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Healthy, Yummy NYC Brunch at Bluestone Lane

Fun fact about me, Brunch is my favorite meal!

I love sleeping in but still getting breakfast food, I love chatting with friends into the late afternoon and I really love it when a brunch meal is outside or has extra sunny views.

The only drawback with brunch is that when you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle, sometimes mimosas, french toast and bacon aren’t the best choices.

On the other hand, staying home to eat oatmeal every weekend isn’t always super appealing either.

I asked you all on my instagram if you were interested in healthy brunch options in NYC and lots of you said YES! So, as I find great reastaurants, I’ll send them your way. If you don’t live in NYC, use these meals as inspiration to cook your own yummy healthy brunches at home.

Healty Yummy NYC Brunch

Today’s Healthy brunch suggestions is Bluestone Lane in New York City (there’s also a location in Philadelphia!).

They have a few locations in Manhattan, I walked over to the one in the west village.

55 Greenwich street

Greenwich and perry street

Almond Milk Latte + Prada Sunnies

Bluestone Lane Almond Milk Latte

Want to rent these Prada glasses for free? Enter code PLUSSIZEPRINCESS when you click here

The first thing I ordered was an Almond Milk Latte, oh my goodness… it was as yummy as it was adorable!

The Menu

bluestone lane brunch menu

The brunch menu was pretty exciting to me, lots of options and variety. The waiter (with his adorable Australian accent) said some of the locations in NYC have an even more extensive menu than the Greenwich street location, but for me a few really great choices are good enough. We decided to share avocado smash and quinoa porridge. It was an awesome mix of savory/sweet.


avocado smash poached egg

On Balthazar toast with tahini, heirloom cherry tomatoes, feta, sunflower sprouts & e.v.o.o + a poached egg


ALMOND MILK QUINOA PORRIDGE Blueberry compote, banana, almond butter, topped w- pepitas, sunflower seeds and cacao nibs
Blueberry compote, banana, almond butter, topped w/ pepitas, sunflower seeds and cacao nibs
This is an easy at home recipe too, click here for three quinoa breakfast recipes you can try tomorrow

West Village Stroll

CeCe Olisa West Village Restaurant
Are pants a requirement at brunch? Nope!
The west village bluestone lane location is perfect for a west village stroll, you’re pretty close to Washington Square park, Christopher street and Union Square, so have a nice brunch and then get lost in the city while getting your activity and steps in for the day.

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Three Ways to Get Motivated to Work Out (No Gym Required)

Is fitness one of your goals right now?

I’m pretty sure we all know that working out is important for our health at any size. We probably know the workouts we enjoy and the ones we can’t stand (I’m looking at you, spin class).

But at the end of the day, knowing what workouts we should be doing and actually working out are two different things. So, here are three ways to get motivated to work out.

Reach out to a Friend

Something I love to do is to catch up with friends and family while I take long walks. While I was home in California I caught up a lot with our family dog, Bingo. When I’m in NYC, I’ll schedule phone dates with old friends, or I’ll call one of my cousins that I don’t speak to often.

Pairing a phone call to someone I love with my workout makes me more eager to get out and get moving. If I plan a one hour walk by myself, I find that I get a little bored around the 40 minute mark. Chatting while walking really helps to make the time fly and I find that I don’t even notice when the 40 minute mark arrives.

Not a phone person? I also suggest listening to podcasts or audio books. Something you can look forward to!

Resolutions Tee | Bingo, the Dog

Resolutions Tee  |  Leggings  | Sneakers

Take Advantage of Your Surroundings

It’s really easy to convince yourself that you have to join a gym to get fit. That’s 100% not true. When you’re ready to step your fitness game up, be confident that you already have access to everything you need. Just add a little dose of motivation!

I don’t have a gym membership when I’m in California, so I love to get creative with my workouts. I headed out to the University Track in my hometown for some walking and then I used one of the bleachers to do modified push ups and squats. I use things like broom sticks and walls in my parents house to break a sweat and it doesn’t cost me a penny.

Want to learn some of my modifications you can do around the house? Clikc the button below and I’ll send you my “How to Get Fit with Bad Knees” workout videos:


Active Jacket  | Leggings  |  Angles Tee  |  Sneakers

Redefine Your Workouts

When I say “work out” or “exercise”, you probably imagine sweating up a storm for an hour. But sometimes that’s just not possible.

When I flew to California, I had a long layover. So, instead of spending hours on instagram I wore travel clothes that I could move in and I took a long walk around the terminal. After spending most of my day sitting in a plane, it felt good to move my body and while I didn’t get super sweaty and winded, I did make sure I moved my body and that counts for something.

Thankfully, this Catherine’s workout tee was perfect to wear as “real clothes” and their jeggings are super easy to move around in.

Reversible Vest  |  Angles Tee  |  Jeans

Bonus Tip: Get Cute Plus Size Workout Clothes

When I look cute, I’m more eager to go out and that applies to exercise too!

All of the plus size workout clothes I wore when I was home came from the Catherine’s. I was so happy to take the styles they had for a test run because they come in extended sizes (up to 5x) and the sizing runs big so there should be something for most girls to fit into. The line comes in petite’s and they have a good selection of more modest workout clothes with longer sleeves for my girls who like to be a bit more covered up when they sweat.

I also love that Catherine’s has sneakers in store because finding a proper workout shoe in a wide width can be tough.

Sometimes, cute new workout gear is all the inspiration I need to go break a sweat.


The past few years, I started noticing an unfortunate trend in my new year’s resolutions: They were all steeped in negativity. “I’m going to lose weight” (because I’m too big). “I’m going to stop eating after 7 p.m.” (because I need to lose weight). “I’m going to hit the gym more” (same-old, same-old). What I’ve basically been saying is: “My body sucks.”

So, although focusing on my health is undoubtedly a huge priority for me, I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way I’m going to reach my goals is if I possess a positive body image. For the New Year, that means out with the negative resolutions and in with the encouraging and uplifting ones.

I’m going to hit the gym because I love my body — not because I hate it.
Okay, so my thighs touch, and the backs of my arms jiggle — but my body is still an amazing instrument that I literally couldn’t live without. So, instead of spending 20 minutes on the inner-thigh machine trying to shrink myself, I’m going to spend that time making my thick thighs stronger, so they can hold me up well into my old age. And, the next time I lose grip on my cell phone and it falls into my lap, I’ll be thankful for the non-existent thigh gap that did not let that phone crash to the ground.

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If I like it, I’m going to wear it.
I spent all of high school following fashion rules that I didn’t believe in. Spoiler alert: Our bodies don’t change when we wear all black. In my opinion, plus-size girls are subject to random fashion “rules” because people want us to hide our bodies. If you’re not a perfect size 4 or 6, you’re not supposed to wear this or that.

Yeah, no. I’m not going to conform to someone else’s subjective opinion on what I should and should not wear. I’ve learned to bare my arms and show off my legs, and I think this year I want to try crop tops and horizontal stripes. Each time I’ve let a part of my body show, I’ve felt empowered, liberated, and beautiful — so why stop now?

I’m going to move it, move it.
There is something amazing that happens when I move my body. Long walks on the weekend, an evening swim, or even my one-song workout videos have the power to change  my mood. I need to not forget how much I love that, because the more I keep myself in a positive head space, the more I look at everything (including my body) with positivity.

I’m going to buy cute pajamas.
I wear cute pajamas to bed, even when I’m sleeping alone. This is because my relationship status doesn’t change my value — so the way I treat myself when I’m alone should be no different than how I treat myself when I’m in a relationship. If putting on nice pajamas before bed makes me feel good and happy about my body, it’s worth doing.

It’s easy to work out because people say you should, wear the clothes that people say you should, and judge your body the way people say you should. It’s less easy to embrace a positive body image — but I’m going to make it happen. This year, I propose that you do the same. Instead of saying you’re “not going to buy that dress until you lose 10 pounds” or that you’re “going to do as many sit-ups as it takes to get a flat stomach,” take some fashion risks, find a class at the gym that you love, practice moderation in your food choices, and be happy with how you look right now. It doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement — I’ll never stop challenging myself — but it means finding peace and contentment with who we are and who we’re becoming.

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Plus Size Fitness: How to Run Your First 5K

Guess who did her first 5K last weekend…? This girl!!

A big part of being able to do a 5K is me taking special care of my knees. Be sure to download the free “How to Get Fit with Bad Knees” videos.


Here’s the story of how I ended up doing it and five tips being plus size and doing a 5K as a Plus Size Princess.  (press play to watch me run)


Have you/would you do a 5K? I did my first one today. I was really nervous but it was super fun!! #PSPfit #runwithhart


A video posted by CeCe Olisa (PlusSizePrincess) (@ceceolisa) on

Sports Bra Here | Leggings Here | Sneakers Here

I don’t particularly love running, but I work on my running so that I can have a workout in my back pocket that I can do anytime, anyplace *Janet Jackson voice*.

So, even though I’ve been training and working my way up to a 5K, I didn’t actually have a date, time or place for actually doing a 5K race. So, when my friends sent me a text basically saying “Hey girl, we’re doing a 5K this Saturday #PSPfit, right?” I couldn’t say no.

We did the Kevin Hart #runwithhart 5K in Philadelphia. The best part is how supportive my friends were.

(press play to watch Floyd, the number one #PSPfit supporter in the tri-state area lol.  )

#PSPfit brings the boys to the yard 😂 😍 #runwithhart

A video posted by CeCe Olisa (PlusSizePrincess) (@ceceolisa) on

What is a 5K?

A 5K run is 3.1 miles. It’s actually the recommended “beginner’s run” distance, so don’t let the “5K” title intimidate you. 

How Should I Train for a 5K?

I used the Couch to 5K training app, I can’t remember if I did a free or paid version. The app plays over whatever music you’re listening to and basically tells you when to walk or run. You start out running for 15 seconds or so and within weeks you’re running at five minute intervals. It’s cool to see how your body gets used to it!

How long Should I Train for a 5K?

I technically am not done training for my 5K, but I did it anyway because the race we signed up for encouraged all levels and walking too. So, sign up for one that’s supportive and when the date comes just do your best. I actually let my couch to 5K app guide me for the first part of the race, then I did my own intervals for the second half. I definitely didn’t run consistently the whole way, but I ran more than I ever have in my entire life.

What Should I Wear for a 5K?

Wear clothes that won’t move. You don’t want to be tugging on shorts or worrying about a shirt riding up. Make sure you have deep pockets or pockets with a zipper so your phone/keys don’t go flying out. Wear shoes you’ve been running in for a while already. Wear deodorant lol.

Am I ready to do a 5K?

In my opinion, if you have the desire to do a 5K then that makes you ready! Again, you can walk if you need to but it’s nice to have something to train for. Just run it by your doctor and then get moving! If you’d like a boost with the free “How to Get Fit with Bad Knees” videos, click the button below to grab them


Thanks to my friend Jasmine for pushing me to do this, can’t wait for the next one!

cece olisa plus size workout clothes

Plus Size Fitness Essentials | May 2015


This month’s plus size fitness essentials roundup actually has nothing to do with being plus size because none of these items are size specific! I own each of these products and they make my workout life so much easier, so here’s what I’m loving this month and why:

May Fitness Essentials Plus Size CeCe Olisa (1)


S’well Bottle: I am obsessed with my S’well bottle! It’s a reusable stainless steel water bottle. Keeps drinks cold for 24 hours, hot for 12, non-toxic, non-leaching, and BPA free. Holds 25oz. I take mine to the coffee shop in the morning, fill ‘er up and then when I’m done I rinse it and start filling it with water through the day. 

s'well bottle


Haiku Duffel Bag: I have this bag in pink, obvi 🙂 My favorite thing about this bag is that the shoe compartment is separate from the clothing area so my NYC dirty shoe bottoms don’t touch my cute dresses. Take the Haiku Sprint Duffel Bag along with you to the gym, or when you’re heading out for an overnight or weekend trip. It is sized to fit in a gym locker, and includes a locker loop so you can hang it to easily access your stuff. Its large zippered main compartment will hold a change of clothes (or two) and a towel, and includes two stretch drop-in pockets, and a separated, ventilated compartment for your shoes. Slide your yoga mat, a jacket, or a rolled towel through the adjustable strap that sits at the top of the bag, and tuck the strap away when you don’t need it.

gym bag


Master Speed Dial Lock: I hate memorizing number combinations and I have lost the keys to my lock twice now– this lock is a live saver for me. World’s first combination lock that opens on up/down/left/right directional movements. So your code could be like “up down up down up down” #Empire lol



Saucony Kinvara 6 Sneakers: These sneakers go all the way up to a size 12 and they’re cute! Mine are orange and I love them for my walks, runs and cardio dance classes. These shoes are light, but they give great support and stability

Plus Size Workout Video | Cardio Dance | #PSPfit #LiviLife

Today I posted on my facebook page that working out makes me feel loved and valuable. My body is worth love and good treatment at any size, health and fitness is the best way for me to do that. Ditching a baggy T-shirt and wearing cute plus size workout clothes, is my way of reminding myself that my fitness is just as important as anyone else in the gym.

Creating plus size workout videos for the launch of Lane Bryant’s Livi Active Collection has been a blast!! Thank you to everyone who shared the videos on social media, your support online and in person has been so amazing! Be sure to check out my Launch Party event recap here. Today, I’ve got another workout video for us, a little Cardio Dance… have fun with it (and let me know if it makes you sweat!) xx

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Fitness #PSPfit Plus Size Gym Clothes

Click images below to shop the Livi Active Collection: 30% off Coupon Code JANGIFTLB

You still have time to register for our January #PSPfit Challenge.

#PSPfit Registration Closes Tomorrow

Something I love about the #PSPfit community is that we get hyped for our non-scale victories too. When your health is changing for the better, you can see it in everything even if you never get on the scale. I asked some of the girls from #PSPfit 2014 about their Non-Scale Victories from the challenges and here’s what they had to say:

My relationship with food has completely changed. I’m an emotional eater. Ever since starting #pspfit I really think before I eat. If the hunger is really just stress or boredom I’ll work out for a bit or read a book. -E

CONFIDENCE. I feel better in my skin and finally feel like my beauty can be seen in all parts of me. I feel sexy all the time! Lol. It’s amazing and I never thought I would get to this point. -B

Let’s start with the small things I can tie my shoes without feeling like I am going to die or walk up the stairs without feeling like I am going to faint. Looking myself in the mirror and for the first time in years say ” damn girl that butt looks awesome!!!” I could go on and on but mostly I can say without a shadow of a doubt I am at peace with myself ♥ thank you CeCe and Abra and all of you girls you gave me my life back!!!! -B

I think about food in a much different way. Before I would eat just to eat but now I am very intentional about the amount of food and the quality of the food and the nutrition of the food that is going into my body. This is something I’ve never really been able to achieve before and I’m loving it! -E

As a diabetic my blood sugars have regulated I’ve also found a new love for cooking. -T

Registration for the #PSPfit challenge closes tomorrow and our nutrition coach, Abra is excited to start sending out recipes, meal plans and get to know everyone in the private facebook group. Are you joining us?

click here to register for the #PSPfit challenge

30 Day BootCamp - Join from Any City! Home Page


What We Get:

  • Four Weeks of professional nutrition coaching
  • Four weeks of fitness training
  • “What is Clean Eating?” Guidebook
  • Daily inspirational emails
  • Weekly phone calls with CeCe & Abra Pappa
  • PCOS Support
  • Private Workout Videos (Cardio + Total Body Toning)
  • Recipes
  • Meal Plans
  • Private Facebook Group Access (Daily Inspiration, Support and Accountability)

What We Do:

  • Remove temptation by creating our clean kitchen and pantry
  • Wean ourselves off of unsupportive foods/sugars/toxins/stimulants
  • Cook yummy clean eating recipes
  • Participate in weekly body love exercises
  • Love and support ourselves and each other!
  • Snap #PSPfit photos on instagram when we work out and eat clean

click here to register for the #PSPfit challenge

Is There Such A Thing As Being Fat And Fit?

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the #PSPfit #LiviLaunch party this weekend at their local Lane Bryant store, I’m working on an event recap now… stay tuned! Now for today’s post:

Every few weeks an unfamiliar face will approach me at the gym. The conversation usually goes something like this,

Them: Hi! So, I just wanted to come over and tell you what an amazing job you’re doing. Keep it up, okay? You’ll get there!

Me: Ummm…okay, thanks!

You see, I am a super-active girl who enjoys dancing, sports, and various bootcamps. I am also plus-size. Most of the regulars at my gym know that I’m the plus-size girl who works out like a beast, so they let me do my thing. But, the people who have recently joined the gym treat me like I’m a walking “before” picture from an episode of The Biggest Loser. But some of us are fat — and fit.

One thing big girls often hear is something to the tune of, “you need to get healthy and lose weight.” It’s usually said as one word: “gethealthyandloseweight.” Statements like this make the assumption that fat and fit are mutually exclusive. They are not. Statements like this make the assumption that skinny and healthy are synonymous. They are not. There are skinny people who have heart attacks, high blood pressure and diabetes. There are fat people who run 5K races, avoid junk food, and get clean bills of health from their doctors.

When I began the healthy curves journey that I call #PSPfit, Plus Size Princess Fitness. I set three goals for myself: eat clean, train dirty, and love myself at any size. I had been working hard to be the skinniest version of myself since I was 12 years old (spoiler alert: I gained more weight than I ever lost), so my commitment to those three things completely changed my mindset and I set out to be the healthiest version of myself.

CeCe Olisa #PSPfit Healthy Curves at Every Size
I was already in the gym four times a week, so that was an easy habit to keep, but I amped up my workouts by adding intense cardio and tons of strength training. Then, I put on an apron and got cooking to ensure processed foods were eliminated from my diet. I also made regular mani/pedi appointments and went shopping for cute plus-size gym clothes (Yep, I took the “love myself” partvery seriously).

My health began to improve in unexpected ways: My skin cleared up, my period became more regular, my eczema went away, my sleep improved, and my energy skyrocketed. Oh, and I lost 55 pounds.

Sure, weight loss was a part of my health improvements, but here’s the thing: In the past, I’ve lost more than 80 pounds and still had bad skin, annoying eczema, and terrible sleep patterns. So, weight isn’t everything. It’s certainly something, but it’s not everything.

I can do jumping jacks, pushups, planks, side planks, swim laps, and keep up in bootcamp classes galore. I eat green smoothies and cook yummy, clean recipes. I life a fit lifestyle, I’ve shed dozens of pounds, and I’m still a big girl. Even though the numbers on the scale continue to slide down, I’m pretty sure that I’ll always be a big girl. So, what does that mean? Is being fit what you look like, or how you live? Is it what size you wear, or what you can do in the gym?

I’m starting to realize that a healthy, fit lifestyle will enable my body to find the appropriate weight for my optimal health. Being healthy and fit is about choices and I’m making good ones. So, the next time a newbie at the gym assures me that I’ll “get there,” I can remind myself that I am already.

Read more of my articles for Refinery29 here

click here to register for the #PSPfit challenge

Plus Size Workout Video! #PSPfit #LiviLife

I hope you’re all feeling as pumped as I am for what’s ahead in 2015! There is so much potential in the air, I can feel it…. We’re doing a #PSPfit January Challenge and our theme is Body Love. We’re going to work with a professional Nutrition Coach, cook clean recipes and exercise out of love for our bodies, not hate.

click here to register for the #PSPfit challenge

Registration is open from January 1-January 15th, but you know I can’t wait till then to get moving, so I’ve got a New Years work out for us. Do this workout as many times as you want 🙂 Details on my Livi Active Gym Clothes below!

Plus Size Workout Top: LIVI Active Tank | Plus Size Gym Pant : LIVI Active Legging | Plus Size Workout Jacket: LIVI Asymmetrical Zip

One Song Workout “Bang Bang” Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj | Plus Size Workout Video

Someone said “Bang Bang” “Bang Bang” by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj is the new “Lady Marmelade” circa 2004. Lady Marmelade was pretty epic, but “Bang Bang” has definitely been on my workout playlist for a while now. This week, I linked up with trainer, Ashley Fettig to create another One Song Workout for us to “Bang Bang”!

We thought we’d found a secluded corner of the park to make this little video, but then a wedding party showed up and started watching us… I kept going but I was so nervous to have them watching. I assumed they were judging like “why is that big girl working out in front of a camera??” but to my surprise they were totally into it… you can even hear them cheering at the end!

You can workout with me using the video below. Rewind it and do the routine a few times for a longer workout or click here to get some plus size fitness technique tips from Ashley so that we do this plus size workout video with good form!

Last weekend during our #PSPfit Team NYC workout, we learned the “Come Get it Bae” workout before we started training, it was fun to do the dance all together and to know that my #PSPfit girls who don’t live in NYC are doing it too (if you make a video of yourself, tag me and #PSPfit so we can all cheer you on!

Don’t wait on your weight to live a Healthy & Happy Life!

One Song Workout Bang Bang