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Win a $250 Shopping Spree at eShakti.com

Hello Lovelies,

As you’ve probably noticed, eShakti is one of my favorite clothing stores right now. They’re doing a contest where you can win up to $250 in store credit by putting their brand into your own words!

You have till March 31st to enter, so lets go! You can win:

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P.S. Tell your (skinny) friends too, this line carries size 0-26 and can do custom fittings for size 28+

Fashion Emergency: What Should I Wear to The Superbowl?

Hey Cece,

I just started reading your blog recently. I noticed you give advice to us PSP’s and I wanted to ask your advice on this… I am headed to the Super Bowl in less than 2 weeks and I’m the only girl in my family bigger than a size 6…I’m a 16! I want to wear something fun to the Super Bowl (and after parties) without going over the top. Any great outfit ideas for when you know you’re going to be pictures with skinnies?!

Thanks girl.


Hey B,

First of all, congrats on your Superbowl trip… how fun!

I love clothes and fashion but I don’t talk about it too much on TBGB. (I try to leave those things to the professional plus size fashion bloggers) On the other hand, I do love a challenge, so I’ll take a stab at your question.

When it comes to sporting events, nothing is hotter than mixing masculine and super feminine. So if it were me, here’s the look I’d create:

I would take the T-Shirt of whichever team I’m rooting for and cut it into something sexy that shows my assets. Perhaps a halter top? I’ve converted Tshirts into halters a couple of times and its super fun and always a conversation piece. You can use rhinestones or sequins to embellish the logo etc.

If you’re scared or don’t know where to start, head to Borders and pick up 99 ways to cut, sew & trim your Tshirt


Of course you’re going to be outside, so I would get a cute cardigan to go over the Tshirt.

Then I would either do something relaxed like a denim skirt, tights and boots. OR I would grab a hot pair of jeans. (I’m in love with my new Source of Wisdom jeans that I picked up from Torrid).

Of course, flawless make-up and accessories are a must. Sweep your hair into a casual pony tail and… Voila! you have a one-of-a-kind look that shows your team spirit and femininity.

Hopefully that helps!


P.S. I saw a photo of you on your blog and you have NO REASON to worry about being in pictures with “skinnies” lol you’re super cute and I hope you send me a photo of whatever you decide to wear.

A Big Girl Rant: Why Do Big Girls Overcompensate?

You might get mad at me for this one, but here goes….

I’ve been noticing a trend among the big girls that I see in New York City and its not good. Whether I’m on 125th, in Soho or navigating the sea of tourists on 34th street; lately, if I’ve seen a big girl her style catches my eye (and not in a good way).

These days when I see a group of girls, the big girl is the one who’s outfit is over the top. The abundance of piercings, extreme extensions, crazy hair dye, unflattering leggings in awful colors, offensive cleavage, color contacts… etc. is mind boggling!

Just so we’re clear, when it comes to this issue, I’m not sitting on my high-fashion-horse looking down. I’ve been that girl. I’ve died my hair, pierced my nose and while I love my boobies, I’m sure I’ve been a little over zealous in sharing them with the world. But ultimately, I realized that I was doing instant changes to my looks and ignoring the one change that I actually needed to spend time on, my weight.

I was in a bar bathroom about a year ago and there was an advertisement for a local gym next to the mirror. It said “Putting on Lipstick Wont Make You Thinner!” So many PSP’s are attempting to use external things to distract from their weight and it doesn’t work!

That piercing wont make you thinner!
Having hair extensions wont make you thinner!
Changing your eyes from brown to blue wont. make. you. thinner!

For the record, I think you can be fat and fabulous (duh!), you can be fat and fashionable (double duh). I’m talking to those of us who’ve become fat fashion victims. It’s like, instead of embracing trends and personal style we’re being overtaken by these things. Its an easy trap to fall into because it’s instant gratification. Hearing “you look cute today” feels good, especially if we feel like our weight keeps people from seeing us a certain way… but lets keep it all in perspective.

Because at the end of the day when we take out our piercings, fake hair and contacts… if we don’t feel comfortable in our own skin– it doesn’t matter.

A Big Girl Rant: Denim vs. Chub Rub

Yesterday I attended the funeral of my favorite pair of jeans.

I made my way down the steps to the trash cans behind my apartment building with my jeans lifeless in my arms. As I lifted the metal lid and placed the jeans on top of some trash bags I wondered if my neighbors would think I was nuts if I said a few words.

My Svobodas were a very special pair of jeans. They came from a family of denim designed specifically for PSP’s (Plus Size Princesses) and this pair did everything that jeans should. Not only did they elongate my legs but they enhanced my, um… assets. My Svobodas and I have been through a lot together; casual Fridays at work, first dates, nights out with the girls… I could always count on them to make me feel good. Sadly, these jeans fell victim to an untimely death at the hands of… Chub Rub.

Chub Rub: discomfort caused by chub (fat) rubbing together.

As I looked down into the garbage can at my dearly departed denim, it started to mist. I wanted to shake my fist at the grey sky and cry out “Chuuuuub Ruuuuuub!!!”

Chub Rub has been an arch Nemesis of mine for many years. Mostly attacking when my bare legs rub together under a dress or skirt. This friction can result in anything from slight skin irritation to burning and/or blisters. I thought I’d won when I began to find ways to avoid chub rub skin irritation while wearing skirts and dresses (I’ll write about that later). My victories were short lived though, because Chub Rub has always had the last word when it came to my jeans.

I’ve laid many pairs of jeans to rest because of this silent killer.

With every step I take, each pair of my jeans will slowly wear thin in the space where my thighs touch and eventually the thin fabric will rip, fray and ultimately become a hole. The Svobodas were a higher quality, so they did last a lot longer, but it was still the same fate. For this reason I try not get too attached to any pair of jeans, no matter how great they are.

Of course, there is reincarnation for denim. I’ve converted many torn jeans into shorts or denim skirts, I’ve even sewn one pair into a shoulder bag. But, no matter how clever I am with their remains, my jeans are never as amazing as when they were in their original form.

This may sound terrible, but when I am pushing my legs together on the inner thigh machine at the gym, I sometimes wonder how much easier it could be to get a little liposuction done to rid myself of this problem. At the rate that I’m running through jeans, it may actually save me some money….

Win a Pair of Jeans (on Twitter)!

Hello Lovelies,

You know I love clothes and I love my readers, so why not combine my two loves and give my readers some clothes!

Lee jeans has an awesome plus size denim line (size 16-26) I have a pair and I “heart” them….

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Curvy Conversations: When Weight Makes Us Wait.

This weeks Curvy Conversation comes from an anonymous reader:

Hi Cece,

I love your blog and your refreshing honesty. You remind me of Carrie from Sex in the City but don’t worry you aren’t anywhere near as neurotic as she was…LOL.

I see that you battle the same issues with weight and dating that I have. I have always had a battle of the bulge, but I’ve never been as obese as I am right now. I am currently a size 26 which is down from a size 28. Prior to all of this weight gain, I was never higher than a size 14. I put on all of this weight due to some changes I made in my life some years back when I moved out of state. Since then it is as if my life came to a screeching halt. I always felt as if I couldn’t go to a particular place, wear certain clothing etc., unless I lost weight.

Well…some years have gone by and each year I put on even more weight. I have finally come to the sad conclusion that I am fat and may always be fat. But I have resigned myself to at least become fat, healthy, to develop my own plus size style and build my self esteem. I ordered a brand new wardrobe and I am trying to build up the courage to wear my new clothes. I have dressed frumpy for so long now that it has become very comfortable.

The men that approach me these days seem to look downright homeless or they are really old. When I meet a cute guy in my age group, I can’t even bring myself to look him in the eyes. Because I am so used to averting my eyes from the men that I don’t want attention from. I am suspicious if a man seems like he is attracted to me because I feel like I am reading into the situation wrong. I am so downtrodden from bad relationships that I prefer to sit at home on the weekends and eat tasty food while watching my favorite movies. As you can see, this is doing nothing for me.

I don’t expect you to have the answers for me. But please if you can….give me a little assistance so that I can overcome all of this. I would love to get married and have children and while I want to believe that I can find someone who would love me for me….I haven’t convinced myself that I will find someone who will love me at this weight.


Hello Lovely,

There’s so much I want to say– I don’t know where to begin!

First of all… congrats on dropping a size, obviously its not your ideal size, but you’re on the way down which is great! Of course, I love that you are making a change in your wardrobe. Getting dressed in the morning should be fun! Of course as PSP’s sometimes it takes a little more effort/research/trial and error for us to develop a signature style, but when we look good, we feel good! And the more you feel good about your size 26, 22 or 18 self the more you are going to draw people to you. Its all about being the best possible version of us, no matter what that looks like!

Also, might I suggest that you donate your old, frumpy clothes to the Goodwill? This way your new wardrobe will be your only choice! I say this because it makes me nervous that you think you need courage in order to debut the new you… It sounds like you have a closet full of fashionable, well fitting clothes… so why are you waiting to put them on?

As a matter of fact– I think “Why Wait?” might be my theme for you.

There are so many things I’ve put on hold, telling myself that they could happen “next year” once I’ve lost weight. But then “next year” comes and I weigh more than I did the year before. There are opportunities and events I’ve passed up due to my size; Now if I said I was going to take that time and go to the gym instead that would make sense, but is that what I’d do? No! I would sit at home and (like you) I would eat. If I really think about it, how many happy moments have I passed up in favor of unhappy ones at home with Ben & Jerry? And how many more unhappy moments have I caused due to the calories consumed during my time spent with Ben & Jerry?

I know for me it was a defense mechanism. I would tell myself “why go out and dance with your girlfriends, no one is going to talk to you anyway…” but I would totally forget that I love to dance! I would rob myself of things I enjoyed because of how other people might react to me. Its a vicious cycle, but its one that can be broken!

The next time an opportunity comes for you to be social throw on one of your cute new outfits and go! Of course you may face rejection or awkward moments (who doesn’t?) but you also may have the time of your life, so… Why wait?

Now, lets say that you find it in you to get dolled up and get social. What we can’t have you doing is averting your eyes every time a man comes near. This sounds crazy, but you have to force yourself to make eye contact, because the funny thing is– while you’re looking away out of shyness/insecurity, men are looking at you thinking you’re unapproachable, snobby etc. Practice in the grocery store, on the bus… wherever. The more you do it, the easier it gets… kinda. To be honest, this is something I need to work on as well (the other night, Robert and I went out dancing and I realized I barely looked him in the face the whole night– eek!).

Of course the more confidence you have, the more you will attract the type of men that you’re looking for. But I have to say, unless you love yourself… love from a man will still leave a void. As hard as this may be to hear; the work begins with you. As you begin to pour love into your own heart– the man who is meant to love you, at whatever size you happen to be, will come. (this is a lesson I am STILL learning).

Again, the love you’re looking for starts inside of you. Take care of you… treat yourself as something precious and any man who meets you will have no choice but to do the same.


P.S. I try to keep my neurotic side under wraps, but I’ll be a “Curvy Carrie” any day!

Keep the letters coming: nycece@gmail.com