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Surfing the Confidence Wave (Confidence is… Complicated)

“Just get me from the boobs up,” I instructed as I posed for a photo in the sand.

I was spending my day by the water with Meaghan, from LittleLimeDress, Beck, from Manfattan and a few bottles of Teqava (the sparkling tequila cocktail we served at the #NYCurvyCloset Sale). Shooting from the boobs up is my go-to pose for pictures on the beach. It hides my stomach but still lets “The Twins” have their moment.

“CeCe, you should really do some full body shots, you look great” Meaghan said.

I shook my head, “no” while Beck snapped photos of me. It wasn’t going to happen. Am I happy to frolic around the ocean, jump in the waves and flirt with lifeguards in my bathing suit? Sure! But taking a photo and documenting my entire body just feels a little more “daring” than I’ve ever been willing to go. I have no problem doing full body pictures in my street clothes, but doing one in my bathing suit was outside of my comfort zone.

As the day progressed we developed a routine of exhausting ourselves in the waves, then coming back to lay in the sun and sip Teqava. (For anyone curious about Teqava, I really like it. Its like tequila champagne and you don’t have to mix it with anything. We kept it in the ice chest so it would be super cold when we wanted it.)

Sipping on the yummy Teqava in the sun must have been the perfect recipe to release my inhibitions. Because, the next time Meaghan offered to take full body shots of me, I said yes and to my surprise, I liked them… and this morning when I woke up, I still liked them!

I was going to just post the pictures as a simple outfit post, but I think its important to say that these moments don’t come easy for me.

Confidence is something you have to work to get and work even harder to keep. Its like surfing a wave, once you get on and begin to coast, you still have to work to keep your balance and go as far as you can. Even after liking the photos that Meaghan took of me, its taken me all morning to publish them… but I’m going to keep riding my confidence wave and push send on this post.

Thanks Meaghan for being my confidence cheerleader and thanks Teqava for a little liquid courage… cheers to the Confidence Wave!

CeCeSwimFullSwimsuit from Swimsuits For All: here

CeCe SwimClose



Plus Size White Dress from @LaneBryant #PSPstyle

Every summer I get invited to a white party and realize I don’t own a white dress.

I think avoiding white is a remnant of the “black is slimming” mentality that so many of us are conditioned to as Plus Size Princesses. Welp, as I continue to chuck fashion “rules” out the window, I’m trying to embrace white outfits more (*fingers crossed* that I don’t spill anything)! I got a jump on finding a summer white ensemble early with this cool one shoulder frock from Lane Bryant.

I’ve also entered this look in the LB Style competition, vote for me here!

LB Headshot

LB Full

Shop the look below:

Choosing Plus Size Dresses Online (with @Macys & @TorridFashion #PSPstyle)

When it comes to shopping online, sometimes its hard to tell what will look good on you. With shipping fees, I really want to make sure I get it right the first time. I enjoy shopping and trying things on, I’ll put on dresses in different cuts/styles to learn what I like and what I don’t. Overtime I’ve developed a bit of a sixth sense when it comes to looking at an outfit and determining 1.) How it will look on me and 2.) What size I should get. Here are two of my most recent online purchases, below you can see how they look on the model and how they look on me.

I’m loving all of the floral prints coming out this season. This is my Cinco de Mayo outfit (it was *just* warm enough to pull this off with Gladiator Sandals) I spotted this floral/polka dot dress on the Torrid.com site and got it in what I thought was my size. It fit, but I wish I would have ordered it a size down, the flowy waist area allows for more room in the tummy area, but I felt like the bust could have been tighter. Oh, and for those of you wondering how I manage to go bare legged without chaffing issues, I swipe Gold Bond Anti Chafe Balm on my inner thighs and I’m good to go!


This dress I found on the Macy’s site, I ordered it in both pink and black because its such a classic cut, they’re now selling it in tangerine and turquoise too! I read the reviews on this dress and ordered it a size down, I’m really  glad I did. It fit perfectly… the only tweaking I had to do was in the bust, the cross body effect left wayyyy too much room for The Twins to pop out, so I took a needle and thread and tacked it. The model has a smaller chest than I do though, so if you’re built like her you shouldn’t have a problem. macysmodelcece


Shop the looks below!

Plus Size Peplum Tops? Yes Please! #PSPstyle

I carry most of my weight in my tummy, so it took me a verrrrry long time to test out the peplum trend. I didn’t think the flare of the peplum would sit right awkwardly on my rolls, but that is not the case at all. This is a plus size peplum from SimplyBe, I’ve paired it with three different bottoms and while leggings were my most daring choice, I loved the vintage feel. I wanted to sing songs from Grease all day!

As I mentioned on twitter the other day, a good pair of leggings should be able to double as shapewear. I like my leggings to sit high on my waist so that they help keep me cinched in and smooth. Also, be sure your leggings arent worn because when the sunlight hits a pair of worn leggings, all bets are off and no one on the street should know if your underwear has polka-dots, or not 😉

Blk Set2resize

Photo by Zanography

Shop Plus Size Peplums Below!

Plus Size Princess Style (#PSPStyle) with Igigi

Valentines day was a while ago, but I’m still basking in the glow. My Valentines Day started on the 13th with my Dad having roses delivered to my office 🙂 Then on the 14th Robert showed up at my apartment at 8am with flowers and candy, it was a complete surprise, which I loved. Robert definitely spoiled me because he had Vday plans for us from Thursday morning-Saturday night, it was really really great *blush*

Igigi also had me in a romantic mood with their Sommer Plus Size Draped Dress, this is a great piece that I’ve worn with pink and green accessories. If you’re nervous about prints, the cut of this dress works so well on curves that the prints just feel… right. Note: When I sit down, “the twins” do show a bit more in the V-neck which is good for a date, but for work you may want to put a tank underneath.

Paisley Dress Full Length 6

Photos by ZanographyPaisley Dress Headshot 6

Here are the winners of the #PSPstyle Valentines Day challenge. The contest might be over, but #PSPstyle is here to stay! Have a cute outfit on? Instagram it with #PSPstyle and I’ll feature you on my page! (who knows, you might even win something) Congrats ladies!PSPStyle Winners!

Shop our looks below!

Happy Valentines Day! #PSPstyle

I hope you guys are having a fabulous Valentines Day!

Mine is off to a great start, flowers from my Dad arrived yesterday (he’s my #1 Valentine) and Robert is doing a good job coming in second 😉

I’m always a fan of a day devoted to love. I always take this day to remind myself that my relationship status has no bearing on my value as a person. I wrote a post called “I Haven’t Changed” a few Vdays ago where I reminded myself that having a boy in my life doesn’t change/validate me and it still rings true. I will continue to work on loving myself and keep my fingers that the people around me will do the same.

Now for today’s fashion! Don’t forget that I’m giving away FIVE prizes for the Plus Size Princess Style challenge (#PSPstyle). For details on how to enter/win click here!

Here’s my #PSPstyle outfit from last night and todays Valentines day festivities (you can’t tell but I’m wearing fishnets with a seam and cute little bows up the back… and an awesome bra/panty set from Lane Bryant):


Paisley Pink Dress by Igigi, everything else is available below!


Plus Size Princess Style #PSPstyle – Valentines Challenge!

I LOVE love, so naturally Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. I have fun on Valentines Day even when I’m not dating anyone and a big part of that is dressing up.

To make Vday fun for all of my PSP’s, I’d like to kickstart something new: The Plus Size Princess Style Challenge (#PSPstyle). Think of #PSPStyle as the sister hashtag to #PSPfit, the Plus Size Princess Fitness Challenge. We’ve been taking pictures of ourselves all sweaty at the gym, now lets document when we’re looking our curvaceous best!

Here’s how to get your pics to me:

Facebook: Tag TBGB’s facebook page and once I get the notification, I’ll share your fabulous pic.

Twitter: Tweet your outfit pic to @thebiggirlblog #PSPstyle and I’ll RT

Instagram: Tag PlusSizePrincess #PSPstyle

#PSPstyle isn’t just for Valentines Day. From now on, whenever you post a cute pic on instagram or twitter be sure to tag #PSPstyle so that I can ReTweet/Repost your fun fashion style photos and award prizes when I can.

For the Valentines #PSPstyle challenge I’ve got FIVE prizes to give away: A $100 gift card to Igigi, a $50 gift card to Lane Bryant and 3 red satin bras from Just My Size.

The contest is open from 2/11-2/18 for those of you who celebrate Vday early or late. Enter as many times as you want, if you love your outifts every day tag them with #PSPstyle and send them on over! Here’s how to enter:

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