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Event Recap! Livi Active Launch Party #PSPfit + #LiviLife

Each time I do an event, I get nervous that no one will show up, but from the moment I walked into the Newport Centre mall I was met with warm greetings from my blog readers and YouTube subbies. You all put me right at ease, so thank you! There was also a sign with my name on it in the mall,  which made me feel teen pop star… basically a dream come true!

CeCe Olisa #PSPfit Lane Bryant Livi Launch Party

Thank you to everyone who came out to my launch party and the other 150 Lane Bryant locations to celebrate the launch of the Livi Active collection of plus size workout clothes. I made a little event video recap for us, but you can also check out #PSPfit and #LiviLife on instagram for more photos and videos.


Also, thank you to my “in real life” friends Liz, Huanne, Jasmine and Alex– who trekked out to New Jersey to support me, I love you guys!!!

CeCe Olisa Girlfriends

CeCe Olisa Alex #PSPfit #LiviLife


Shop the Livi Active Collection Here

click here to register for the #PSPfit challenge

Plus Size Fitness: Our #PSPfit Fall Fitness Pre-Game Challenge!

Alright ladies, The Fall Cycle of #PSPfit bootcamp begins on October 28h. Beginning next Sunday, I’m going to start doing a #PSPfit Pre game challenge on instagram (follow me @PlusSizePrincess). If you’re up for it you can join me from anywhere in the world.  We’ll stay in touch on instagram and twitter using the #PSPfit Hashtag!

A lifestyle change is all about small adjustments that add up, so our pre-game is simple but ohhhhh so important. Hydration, Exercise and Rest create the foundation that gets me in the zone to crush workouts, let my body recover/release toxins and lets me look my best while I do it.

My Plus Size Fitness Basics

During the #PSPfit Pre-game challenge:

-We’ll be drankin… We’ll be drankin (100 ounces of Water each day)

-We’ll up in the gym just working on our fitness (four workouts per week, 30 minutes minimum)

-We’ll be waking up with cartoon birds chirping around our heads (6-8 hours of sleep each night)

If you live in NYC and want to step your game up a little more, I’m starting a #PSPfit Team NYC weekly workout group 🙂 Join the team for $25/month and work out with my trainer for an hour every Saturday morning @ 11am, rain or shine!

Right now, we can accommodate 15 girls, so the first 15 girls to register will be our first Team NYC members! The Registration link will go out on Friday afternoon at 12pm via email only. Be the first to register by joining the priority invite list:

Join the #PSPfit Team NYC Priority Invite List



Plus Size Yoga Tips + Curvy Yoga Party Video

One of the things Keisa, our Yoga instructor said during the Curvy Yoga Party was that “everyone needs some type of modification”. It was nice to hear that because, sometimes in yoga classes its easy to feel like being plus size is keeping me from being able to hit certain poses, so it was good to be reminded that all bodies are different and that’s okay! Asking for modifications is something that people of all sizes need to do, so I’m going to try and be less shy about things like that.

CeCe Olisa #PSPfit Yoga Curvy NYC.jpg

We also discussed Yoga Blocks and how they can be used to extend your stretches and poses to make you more flexible. If your hands don’t touch the ground use Yoga Blocks in any position to “bring the ground to your hands”!

yoga blocks

 (Photo via ashtamangala.net)

Thank you to everyone who came out for Yoga & Curvy Conversations on Saturday!

A special thank you to all of the #PSPfit girls who bought/donated tickets to girls who couldn’t afford the class… you ladies never cease to amaze me with your open and generous spirits.

I love throwing events and meeting you girls and it was so exciting to watch PSP’s taking their very first yoga class, learning modifications for our bodies and of course having our “Curvy Conversations” at the end was icing on the cake.

CeCe Olisa #PSPfit Plus Size Yoga NYC.jpg

I’ve got a quick 5 minute Vlog recap of the day below + an extended live stream of the class. If you’re looking for plus size yoga tips, there are some gems in the live stream. If you want to be inspired, watch the NYC PSPs ROCKING our yoga session. We’ve got this ladies!

If you’re interested in joining us for curvy workouts (in NYC or other cities), make sure you register for updates at www.PSPfit.com


Quick Five Menute Recap:

Extended Live Stream + Full Class:

#PSPfit $21 January Jump Start: You Can Join From Any City! (FAQ’s)

Its official, your girl definitely got a little “puffy” over the holidays (definitely not good for my PCOS) so, I’m ready to bounce back.

The #PSPfit January Jumpstart we’ve planned is getting me back to the basics and based on the emails I’ve been getting I wont be doing this alone… I’m stoked!

The January Jumpstart is 21 days for $21 dollars in order to let everyone “dip their toe in the water” and see what #PSPfit is all about. A full on #PSPfit boot camp is no joke, so we want to make sure everyone has a good foundation as we go hard in 2014.

Lots of questions have been coming in about the #PSPfit January Jump Start. Below are the top three questions I’ve been answering via email (including a program breakdown). As usual leave a comment below or email me if you have more questions… Registration opens via email on 1/1/14 and ends on 1/11/14. Pre-Register by entering your email here.

1.) I don’t live in NYC, can I still join #PSPfit? YES MA’AM! 90% of #PSPfit happens via email, conference calls and our invitation only facebook group (moderated by our nutrition coach and myself). You don’t have to live in NYC to do #PSPfit and this round is going to be 100% virtual. We’ve got #PSPfit Boot Camp Babes all over the US, London, Canada, The Phillipines, Australia… etc. so join the bunch, no girl is excluded!

***side note, Want to meet curvy ladies who outside of NYC ? Save the date 1/11/14 #PSPfit will have meet ups be in 10 cities***

2.) What will I get? I’m going to let Abra answer this one… she built this for us, so she can break it down better than me, she says:

21 Day Mindful Clean and Green Whole Food Cleanse

 The Big Why:
You are sick and tired of being sick and tired (literally)
You are ready to bust through your limiting beliefs that you “can’t stick to it”
Diets don’t work. Mindful eating of real food does
A goal without a plan is nothing more than a passing thought
What you get:
21 days of CLEAN and GREEN meal plans, mindful eating strategies, recipes, daily inspirational emails, and more… 
What you give:
Your full commitment to be present, open, and ready
*During this cleanse we will be eliminating high allergen foods including dairy, wheat, soy, peanuts, and corn
*This is a mild food focused cleanse, meaning there are no additional shakes, bars, or supplements. You will not be starving or surviving solely on juices or shakes. 
*We will be introducing high nutrient foods into the diet to support the detoxification pathways within your body.
*This is a group cleanse with general guidelines, if you have specific concerns or unique dietary limitations we recommend you book a private consultation with Abra (please note during this group we will not be able to address individual concerns)

3.) I have PCOS, will I be the only one? Nope! I have PCOS and I ask that Abra create meal plans that are supportive to our endocrine issues (even if you don’t have PCOS, eating as if you do will only help you on your journey to health)

Are you down?

Pre-Register at www.pspfit.com!

Love Songs & Curvy Conversations (Recap)

On Saturday, I hosted “Love Songs & Curvy Conversations” at Lenox Coffee. It was my first event and it was sold out!!!

I put together a few pics for those of you who missed it (click on the images to make them bigger) and I’ll have video up soon. I want to thank my sponsors for being so supportive of TheBigGirlBlog and giving away great prizes. Thank you Match.com for giving away TWO memberships… I think the winners are going to have lots of fun with that 😉

SimplyBe is one of my favorite places to shop right now and they were kind enough to raffle TWO $100 giftcards to TBGB followers. I can’t wait to see what the winners choose, I know they’re going to look adorable!

We also got to hear from Tiffany from the Foxcroft collection (she’s wearing a foxcroft denim shirt that comes in plussize! You can see me wearing it here), Foxcroft gave away three shirts to facebook followers and attendees who spoke up and shared their stories.

The best part of the evening was meeting my Plus Size Princesses, I feel like I know you all from your comments/tweets/emails but being able to hug each of you and hear your stories meant a lot to me. (Special shout out to Nora who drove all the way from Connecticut! And to the Mom & sis from Saint Lucia who were visiting and hung out with us xoxo)

I could not have done this without Alex Lawrence, my pianist and best friend (I’ve known him since the 2nd grade!!) finding friends who will stand by you and support you 100% is rare these days, I love him so much– follow him on twitter @alexlawrens.

Speaking of supportive friends, I was glad that my friend Ms. Kathryn Finney was able to come too, she is so busy but she made time for me! I also had blogger buddies in the building, Alyssa from StylishCurves and Shaina from aThickGirlsCloset both came out and we all kinda matched in our color scheme… werk!

You can see more pics from #CurvyConvoNYC on my facebook page.

Lastly, I want to announce that my next event, “Cardio & Curvy Conversations” will be held at New York Sports Club on October 27th! Want to come workout with me? Register here!

Plus Size Fall Fashion Preview with SimplyBe.com

Yesterday I attended a lunch with some of my blogger pals, to take a peek at what SimplyBe.com has in store for the fall.

For those of you who don’t know, SimplyBe is a European brand that is branching into the US market (they’re also available in Germany). Their clothes range from sizes 10-28 which I love, because Plus Size Princesses on both ends of the spectrum can find things that fit.

Here are a few of the things I really liked from the preview. I’ll be placing orders soon so I can tell you how everything fits!

P.S. that little heart detail is the elbow patch on the gray sweater… so cute, right?