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Love Songs & Curvy Conversations (Recap)

On Saturday, I hosted “Love Songs & Curvy Conversations” at Lenox Coffee. It was my first event and it was sold out!!!

I put together a few pics for those of you who missed it (click on the images to make them bigger) and I’ll have video up soon. I want to thank my sponsors for being so supportive of TheBigGirlBlog and giving away great prizes. Thank you Match.com for giving away TWO memberships… I think the winners are going to have lots of fun with that 😉

SimplyBe is one of my favorite places to shop right now and they were kind enough to raffle TWO $100 giftcards to TBGB followers. I can’t wait to see what the winners choose, I know they’re going to look adorable!

We also got to hear from Tiffany from the Foxcroft collection (she’s wearing a foxcroft denim shirt that comes in plussize! You can see me wearing it here), Foxcroft gave away three shirts to facebook followers and attendees who spoke up and shared their stories.

The best part of the evening was meeting my Plus Size Princesses, I feel like I know you all from your comments/tweets/emails but being able to hug each of you and hear your stories meant a lot to me. (Special shout out to Nora who drove all the way from Connecticut! And to the Mom & sis from Saint Lucia who were visiting and hung out with us xoxo)

I could not have done this without Alex Lawrence, my pianist and best friend (I’ve known him since the 2nd grade!!) finding friends who will stand by you and support you 100% is rare these days, I love him so much– follow him on twitter @alexlawrens.

Speaking of supportive friends, I was glad that my friend Ms. Kathryn Finney was able to come too, she is so busy but she made time for me! I also had blogger buddies in the building, Alyssa from StylishCurves and Shaina from aThickGirlsCloset both came out and we all kinda matched in our color scheme… werk!

You can see more pics from #CurvyConvoNYC on my facebook page.

Lastly, I want to announce that my next event, “Cardio & Curvy Conversations” will be held at New York Sports Club on October 27th! Want to come workout with me? Register here!

Can Big Girls Wear Bright Colors?

“If I wear purple, I’ll look like Barney, the dinosaur!”

“If I wear red, I’ll look like the Kool-aid man!”

How many times have you heard a Plus Size Princess say something like that? … how many times have you said it yourself?

I don’t think its possible to be a PSP and not think twice about bright colors. For the longest time, I’d get all of my nice clothes in dark colors. If I had an event or a party, I would look for blacks and/or navy blue dresses. If I was going out to the club, I was looking for dark wash denim and black sexy tops.

I’m not quite sure why I stopped avoiding bright colors, but I remember the first bright piece I bought. It was a yellow trench coat and I loved it! The first time I wore it, a girlfriend of mine (who was probably a 12/14 at the time) complimented my on the coat. Then she confessed that she had talked her plus size sorority sister out of buying a yellow top because of her size. “Maybe, I shouldn’t have talked her out of it after all…” she said, wistfully.

At the time she thought she was doing her soror a favor, based on the fashion rules that we all grow up with, but seeing a PSP in yellow made her think twice.

Did any of you watch the Jennifer Hudson interview with Oprah a few days ago? When she took the cameras into her closet, she said that color was the biggest addition to her wardrobe since she’s lost weight. I think a lot of us have the same mindset, that we have to slim down before we can rock the bright colors that turn heads and make women shine. All women are trained to believe that black is slimming, so of course anything else must be… fattening? As a big girl I was holding onto those rules twice as hard as the next girl.

As I’ve said before, “you can’t hide the fat“! I am a big girl and dark colors wont change that… If I took off my black dress and changed into a red one no one would be like “whoa! I thought you were a size 10!!! that black dress really fooled me!!”

Today I am wearing a bright orange dress from Rachel Pally. Even though I wholeheartedly believe that Plus Size Princesses can and should wear bright colors, I had a small moment of “wait–am I going to look like a pumpkin in this dress?” when I got dressed this morning. I put the dress on anyway and I’ve been getting compliments all day. (I even snuck a bathroom pic to show you!)

So… do you wear bright colors?

Tell me in the comments section of todays post or chime in during my #CurvyConvo twitter chat today (Wednesday) at 3pm…


Plus Size Travel: Fort Lauderdale! (What I Did & What I Wore)

Everyone keeps saying that Summer is officially over, while I love the fall… I needed just a *little* bit more sunshine in my life before I surrendered to sweaters and boots. So last weekend I took off to Fort Lauderdale.

First things first, I would warn all of you never to fly Spirit Airlines. I bought my ticket with them because it was the cheapest ($180). But I had no idea they would charge me $40 for any bags that didn’t fit under my seat! Even though my suitcase was small enough to be on the plane with me, I still had to pay the fee for each leg of the flight, so that totaled $80, making my flight cost $260… BOOO! Spirit also charged for water on the plane and they had really bad customer service. I would have been better off paying more in the beginning and taking a more reputable airline. Don’t make the same mistakes I did! The only good news was that the seat belts fit, so I didn’t have to ask for an extender *shakes head*.

Once I got to Ft. Lauderdale, I had a great time. There was a HUGE jacuzzi style tub in my room so I was taking bubble baths constantly! That alone made me feel super relaxed.

Then I spent the majority of my day by the pool, swimming laps (yay cardio!) and laying in the sun, with lots of sunscreen of course. It felt nice not to do anything and because we were on a resort, we had the option of pool/beach hopping so I was able to jump in the ocean a bit as well. (Swimsuit from fullbeauty.com, toes “flirty fuscia” by Essie, glasses from H&M)

We went out on the town in West Palm Beach to visit one of my cousins who is a cocktail waitress, I wish I had known that Florida lets you smoke inside the club… oh-em-gee I was dying from all of the smoke. We didn’t stay out long, but I was able to wear my convertible Kaori dress that I love so much! (Dress from Igigi, Belt from Ashley Stewart, Earrings from Aldo)

Now I’m back in NYC getting ready for my first meet-up next weekend (9/29). Its going to be an awesome night of live music, curvy conversations and giveaways! Hope to see all of you there… tickets are free so, register here!

Follow me on Instagram! “PlusSizePrincess”

Bundle Up with Bonmarche.co.uk

Its getting cooler outside, which means its time to go sweater shopping!

When it comes to women’s knitwear, I’ve always found that I can buy my sweaters in a size down (maybe its the stretch that sweaters give!). Because of this, I don’t limit myself to sweaters from plus size stores only. I’ve found adorable sweaters in an XL that fit perfectly, so I’d suggest looking around at a variety of shops when looking for cozy tops this season. Here are some of my finds from Women’s Knitwear section of Bonmarche.

Sparkles, stripes, punched out designs and fur are details that make these sweaters really pop with a variety like this, it makes it easy to stay warm during any occasion. Check them out!

Sweaters from Bonmarche

PSP in NYC: Fashion Week, Manhattan Boat Cruise, Red Rooster & More!

First of all, I’ll be doing another live #CurvyConvo chat on Twitter AND facebook tomorrow at 2pm. We had a great time last week, so lets do it again… follow @thebiggirlblog or “like” TBGB on facebook to participate. Okay, now on to my week:

I spent Fashion Week skipping shows and attending parties and events instead. Here’s what I did and what I wore! (follow me on instagram “PlusSizePrincess”)

I started the week with a Brazilian themed cruise around Manhattan with Robert, Adam from CutToTheFront and Suezette from Tales of a Southern Broad.The company is called Affairs Afloat and they do party cruises throughout the week. The boat is three levels with different types of music and its fully covered, so they can sail rain or shine. We had a great time dancing and enjoying the views of Manhattan. I would definitely do it again and its something good to do when you have friends in town!

The next night was Fashion’s Night Out, I wore a denim shirt from Foxcroft, a leather belt from Torrid and a pencil skirt from Lane Bryant (I got the belt and skirt ages ago). I spent that evening sipping champagne and looking at the upgraded Crocs collection. The event was held at the SoHo store and was hosted by Ms. Kathryn Finney. I’m really impressed with how Crocs are branching out into more trendy styles of boots and ballet flats. I wear an 11W and they fit my feet, so check them out!



Friday Night I had a quiet dinner with Patrice from Afrobella and Ms. Kathryn Finney at Red Rooster in Harlem. The food was good (I had a shrimp & Walnut salad) and the crowd was perfect for a Friday night. The night turned interesting when I guy who complimented me when we walked into the restaurant, found me at our table and handed me a poem that he wrote for me on the spot! He said I “inspired” him… that was definitely a first!

Then on Saturday I attended Cocktails & Couture, hosted by Liane Farbes and Afrobella… I had a great time and hopefully the pictures from that event will come out soon, in the meantime… here’s what I wore! This is a vintage Lane Bryant dress (from the style and fabric, I’m guessing from the 1960’s) I got it at a thrift store for $5!! Necklace from H&M (old), clutch was a gift from a friend.

Anyway, that was my week! Hope yours is off to a good start…


Women in High Heels… Foot Petals Wants to Help!

I confessed to you all a while ago, that while I wear high heels and love the way they look… sometimes I just want to wear flip flops and call it a day. But if you’ve taken a look at my outfit posts on Tumblr and Instagram, you’ll notice that I’m often wearing heels.

Living in NYC wearing heels is an art and Foot Petals are making the process more comfortable with their new Stiletto Shieldz & Pressure Pointz.

Stiletto Shieldz are a clear plastic shield that adheres to your high heeled shoes (leather/synthetics/wood, etc.) and will protect your high heels from scuffs while appearing invisible to the eye.  The Stiletto Shieldz for high heels retails for $6.95 and is sold at www.footpetals.com and department stores, including Nordstrom


Pressure Pointz are small shoe cushions that we can stick in a specific spot of their shoes to create a defense layer between their shoe and skin to avoid blisters and uncomfortable rubbing. You know those spots on your feet that you put band-aids or tape on? Pressure Pointz eliminates the need to do that!

I also love that Foot Petals are easy to use with sandals… check them out!

“You’re Fine.” (My BlogHer12 Modeling Experience)

Although I had just lost 30 pounds, the minute Ms. Kathryn Finney asked me to be in the first ever BlogHer Fashion Show, I became obsessed with losing ten more pounds before the show. I mean, isn’t that what models do?

I found myself skipping carbs, adding workouts and obsessing over everything I ate. When I would mention to The Boy that I wanted to slim down just a little bit more before the show, he would just look at me like I was nuts and say “you’re fine”. Of course, I brushed him off. He couldn’t understand what was expected of me as a model in a fashion show. I needed to be militant in order to be presentable and if that meant salads and no wine during our date nights, he’d have to deal with it.

To add to my stress, the BlogHer12 fashion show would be the first time that TheBigGirlBlog’s readers would see what I looked like. I had been blogging anonymously for years, so I wanted to “look my best” for my Plus Size Princesses. Instead of being proud of the 30 pounds I’d lost, I was kicking myself that I hadn’t lost 40 pounds and although the scale was moving down, it wasn’t happening fast enough.

To put it plainly, I was driving myself crazy about my weight. Then two things happened that changed everything:

1.) I realized that I was dieting instead of living the healthy lifestyle that had helped me to lose 30 pounds in the first place.

2.) I logged onto the BlogHer website and read all of the comments about the upcoming fashion show.

The comments section was flooded with women asking what kind of models they would be using. Including questions like Will there be plus size clothing on the runway? and Are the models going to be a variety of sizes? I know they are “real people” not models, but a lot of style bloggers are of the smaller variety.

Seeing those questions stopped me in my tracks. Duh! There was a desire for women of all sizes to be represented on the runway and I was a part of that. Would there be skinny models? Yes. But it wasn’t my job to be one of them. It’s like I heard the words “model” and “runway” and suddenly everything I stood for flew out the window. My job was to be CeCe Olisa as of August 4, 2012. 30 pounds down… more to go, but as The Boy so sweetly reminded me… I’m fine.

I had to remind myself that beauty isn’t something that we aspire to be, its something that we are. It’s important to remember that we’re beautiful at any given moment in our lives. We’re beautiful at the beginning of a weight loss journey, we’re beautiful when we’ve reached our weight loss goals and we’re beautiful at every point in between. Those sweaty moments at the gym? Beautiful. When “Aunt Flow” comes to town and we gain 4 pounds overnight? Beautiful!

Walking down the runway with a diverse group of women, I knew that everyone in the audience saw someone who represented them in some way. When I saw the Plus Size Princesses cheering and clapping, I knew I was there for them and I hope that in some way, my presence let them know, “you’re fine” and by “fine” I mean beautiful!

To see me on the runway, visit PlusSizePrincess.Tumblr.com

Follow Me on Tumblr & Instagram!

I just wanted to let you guys know that I’ll be launching my Tumblr and Instagram this weekend during the BlogHer Fashion show that I’m modeling in (you can read about that here).

My tumblr is PlusSizePrincess.tumblr.com

My instagram name is “CeCeOlisa

Starting this weekend, I’ll post some photos of my personal style on my tumblr page. I’ll do my best to instagram my way through the BlogHer fashion show this weekend too.

Hopefully you’ll follow!


TBGB News: CeCe’s Walking in the BlogHer ’12 Fashion Show & Style Spotlight

Hey Lovelies,

I wanted you guys to be the first to know that I’ve been asked to walk in a fashion show during the BlogHer ’12 conference next week.

I’m so excited… I’m so SCARED!

This event has been pretty hush, hush but last night I got permission to share the info with my Plus Size Princesses. The bloggers that they’ve asked to do it are all phenomenal women, so I’m honored to be in such good company.

The show will feature selections from 6pm.com and Elizabeth Arden will be taking care of our faces. Most importantly, we will be styled by the ever so fabulous Kathryn Finney! A full write up of the fashion show can be found here.

For those of you who have been asking for photos of me… I’ll be sure to take some during the show.



P.S. Please pray for me that I don’t fall on my face!


Plus Size Fall Fashion Preview with SimplyBe.com

Yesterday I attended a lunch with some of my blogger pals, to take a peek at what SimplyBe.com has in store for the fall.

For those of you who don’t know, SimplyBe is a European brand that is branching into the US market (they’re also available in Germany). Their clothes range from sizes 10-28 which I love, because Plus Size Princesses on both ends of the spectrum can find things that fit.

Here are a few of the things I really liked from the preview. I’ll be placing orders soon so I can tell you how everything fits!

P.S. that little heart detail is the elbow patch on the gray sweater… so cute, right?