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Plus Size Mini Dresses from Shop Translated!

Today is the best kind of autumn day in New York City, the air is crisp but its 70 degrees, its a great day to wear my newest dress from Shop Translated!

Shop Translated is releasing their fall/winter line and I found a few pieces that I really liked.

I’m 5’10 and this dress hit mid thigh on me, so I didn’t use the belt that it came with (that would make the dress dangerously short). Instead I took a cue from the earth tones in the dress and accessorized with browns and wood. In the summer I would wear this with bare legs but today nude stockings will do the trick.

Scroll to the bottom for some good news…

Shop Translated Plus Size Mini Dress!


Plus size shift dress
$99 – shoptranslated.com (Gifted)

Plus size shoes
$60 – avenue.com

M2 jewelry

Chunky jewelry
$34 – fantasyjewelrybox.com

Tuleste market post earrings
$75 – charmandchain.com

Shop Translated is letting me give away a dress to a TBGB reader… want to win? Leave a comment below!


Fall/Winter Accessories for the Plus Size Princess

Every year when the temperature drops I become obsessed with accessories. Living in NYC means that I will be in a coat from November to March and no matter how cute my outfit is underneath, very few people will see it! I love finding fun accessories to spice up my winter coat look as I run around the city.

Here are some things hanging in my closet that I can’t wait to wear this season:

P.S. I was able to save $20 on the Rachel Roy bag with a groupon I purchased last month, if you’re not on groupon you are missing out! (join here).

Winter Accessories


Ruffle scarve
qvc.com (gifted)

Rachel Roy: Handbags > Quilted Large Satchel – Large satchel
$99 – rachelroy.com (purchased at Macy’s)

sexual fresh eau de parfum
michelgermain.com (gifted)

Plus Size Leather Jackets From Jessica London

I’m very excited to have Jessica London hanging out on TheBigGirlBlog this week!

My love affair with Jessica London started a few months ago when I wore a JL suit to an interview. As I mentioned before, catalog brands have never been my first choice for clothing. I used to think of these brands as old and dated, but Jessica London is doing a great job of proving me wrong by designing fun, fashionable pieces that are made to last and when I’m looking to buy “investment pieces” I’m starting to learn that Jessica London is a great place to go.

When the tempurature in NYC dropped this fall, the first thing I did was pull out my new the knee high (wide calf) boots from Jessica London. The boots are comfortable because the heel is less than 2″, but they’re designed to look like stilettos, which is awesome. Everytime I wear them, at least one man stops to tell me how “sexy” they are. So, I’ve been giving JL kudos for weeks.

Now JL has come out with a new sexy wardrobe staple that I’m beyond excited about… Leather Jackets!

“The Jessica London team has designed a beautiful leather collection featuring stylish, easy-wear fashions that can take our customers straight from work to a night out on the town,” -John Mallon, Vice President/General Brand Manager for Jessica London®.

Jessica London Motorcycle Jacket Black

I’ve always shied away from leater for two reasons. 1.) A leather jacket is a bold fashion statement and I wasn’t sure if it would be too much on a person of my size. 2.) The leather jackets I had looked at in department stores were way out of my price range.

The leather jackets from Jessica London are designed with a full figure in mind and at $129, it was a risk I could (finally) afford to take.

I like to mix the hard leather look with soft pieces, so I often wear my motorcycle jacket with girly scarves, frilly dresses or mini-skirts.

Jessica London has been kind enough to give TBGB readers free shipping on orders over $50 (use code: JLE6988), so now is a good time to head over to invest in a chic leather jacket, sexy wide calf boots or a couple of flirty new dresses at JessicaLondon.com!

Jessica London: Fashionably Ever After

I moved to New York City to make a living with my creative passions, but until that happens, I need health insurance, rent money etc. so I work a 9-5 job as an assistant in the financial district. Three weeks ago, I was up for a promotion at work. A promotion would mean more freedom, challenges, responsibilities and most importantly, more money. So I decided to give it my best shot.

For my first interview I wore my only favorite suit, a bright blue 1950’s inspired blazer with a high rounded collar, a belt on the outside and a black fishtail skirt (very Mad Men). I felt great and I guess I did great too because, I got a second interview! I was excited to be one step closer to a promotion, but a second interview meant a second suit which was annoying because I rarely wear the one suit I have. A quick trip to Macy’s made me even more frustrated… the cute suits were $200+ and I really wasn’t in the mood to spend that kind of money on ONE outfit that I wouldn’t wear again for at least a year.

I had a week to find a suit and luckily during that week, I was invited to hang out in the fashion district with some of the designers from Jessica London.

Because Jessica London is a catalog brand it just wasn’t a line I considered for myself. I can remember flipping through plus size catalogs that my Mom got in the mail when I was a kid and everything seemed so… grown up. As a girl in her twenties, I didn’t feel like Jessica London was for me.

But as I flipped through the Fall 2010 catalog, and looked at their site online, my impression of Jessica London changed, for the better. My eyes fell on a suit in my price range that I thought might work for me. Its called the Bi-Stretch suit and comes in black and grey. It also comes with a skirt or pants. I already had a million black skirts, so I chose the pants. I also selected the white ruffle blouse that they paired with it because I didn’t have a really dressy white top.

When my suit came in, I tried it on and I can honestly say it looked better on my full figure than it did on the smaller model on the website. The way the blazer was cut, long/tapered, was flattering and the ruffles were a flirty touch that didn’t make me feel like I was playing dress up or something. I put on my pearls, open toed heels and walked into my second interview feeling like a fresh and fashionable.

I also found some great fall wardrobe stables like these wide calf boots. I got them in black and the kitten heel is perfect for walking around NYC all day. I also got this khaki trench coat (because I’ve always wanted one)

Anyway, I found out after my interview that the SVP actually made a comment on how well I was dressed. And I found out a few days later that… I got the promotion! (woot! woot!)

Maybe I’m just slow, but its so easy to keep going to the same stores, so I forget about the brands that have been doing plus sizes for like a million years. I’m going to keep stores like Jessica London on my fashion radar because they have some cute, classic pieces that I can see myself rocking this fall.

Do any of you shop the catalog brands?

Plus Size Wedding Fashion: What Should I Wear to a wedding?

I got today’s Curvy Conversations question from @Mizzou_Girl on Twitter she asked:
CeCe got a suggestion on a good website for dresses? I have a wedding to go to in 2 weeks and need a bangin’ dress!!

When I need an unforgettable dress for an event, I look to Igigi by Yuliya Raquel. I met Yuliya Raquel at Full Figured Fashion Week. She’s such a sweet woman and I think you can feel her positive energy in the clothes that she designs. Their dresses use brilliant colors and fabrics that make you feel like you’re wearing something designed just for you. If you’re looking to break out of your shell with bright colors, bare arms or prints Igigi is a perfect for that. Their designs made with curves in mind, so the cuts are flattering and comfortable while still maintaining a whimsical beauty.

I wore an Igigi dress (the Lola, in turqoise) to my friends wedding in Miami earlier this year and I felt great in it. I also wore their Karen Denim dress (pictured here) to a daytime/casual event last week and had both men and women asking me where I got my fabulous frock!

I’m not sure if the wedding you’re attending is casual or formal so I did a quick run through of their site and came up with three options for you that could work for any type of wedding.

This is the Riviera Dress. I love this dress because its flirty, fun and sexy. I also feel like it transitions well from day to evening. The satin details make it feel formal and with simple accessories like diamonds, pearls or chandelier earrings (as shown) this dress could be a great statement.

Of course, there are no shrugs allowed with a dress like this, so you have to be prepared to bare your arms!

*sigh* This is the Aphrodite Gown. I can see this dress turning heads on the dance floor during the reception. The rosette detailing is super sweet and the color would be amazing on any skin tone. I wouldn’t wear a necklace with a dress like this, but I would do a nice bracelet/earring combo.

Again, this requires the confidence to bare your arms, but for a dress like this it would be totally worth it!

Igigi has some fun designs with sleeves as well. This is the L’Amourette Dress. The color is a little edgier, but its a fun cocktail dress and I love the detailing on the hem. I think with a dress like this I would keep things classic. I’d wear pearls and maybe even pearl or nude colored shoes.
The main thing about Igigi is that no matter what dress you get, you’re getting a quality piece that is worth every penny.
Hope this helps,

Fashionably Ever After: LucieLu & the Eau Claire Dress

Today I woke up in a sunny mood, but when I looked out my bedroom window, it was a grey drizzly mess outside. I was feeling so good and the idea of wearing a heavy jacket or coat was bringing me down. As I showered I did a mental run-through of my closet to see if there was a way to dress so that I felt good, but stayed warm and dry. Nothing makes me feel better than wearing a new dress, so I pulled out my latest find from LucieLu and built my outfit around it. Here’s what I came up with:

This is the Eau Claire Dress from LucieLu. If the “Lu” in LucieLu sounds familiar its because she used to be a partner for B&Lu.; But she launched a new line of clothes for Plus Size Princesses this month. Her line is full of beautiful, well made pieces that feel like one-of-a-kind finds (and she goes up to a 5X!).

Upon my first visit to LucieLu.com I fell in love with the “Eau Claire Dress”. I was torn between three colors but ended up selecting the purple version. The screen printed chandelier on the front is so adorable and the dress is very flirty and comfortable.

Today seemed like the perfect day to debut my LucieLu dress, so I slipped on some textured tights and black knee high boots so that my feet would stay dry as trekked through puddles on the way to work. I grabbed a cozy black cardigan (instead of a coat) and one of my funky umbrellas. After a spritz of my favorite perfume, I was out the door.

I’ve gotten lots of compliments on my dress today, I’m feeling happy despite the rain …and I lived fashionably ever after!

P.S. Are you a fan of TBGB on Facebook? LucieLu was gracious enough to join the 1K Giveaway Celebration. She’ll be giving away a $100 LucieLu giftcard to a TBGB Facebook fan! I’ll be announcing details there very soon! xoxo

Fashionably Ever After: Plus Size Boutique, Lee Lee’s Valise

Once Upon a time there was a Plus Size Princess who rarely left the island of Manhattan… that PSP, is me.

On the list of things that will get me off the island, quality plus size fashion is number one. I’ve been making trips to Re/Dress, a plus size vintage-consignment store in Brooklyn, for about a year now. I had no idea that 10 blocks away there was a charming plus size boutique called Lee Lee’s Valise.

Once I discovered that Lee Lee’s Valise existed, I knew I had to go, so I devised a plan that would make the most of my trip to Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens neighborhood:

1.) Drop off some of my gently used clothes at re/dress for some possible store credit
2.) Check out the selection at Lee Lee’s Valise
3.) Head back to Re/Dress to see what I could get with my store credit.
4.) Live fashionably ever after!

I dropped off my bag of clothes at Re/dress and told them I’d come back in about an hour once they’d gone through my clothes and decided what they would keep. (p.s. On the way out, I had a plus size celebrity sighting when I ran into designer Monif C., I was nervous, but I said a quick hello to her and she was really nice.)

Now onto step 2 of my plan:

Eight minutes after leaving Re/Dress I arrived at Lee Lee’s Valise. I walked in and I wanted to cry. If I could have dreamed up a store for Plus Size Princesses… it would look just like this. There were huge black chandeliers hanging from the ceilings, exposed brick walls, chairs upholstered in Damask fabric… the space was cozy, chic and inviting. Looking around, I wasn’t sure where to begin. I made my way from one end of the store to the other.

I let my hands run over the beautiful fabrics and saw labels from Olivia Harper/Lee Lee’s Valise, Anna Scholz, Donna Ricco and newcomer, LucieLu. As I draped dresses over my arm that I wanted to try on, I couldn’t hold them for more than a minute before a man (who I later found out was Jim, the owners husband) would come and take them from me. “I’ll put this aside for you,” he’d say, hanging my selections together on a rack until I was ready to take them into the fitting room.

I pulled a variety of items that ranged in price from $60 to $200 and just as I was about to slip into one of their plush fitting rooms a woman with thick dark brown hair and a beautiful turquoise cardigan came out from the other fitting room. She asked customers how they were doing and if they needed anything and I could tell she actually wanted to know.

I was in the dressing room with all of my lovely selections when Lisa checked in on me again. She brought me a dress that I’d skimmed over earlier. “This is our LuLu dress,” she said handing me a purple dress with a tiny confetti-like print. I tried it on and was pleasantly surprised. Looking at the dress on the hanger, I assumed it was similar to some dresses I had picked up last summer, but the while the cut of the LuLu is similar to other low-cut/empire dresses, the execution is impeccable. My boobies looked fantastic, because the bust was cut for fuller breasts using more fabric in the right places. My tummy was slimmed because of the way the draping was done and my legs were accented perfectly as the dress brushed my knees. “I love it,” I shrieked coming out of the dressing room to show Lisa.

“See!” Lisa replied grabbing one of their signature belts and wrapping it around me. “…and you can add a belt, or a cardigan. You can even wear it with boots and tights in the winter… its very versatile.” She was right, I saw three different girls try on the LuLu in a variety of prints and it looked amazing on all of us (they even have a plus-petite version). I don’t know if it was the clothes or the beautiful space, but I stayed in Lee Lee’s Valise for hours longer than I had planned.

I learned that Lisa and Jim are a husband and wife duo who run the store themselves. Lisa (aka “Lee Lee”) is a very hands on designer/boutique owner. In the time that I was there, I saw her doing bra fittings, approving swatches for her next collection and explaining in detail how her pieces were constructed. Jim is pretty hands on too, (he’s probably the most heterosexual man I’ve seen working in a dress boutique, so cute!) he takes care of the women who come into the store; from grabbing a coffee for Lisa to running out to put quarters in the parking meter for customers so that they can shop uninterrupted.

After trying on piles of clothes, I was torn between a LuLu dress and a vintage inspired Donna Rico dress. I ended up going with the Donna Ricco, because there was only one left in my size. But, for those of you that are curious about the LuLu I have some good Twitter/Giveaway news for you (click here to find out what it is!).

I got caught up in the Lee Lee’s Valise shopping experience and by the time I left, Re/Dress was closed, which of course means another PSP voyage to Brooklyn, but I don’t mind. I left Lee Lee’s Valise with a gorgeous dress.

…and I lived Fashionably Ever After!

A Big Girl Rant: Mainstream Fashion

Last week I got an early birthday present from my parents: A Betsey Johnson Hobo Bag from the “Lotsa Luck” collection. Its a gorgeous, yet functional bag with a fun leopard print lining and an adorable horseshoe charm that hangs from the zipper.

The “Lotsa Luck” collection isn’t new, but I fell in love with the bag a while ago and it sold out very quickly, making it a rare find and a fantastic gift.

I’ve always loved fashion, let me rephrase… I’ve always loved clothes, but have had to struggle in my relationship with fashion. Any big girl can find clothes if she wants to, but for a Plus Size Princess to stay fashionable… that’s a different story.

For the past few days I’ve been trotting around New York City with my Betsey, and I can’t help but think about how, because of my size, the only mainstream fashion items I am allowed to sport are accessories – Bags, Earrings, Sunglasses, Hats etc. and even then I’m not completely allowed, like the other day:

I walked into a boutique in the fashion district with a friend and while she jumped straight into the trendy tops and dresses, I hung out near the front of the store looking at some necklaces and rings. A rack of knit hats caught my eye, I walked over to them and as I turned the tag over to look at the price the store owner blurted out “They’re all the same size!”

Even though I love shopping its always been something I’ve done alone or with family, never with girlfriends, because I’ve always been the only plus size girl in my group of friends. Last summer I had a fashion emergency (dont ask) and had to duck into an Ashley Stewart store. Kenzie was with me and even though she probably thought nothing of it, I was so embarrassed. When I was in high school, I adopted the answer “I don’t remember” when girls asked me where I got my clothes. I guess as a 16 year old, the idea of telling my size 2 friends that they’d have to go to Lane Bryant to get the dress they admired on me wasn’t very appealing.

Yes, I know that now some designers are extending themselves to the plus size market, but whether its the sizing (I tried on a Michael Kors winter jacket in a 3x and laughed as I tried to zip it closed) the design (Tommy Hilfiger, must imagine his plus size patrons to all be over the age of 55) or even the name of the line (as a person who never really lost her baby fat, “Baby Phat” isn’t something I want stretched across my body) there always seems to be something awkward about the clothes mainstream designers make for us.

After I finish this entry I’m off to the gym, as I put in time and effort to loose weight, I’ve decided that I just want to get small enough to wear mainstream clothes. I think most mainstream shops go up to a size 10/12. That might be my goal. I have a ways to go, but sometime in the near future I’d like to stop saying “I don’t remember” when people ask me where I got my outfit.