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How to Make Salad in a Mason Jar! #PSPfit

I think I mentioned to a few of you that my weight loss is on hold for the month. Losing weight during the holidays just seemed like an unrealistic goal for me, but maintaining the 50 pounds I have lost is something I really want to do.

Soooo even though I’m having wine and hors d’oeuvres at parties, I’m still exploring clean eating for my lunches at work and dinners on non-holiday party nights.

My latest experiment was to make salad in a mason jar. I heard that if you layer it right, the salad dressing stays on the bottom and the lettuce doesn’t get soggy. I’ve read that jars of salad can stay in the fridge up to 5 days, so I’m probably going to grab a few more mason jars and make 3-5 salads on Sundays when I cook for the week. I made one this week and posted the results on my instagram, check out the video and recipe below!

That’s my coworker laughing in the background of my lunch video… Hi, Annette!

Ingredient list (from the bottom of the jar to the top)

Homemade Dressing (Olive Oil/Lemon Juice/Honey/Chopped Garlic)
Shredded Carrots
Fresh String Beans
Picked Beets (found here)
Organic Brown Rice (1/4 cup)
Grilled Chicken (half a breast)
Romaine Lettuce

The only thing I measured was the brown rice and chicken, everything else I just layered as much as I wanted. When it came time to add the lettuce, I really packed it in so that my salad would be huge when I poured it out. Even when the jar looked full, there was enough room for more lettuce if I pressed down into the jar.

Healthy hearty meals like this are balancing out the wine and carbs that I’m indulging in and helping me maintain my weight loss until I’m ready to start losing again.

I’m looking for more salad inspiration, so if you have a fave recipe, instagram/tweet it and tag #PSPfit so I can see what you’re whipping up!

Plus Size Fitness: Our Thighs Touch & We’re Still Crushing Workouts! (Thanks, Lane Bryant!)

A huge Congratulations goes to all of the bootcamp babes who completed #PSPfit: Plus Size Princess Fitness Bootcamp (Cycle 2!). For 30 days we’ve:

1.) Crushed our YouTube workouts

2.) Carefully prepared the recipes our Nutrition Coach, Abra provided

3.) Looked fabulously sweaty in your Lane Bryant Activewear!

#PSPfit Plus Size Princess Fitness Bootcamp Lane Bryant Active

Scrolling through the #PSPfit hashtag on twitter and instagram reminds me that big girls DO work out and eat healthy foods. For the past 30 days I’ve seen #PSPfit Bootcamp Babes embracing yoga, planking for 1:40 seconds, eating kale/quinoa/beats, ditching diet soda skipping processed foods and loving ourselves to health and wellness at any size. As icing on the (almond flour) cake, there are #PSPfit bootcampers who have lost 10… 15… 18.8 pounds this month. For those of us with endocrine issues such as PCOS, weight loss can mean increased fertility and a huge step away from things like diabetes and insulin resistance. *high five*

I’d like to give a little recognition to a few #PSPfit Bootcamp Babes who have  really inspired me this session. Smooches to you all… as a token of my appreciation, I’ll be mailing each of you a $100 gift card to Lane Bryant!

#PSPfit Plus Size Princess Fitness Bootcamp Winners@Kholland5 – I love that you made #PSPfit a family affair, seeing your toddler downing green smoothies for breakfast and hanging with you in the kitchen was so adorable. He’s the official #PSPfit Kids ambassador!

@trekab – Your gorgeous yoga posts are beyond amazing. I know that high level plus size yoga is possible, but seeing your poses held with such strength made it so much more tangible. I hope all aspiring plus size yogi’s check out your instagram page.

@fatnerdytori – First, you win for the cutest instagram name. I kinda wish I was FatNerdyCeCe, but I wont steal your swag. Thank you for being open and honest in the private facebook group. You brought up a few things I hadn’t thought of before and I appreciate your insights!

@lizserna – Liz, you quit smoking cold turkey on day 1 of #PSPfit and you didn’t look back. Need I say more?! Some might say, quitting smoking while doing a boot camp is too much at once, but you jumped in with both feet and took your health by the reigns. I am in awe of your dedication and commitment.

The next #PSPfit bootcamp will be designed specifically for Virtual/Non-NYC ladies. So, if you’re interested in working with a Nutrition Coach and a few Plus Size health nuts, click here to join the #PSPfit Mailing list!