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The Baggy Clothes Trap

We do casual Fridays at work and last week I took a risk and wore a pair of skinny jeans and a long-sleeved V-neck shirt. Overall, the outfit was more formfitting than I’m used to. Usually, I pair tight jeans with a top that’s a little looser so wearing an outfit that hugged all of my lumps curves put me outside of my comfort zone. I spent a few minutes in the mirror wondering how much bigger I looked and if I should change clothes, but I was already running late so I just grabbed my coat and ran out the door.

Later that morning, I walked into my bosses office to ask her a question and she stopped me mid-sentence. “How much weight have you lost?” she asked.

“About 25 pounds,” I responded. She looked me up and down, “you’re looking very ‘skinny’ today!”

Could it be that my hip hugging skinny jeans and breast clinging top was actually… slimming? I’ve read that wearing baggy clothing can actually make you look bigger than you are, but as a girl with body image issues its hard to actually believe it.

Growing up in California our summers could reach 105+ degrees but I can remember walking around in denim shorts… and a baggy sweatshirt. It made no sense! I was burning hot, but covering my body was way more important than dressing like a sane person. One day a boy asked me why I was dressed like that, I actually told him I was cold, even though it was like 99 degrees! He looked at me like I had three heads.

Even though I know better, it’s still hard to accept that I, a Plus Size Princess can wear form-fitting clothes and still look good.

Of course, I will never be one to let my rolls hang out. I believe that no matter how loose or tight my outfits are they should always be flattering (which sometimes means foundation garments underneath, like spanx). But sometimes I need a reminder that getting dressed is not always about hiding my body.

Sometimes accentuating our bodies can work to our advantage…

Do YOU get caught in the Baggy Clothes Trap? or find it difficult to wear form-fitting clothes?


Plus Size Bridal Boudoir Photos… Thoughts??

My best friend, Adam sent me an email yesterday, the subject was Let me know when you want to book one of these 😉 and inside was a link to Amy Haberland’s “Defense of The Bridal Boudoir“. I hadn’t heard of a Bridal Boudoir photo shoot before, but the premise is that women take bedroom photos right before they get married. They’re not necessarily raunchy, but the idea is doing a photo shoot in lingerie or your guys button down shirt and panties and giving the photos to him as a wedding gift… or something like that.

As I read the article and looked at the slide show, I was immediately intrigued. I’m not getting married any time soon, but I love the idea of a classy photo shoot to give my future husband a little glimpse of what he has to look forward to. I immediately started imagining what I would wear for something like that… a frilly babydoll nightgown? a corset and panties? boy shorts and a strategically placed neck tie?

Scrolling through the comments most of them were about the appropriateness of boudoir photos in general, but one comment stuck out to me These are lovely portraits of in-shape young women. What about those of us who have never had a flat tummy or perky boobs? I have a hard time picturing a boudoir for myself being appealing.

Reading that comment was the first time I considered that  size might be a deterrent to a Victoria’s Secret style photo shoot.

I have a collection of lingerie that I wear to bed regularly, whether someone’s there to see it or not. It’s just something that I do for me. Buying those things is fun for me and sleeping in them is glamorous like taking a bubble bath with candles. Maybe I’ve made myself comfortable in things like that. Taking time to know what is flirty/sexy/fun but still looks good on my body makes me think of lingerie as another genre of clothing.

Of course, I know that I would definitely wear a waist cincher and push-up bra, but it never crossed my mind that needing those things would be a reason not to pose. I guess I surprised myself with my confidence! (and as I think about it, I’m flattered that Adam would suggest a boudoir photo shoot to me to begin with).

Would YOU do a sexy photo shoot for your husband? Of for my married ladies… have you already done one? …Thoughts???

Plus Size Fashion with SimplyBe

Its time for my next Christmas Giveaway!

SimplyBe is a UK store that has recently started selling in the US. They’ve got a really varied selection of clothes for Plus Size Princesses and they pay attention to detail in ways I don’t often see. For example, they sell Maxi Dresses in different lengths and they have another line of dresses based on bra size!

Below are six dresses that I’ve ordered from SimplyBe over the past few months. Some are casual, some are more dressy but all of them are well made and fit perfectly. Now for the giveaway:

SimplyBeUSA has been kind enough give me a $150 gift card for one TBGB reader! There are two ways that you can win:

1.) Tweet the following phrase: Want to win a $150 gift card? Follow @thebiggirlblog & @SimplyBeUSA then RT this message & you’re entered! http:/su.pr/2kFttH #plussize


2.) Leave a comment on this post with a link to your favorite item from SimplyBe.com

You can earn a double entry by tweeting AND leaving a comment!



Shopping with SimplyBeUSA!


$34 – simplybe.com

ANNA print dress
$29 – simplybe.com

Cape Dress at Simply Be
$45 – simplybe.com


Plus Size Coats from Just As You Are (Giveaway!)

I’m a California girl, so New York City winters are definitely not my favorite thing. This year I have at least one reason to look forward to the frosty weather that is sure to come, my new coat from Just As You Are.

I first heard about Just As You Are from Plus Model Magazine, but because of their special sizing process I had to check them out for myself.

I logged onto www.asuare.com, to see how they make coats based on SHAPE not Size. The first thing I noticed is that they use actual plus size princesses on their site, very cool! According to their site they “take a personalized set of measurements that you and only you provide and input them to our unique Just As You Are “fit matching system”. This system uniquely pairs key body measurements directly with each coat or jacket measurement – to give you the ideal fit you’ve always deserved.

I pulled out my measuring tape and got to work, based on my measurements they suggested a few coats including the three below:

Plus Size Coats from Just As You Are!


It was hard to choose, but I decided to go with the Antarctica coat (when it snows I’m going to be soooo cozy!). My coat arrived in less than a week and the fit was perfection!
Now to the important part, Just As You Are is letting me do a giveaway. Are you ready?
I have not one, not two… but THREE coats that I can give away! These coats are valued at up to $260, so this is a very exciting for me… There are two ways to win:
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That’s it… good luck!!!


Date Night in Kmart’s LYS Plus Size Collection

Its been unusually warm in the city, so after dinner in the West Village, Robert and I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and walk around for a bit before heading home. As we turned the corner on Sullivan street I noticed a homeless man sitting on the ground jingling his cup of change. As we approached, the homeless man took one look at me and yelled “Oh My God, its BEYONCE… can I have your autograph?!”

I burst into giggles and Robert put $3 in his cup, “I like that,” he said slipping his arm around my waist.

Below is the outfit that earned me such a high compliment, it’s from the Kmart LYS collection. Have any of you checked out the clothes in Kmart’s Plus Size department lately?

If you haven’t, you need to do that ASAP. They have lots of dresses and tops that look like they belong in Macy’s but they’re priced for girls on a budget, like me!

The zipper on this dress is fully functional so you can adjust it to show as much or as little as you want. Then you can do your Beyonce dance!

Plus Size Fashion with Kmart!


Plus size tight
$9.99 – avenue.com

Tall boots
$50 – avenue.com

Steve madden handbag
$69 – stevemadden.com

Heart necklace
$20 – avenue.com

Stretch ring
$6.99 – avenue.com

Plus Size Problems: Thigh Swoosh (Chub Rub Strikes Again)

Yesterday I was having a “cute day”.

I wore a frilly white blouse, tucked into a grey pleated skirt with a burgundy belt and my favorite suede heels pulling it all together. I also wore a pair of fishnet stockings which created the perfect flirty secretary style outfit.

At around 9:30, Robert called my extension, “I want to show you something, can you come by my desk?”

“Sure,” I said. I reapplied my lip gloss, ran my fingers through my hair and stood up from my desk. Dating a guy that works in my office makes having a “cute day” even more fun. As I made my way to his department on the other side of the building, I had a little pep in my step.

My heels click-click-clicked on the granite floors.

But between each click there was another noise… a SWOOSH.


I stood still to stop the SWOOSH from echoing down the hallway.

I took a few more steps, slowly but the noise was just drawn out click-SWOOOOOOSH-click. My full thighs were betraying me once again with dreaded Chub-Rub!

I thought I had experienced all the Chub-Rub I could handle with my torn jeans and chaffed skin, but apparently, there’s more.  Outside in noisy New York City, the noise my thighs were made as they rubbed against each other was masked. But in the quiet halls of my office, the lycra in my tights was announcing my arrival by SWOOSHING loud enough to be heard before I even turned the corner to Roberts desk!

Normally, I would just turn the tights inside out like I do with my spanx, but with fishnets it doesn’t make a difference.

For the rest of the day I tried not to walk around too much, not to mention I had to cancel all of my secret ninja surprise attacks for the day (thanks Lori on fb for reminding me). Thigh Swoosh killed my swag a tiny bit, but once I got out of the quiet office, it wasn’t an issue anymore and I went back to having a “cute day”… Plus Size Problems!

Has this ever happened to you?

Playtex Bra Giveaway!

I love my boobs!

For me one of the advantages of being a Plus Size Princess are “the twins”. Because I love them so so much, I’m very picky about the bras I wear. I have my go-to brands/styles and I stick with them. So when All You Magazine & Playtex offered to send me some of their 18-hour bras to test out, I was prepared to wear them once and then shove them in the back of my closet.

Surprisingly, I haven’t done that!

While I prefer a more sexy demi-cup bra most of the time, these Playtex bras have made their way into my weekly gym routine. The support they give without under-wire makes them perfect for my workouts! I think we’ve all done the bra + sports bra combination at the gym, and its annoying (not to mention it creates more laundry).

Not only did the Playtex bras provide ample support for my DDD’s, they have “moisture management cups” which helps with *ahem* Boob Sweat.

I’ve worn my Playtex bra to the gym on Saturday morning and then to run errands all day and the 18 hour promise is legit. I was completely comfortable, never adjusted the straps once all while feeling completely supported. It gives a nice silhouette under a t-shirt/tank top too.

To top it all off, Playtex has given me 15 bras to giveaway! Sizes vary per style but are approximately 36B to 46DDD

There are two ways to win:

1.) Leave a comment on this post

2.) Tweet the following phrase “Got Boobs? @thebiggirlblog is giving away 15 Playtex bras (36B to 46DDD)! Follow her & RT to enter! #plussize #fashion”

Good Luck!

**Update: This is only open to US Residents**

9/10/2011– This contest is now closed

CeCe Meets Ashley Graham (The Plus Size Model)….

Sunday Brunch is one of my favorite things; especially in New York City where it often includes unlimited champagne and/or mimosas.

After church this past Sunday, my friend Maya and I decided to have brunch on the Upper West Side. I was catching her up on the new guy when a group of people walked into the restaurant. One of the girls among them was really pretty with long hair, a Miu Miu bag and a black summer dress.

“I know her…” I said to Maya as the group sat down at a table across from us. I began to go through my mental Rolodex to see how I knew her. Did we have a mutual friend? Had we attended an event together? Then it hit me… “she’s a model!” I said, snapping my fingers as it all clicked. Maya casually turned around, “Oh yeah, she looks really familiar!”

I was so busy taking her in… her style, her hair and her amazingly curvy body that I didn’t realize she was looking right back at me. I smiled (out of embarrassment) and she smiled back. Before I knew it, I was mouthing across the restaurant Are you a model? She nodded politely and then I went back to my food so I wouldn’t seem like a stalker.

The more I thought about it, things began to sink in. She wasn’t just any Plus Size model, she was Ashley Graham, the model at the center of the Lane Bryant vs. Network Television controversy. Living in New York I see celebs all the time and with all of the New York Fashion Week and Full Figured Fashion Week events I’ve been invited to this year, I’m pretty calm around my favorite models, but for some reason I really wanted to say hello to her.

On my way out, I took a deep breath and stopped at her table. I noticed that she had her Bible next to her purse. I wanted to say Did you just come from church? I just came from church too! but that would have been pretty corny, so instead I said:

“Hi, I’m CeCe… would it be possible for me to take a photo of you for my blog?”

“Hi, CeCe. I’m Ashley… of course!” she stood up, flipped her hair and was effortlessly glamorous as I snapped a photo on my iPhone.

Isn’t she pretty?!

♥ ♥ ♥

I Hate My Arms!

I. Hate. My. Arms.

When it comes to Plus Size Princesses and our arms, I think we all have a cross to bear. From my observation, its either flab or stretch marks or both! I’ve seen PSP’s with big arms but they somehow managed to maintain some shape, definition, but those girls are few and far between. Most of us are either trying not to move too much so our “bat wings” don’t wiggle or we’re praying that we don’t end up with stretch marks from our collar bones to our elbows.

Honestly, I feel like I’m right in the middle. I’ve seen flabbier arms than mine… I’ve seen stretch marks in more abundance… but when it comes to my arms, they’re still one of my least favorite body parts.

This summer, I’ve found myself in a predicament: I hate my arms, but I love clothes! and my love of clothes has made me realize that throwing a shrug over all my summer dresses just isn’t cute anymore (for me). I’ve noticed that shrugs take away from dresses and make them seem more casual than they are. As I continue to evolve in my fashion and style, I can’t keep falling back on the same fat coverage tricks I used in high-school, so its time to step my game up.

But, what’s a big girl to do? Push-ups? Arm Curls? …Shake Weights?! All of those are good plans, for some long term Michelle-Obama-Arm goals, but I’m wondering if, for right now, maybe I should just… get over it.

I think I need to wear my halter tops, strapless dress and sleeveless shirts without shrugs, with confidence, when I want to. Its going to be hard… but if I continue to encourage all of you not to “wait on your weight” I have to push myself to do the same. Last night I wore a sleeveless dress to an event with no shrug or cardigan and I got just as many compliments on my dress as I would any other night.

Full Figured Fashion Week starts on Wednesday night and I think this would be a good time for me to rock some of my cocktail dresses and other pieces that I love sans-shrug.

I think I’m going to need some support on this one… what do you think? With the summer coming, do YOU struggle with your arms?

Fashionably Ever After: LucieLu & the Eau Claire Dress

Today I woke up in a sunny mood, but when I looked out my bedroom window, it was a grey drizzly mess outside. I was feeling so good and the idea of wearing a heavy jacket or coat was bringing me down. As I showered I did a mental run-through of my closet to see if there was a way to dress so that I felt good, but stayed warm and dry. Nothing makes me feel better than wearing a new dress, so I pulled out my latest find from LucieLu and built my outfit around it. Here’s what I came up with:

This is the Eau Claire Dress from LucieLu. If the “Lu” in LucieLu sounds familiar its because she used to be a partner for B&Lu.; But she launched a new line of clothes for Plus Size Princesses this month. Her line is full of beautiful, well made pieces that feel like one-of-a-kind finds (and she goes up to a 5X!).

Upon my first visit to LucieLu.com I fell in love with the “Eau Claire Dress”. I was torn between three colors but ended up selecting the purple version. The screen printed chandelier on the front is so adorable and the dress is very flirty and comfortable.

Today seemed like the perfect day to debut my LucieLu dress, so I slipped on some textured tights and black knee high boots so that my feet would stay dry as trekked through puddles on the way to work. I grabbed a cozy black cardigan (instead of a coat) and one of my funky umbrellas. After a spritz of my favorite perfume, I was out the door.

I’ve gotten lots of compliments on my dress today, I’m feeling happy despite the rain …and I lived fashionably ever after!

P.S. Are you a fan of TBGB on Facebook? LucieLu was gracious enough to join the 1K Giveaway Celebration. She’ll be giving away a $100 LucieLu giftcard to a TBGB Facebook fan! I’ll be announcing details there very soon! xoxo