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Gymtimidation: Trying New Things

One morning, when the gym was kind of empty, I made my way over to a machine I saw featured in SELF magazine. It was a machine that made pull-ups easier. But instead of 10, 20, 30 pound weights, it was based on body weight. I think the idea is to subtract the amount of weight you want to lift from your body weight, but I got nervous and confused. I felt like all the meat-heads in the weights section were looking at me wondering what I was doing there. So instead of taking a moment to understand the machine, I just pretended I knew what I was doing and hopped on. I was supposed to look like this, smoothly pulling myself up and down. (click the image to see the machine in motion)

I put my knees on the platform as instructed on the side of the machine and before I knew it I was sailing down ward through the air until the platform landed at the bottom of the machine.
I tried to pull myself back to the topwhile keeping my hands on the bars above my head (as instructed) but somehow I just ended up hanging like a monkey. If the meat-heads weren’t looking at me before, they definitely were now.

Eventually, I let go with my left hand, hung by one arm and dropped one leg off of the platform. When I finally managed to get my toes back on the ground, I flung my other leg off the platform and somehow made my way off the machine without injury.

I have a heavy rotation of cardio machines that I use at the gym. I feel comfortable on the treadmill, elliptical, bike, stairs and last week I spend a good 10 minutes on the rowing machine for the first time.

When it comes to weight machines, its a completely different story. A while back I wrote about Gymtimidation, there is so much about the gym that can be intimidating! Even though I’ve become more confident in my athleticism, I find that I’m still terrified of the unknown in the gym. I know I need to keep adding variety to my workouts. I know strength training will take my weight loss to the next level, but I’m stuck. Its hard for me to try new machines or new classes because I’m scared of being embarrassed.

Anyone else have Gymtimidation issues when it comes to trying new things?

Plus Size Active Wear from Just My Size

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I don’t know about you but this is not a holiday where I dress up, its a holiday that requires comfy clothes (maybe with a stretchy waist band!).

When it comes to active wear, my go-to brand is Just My Size. Their items are perfectly priced and awesome for when I want to “bum around”, but still look cute… I like to be a cute bum.

There aren’t any WalMart stores in NYC, but whenever I can get to one, I always stock up on leggings from Just My Size. I find that their leggings are great for working out. Luckily Rite-Aid carried Just My Size hosiery, so I stock up on tights there. The Just My Size tights are made long so I can pull them up until the waist band is underneath my boobs– this helps smooth my tummy and insures that the tights don’t roll down which is the worst feeling!

For Thanksgiving I will probably bum around in my sparkly velour set from JMS while I cook (I’m hosting this year!) and then when company comes over, I’ll probably rock a JMS cozy sweater and leggings. I always do a Thanksgiving workout either at the gym or in my neighborhood park, so either outfit will be good for that once I throw on a pair of sneakers.

JMS makes bumming around feel and look good, I love them for that!

Do you dress up for Thanksgiving?

Plus Size Lounge Wear from Just My Size


Weight Loss: Good and Bad News….

The Good News:

I’ve lost 25 pounds.

The Bad News:

I’ve lost 25 pounds.

When I started focusing more on weight loss earlier this year, I wanted to lose 60 pounds before 2012 came. Now its November 2011 and while I’ve lost 25 pounds and that’s awesome… I can’t help feeling like I’m failing to some degree.

I know that maintaining a loss is an accomplishment, but I think I need a jolt into weight loss mode again. Over the past 2 months I’ve seen the scale tip down to where I’d lost 30 pounds but it crept back up to 25. I don’t know if I’m not as serious, strict or if I need to change what I’m doing altogether but I’d really like to lose another 10-15 pounds before the end of the year.

A few days ago on twitter two of my favorite TBGB followers were tweeting me, thanking me for suggesting swimming to them and one of them has lost 50 pounds! I’m so proud of her and I know I can do it too… I guess just need to find something inside of me to push to the next level.

Yesterday I turned down a piece of red velvet cake… I guess that’s a start!

Drop it Like its Hot: Gym + intimidation = Gymtimidation

I’ve had a gym membership since I was in high school but there are still times when I feel like I don’t belong there. Gymtimidation is real, but if we want results we have to move past it. Over the years, there have been many times when I’ve had to tell myself “CeCe, get over it!”: Get over your anxiety about asking for help… Get over your fear of the meat heads in the weight room… get over not wanting to change in the main locker room area (I mean, who really wants to change in a cramped bathroom stall?)

Every time I think I’m completely comfortable at my local gym, there’s something new I have to get over.

Last night, my challenge presented its self in the pool. I was able to get over any anxiety about being in a bathing suit surrounded by NYC hard bodied men a long time ago when I realized that 85% of them were gay and looking at each other, not me. I’m a good swimmer, so I had no anxiety about that either. But last night I got to the pool a little earlier than usual, so the lanes were more crowded than what I’m used to.

There are four lanes for swimming laps; Loafer, Slow, Medium and Fast. I’m usually one of the fast swimmers in the Medium lane, but the Medium lane was full, so I jumped into the Fast lane which happened to be empty. I had done laps for about 10 minutes when two men asked if they could share the lane with me. I thought I was cute with my little halter bathing suit and goggles, but these men had Speedo swim shorts, swim caps, goggles, nose plugs and water proof watches that they were setting to record their time. These were Swimmers.

*Gulp* Gymtimidation was rearing its ugly head again. Instead of filing into the clockwork rotation with them, as I normally would in the Medium lane, I froze. These guys were swimming a lot faster than me and I started convincing myself that I would hold them up and they would get frustrated with me. I kept glancing over to the Medium lane to see if someone would leave and I could take their place but their rotation didn’t seem to be lightening up anytime soon.

Circle Stretch CeCe PSPfit

I stood there for a good five minutes and I could feel my heart rate going down. Eventually I decided that I couldn’t let gymtimidation ruin my calories burned. I slipped into the rotation and did my laps with both of Michael Phelps long lost cousins and an interesting thing happened. Because I was self conscious about swimming too slow, I swam a little faster, kicked a little harder than I normally do and ended up having a wonderfully intense workout! The guys were totally gracious, swimming around me if they needed to but they didn’t make me feel bad or anything….

Maybe gymtimidation is all in my head.