most girls to fit into. The line comes in petite’s and they have a good selection of more modest workout clothes with longer sleeves for my girls who like to be a bit more covered up when they sweat.

I also love that Catherine’s has sneakers in store because finding a proper workout shoe in a wide width can be tough.

Sometimes, cute new workout gear is all the inspiration I need to go break a sweat.