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How Kale Smoothies Helped Me Quit My Job

Hey Girls,

If you embark on a healthy curves journey, be prepared for your entire life to change.

I’ve spent the past two years or so, sitting at my day job with my stomach in knots. I had great co-workers and an awesome work environment, but I knew I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to do.

The life I had and the life I day-dreamed about were completely different and I couldn’t figure out how to transition into making my day dreams a reality.

But one thing I could figure out was making my health goals a reality, so I put my energy there.

My nutrition coach taught me how to replace toxic foods with healthy foods and to my delight my acne cleared up, my menstrual cycle regulated, my hair and nails grew and I released 55 pounds.

What I didn’t expect was that my healthy lifestyle would make me sensitive to anything that was toxic.

Toxic people…

Toxic relationships…

Toxic situations…

I took my healthy curves foundation and slowly found the courage to apply it to every area of my life. I let go of toxic foods and focused on healthy nourishing foods. I let go of toxic friendships and focused on healthy nourishing friendships. Then I began to accept any opportunity that gave me financial stability and also felt healthy and nourishing. I did that more and more and I’m happy to say that I recently let go of my less fulfilling career path and I’m following my dreams full-time.

I know some of you have business ideas that you scribble in notebooks,  or a creative side that you left behind in favor of stability. I know its probably not possible to just up and change your life right this second, but I do believe that its possible over time and I know without a shadow of a doubt that a healthy lifestyle is the foundation to make those major changes.

I would be so honored to stand next to you as you lay your foundation with the #PSPfit girls. The doors for #PSPfit boot camp open soon. Unlock your invite Here

I talk more in detail about my journey towards living my daydream in the video below.

Does Our Weight Affect Our Friendships? | Being Mary Jane Big Girl Recap

I couldn’t give Being Mary Jane two hours of my time yesterday, so I just finished watching the second half of the finale tonight. If you don’t watch the show, I’ll give you a quick recap.

Wait– are you judging me for watching it? *blush*

All you need to know is that Mary Jane’s ex boyfriend found out that she stole his semen and froze it in the hopes of getting pregnant via turkey baster. (omg, you really are judging me for watching this show, aren’t you?)

Being Mary Jane Big Girl

Anyway, Mary Jane accuses her plus size friend, Nichelle (played by Brely Evans) of being the one who told him. As they argue back and forth, Nichelle says something interesting

“What I am to you is a non-threatening, big jolly girl you call when you want to have a good time and make you feel better about yourself!”

We focus so much about how being a Plus Size Princess affects our dating relationships, but what about our platonic female friendships? I’ve written this post about friends who gave me backwards compliments. I’ve written this post about my friends letting their boyfriends sleep at my house alone (cause who would cheat with a big girl??)

During #PSPfit bootcamp we talk about what its like to lose weight and how some skinny friends aren’t as eager to go out with you when you’re not the big girl anymore.

All of these things are easy to discuss after the fact, I think about some girls I was cool with in college; they would come to my dorm with boyfriend problems, call me to see if I wanted to do a late night ice-cream run, but on a Friday night when it was time to turn up at the club and meet guys, I was rarely invited. For those people I was always the maternal figure, the good listening ear… the one they called when they wanted to talk through problems, but not the one they called for a fun girls night out.

Do some people keep us around to make themselves feel better?

When I left college, I still had relationships where I wondered if I wasn’t fully embraced as a friend because of my weight. Those girls were the ones who carefully explained that Robert probably wasn’t attracted to me when I was in the grey area with him.

The good thing is, just like a character on a show can be recast, we can recast the friends in our lives who aren’t good for us. Friendships are so much more nuanced than romantic relationships, but they can be just as frustrating and painful. I think its important for us to talk about how plus size women can demand the best in any relationship we have.