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Happy Feet, Skinny Tees & Sweet Valley Confidential (Friday Giveaway!)

Happy Friday!

Three things made me happy this week:

1.) Skinny Tees are advertised as “the diet you wear” these comfy, colorful cami’s are built to smooth out lumps and make a seamless curvy figure. I’ve worn Skinny Tees in a few different colors this week and I think they do a good job of smoothing without rolling. I still wore them with spanx, but I really like them. The part I love about them is that I was able to run some errands without a bra!

2.) Happy Feet Insoles are amazing! I wore them with a pair of stilettos this week and with every step I felt like I was getting a foot massage. These insoles are filled with strategically placed liquid and when you walk the liquid moves under your feet. At $39.95, they’re a little more expensive than regular insoles from the drug store, but they’re sooo worth it. (They’ll also cut them for flip-flop sandals if you need it).

3.) Sweet Valley Confidential marks the return of Elizabeth & Jessica Wakefield, the twins from Sweet Valley! I used to devour these books growing up, and reading the latest installment of their lives (at 27 years old) is a guilty pleasure that I’m getting a kick out of.

Soooo I have a gift pack of these three items (Skinny Tees, Happy Feet and a copy of Sweet Valley Confidential) for a lucky TBGB reader… just leave a comment on this post to win!