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Gym Clothes for a Plus Size Princess (Xersion by JCPenney)! #TroopOneX

So… I’m not losing weight.

For the past 2 weeks the scale dips down and then it zooms right back up again. I don’t think I’m in a plateau situation but I’m trying to see what changes I can make to get the scale moving in the direction that I would like. The first thing I’m doing is nixing alcohol from my diet. My life in NYC is very much surrounded by cocktails. My week can have a combination of wine with Robert, after work cocktails, open bar blogging events, etc. and those are calories that aren’t necessary, so I’m starting there. The Plus Size Princess Fitness Challenge (#PSPfit) is 100% about getting fit and healthy and I’m definitely doing that but I want weight loss to be one of the results of a stronger healthier life.

The other thing I’m doing is finding inspiration to keep trying. I spent the weekend looking at plus size swimwear by Simply Be and fantasizing about wearing a more daring bathing suit this summer. Of course, I find inspiration from the #PSPfit girls on twitter/instagram/tumblr. I’ve also found motivation in having legit workout gear because new gym clothes make me want to go work out more.

The latest addition to my #PSPfit wardrobe is from JCPenney’s Xersion line, The pieces are perfect for an active Plus Size Princess. Their racer-back tank flares out at the waist, so its not tight on my tummy. Their colorful jackets are designed to loop your headphones through the pocket so you don’t drop your phone. Best of all, they make really amazing workout leggings with reflective stripes and a pocket in the back for your phone/keys/credit cards. Its nice to have plus size active wear that goes beyond leggings and a t shirt. Just call me “Sporty Spice” 😉

JCcollagePhotos taken with the HTC One phone!

The sizing on these items is pretty standard. Everything I have fits like a glove and the shirt and pants have adjustable draw string waist bands. Also note that the tank doesn’t have a shelf bra, so I’m wearing a sports bra underneath, but the shirt is made to camouflage that.

How are YOUR 2013 fitness goals coming along?

Snag Plus Size workout clothes from JCPenney & Xersion below!

Weight Loss Check In!

Last week the women’s locker room at the gym was a circus. All the lockers were taken and the ones that were empty were broken. The place was a sea of bright colored thongs and heads wrapped in white towels. Standing in the middle of the chaos were three women in their coats waiting for a locker to open up.

“I can’t WAIT for January to be ovah,” one of them said while smacking her gum. Then she waved a finger around the locker room, “Alllll of ya’ll will be GONE by February!”

Everyone knows that January is resolution time. Gym memberships, salads and bottles of water are all the rage with everyone, myself included. But I really want to keep momentum, I don’t want to be “GONE by February!” like the girl in the locker room predicted.

Over the holidays I gained seven pounds. So, I’ve been working intensely to get that weight off. Robert says gaining seven pounds over Christmas is “not that bad” but I know that I had lofty goals to possibly lose a few pounds during that time.

So far I’m down 5.8 and I’m hoping that by months end I’ll be down the full seven pounds. Then February will be all about moving towards my long-term weight loss goals, the first of which is to lose 30 pounds by the summer (if you’re wondering why I want to lose, I discussed it here last week).

One of the things that has helped me is to schedule my workouts in my calendar. I got that tip from a friend who’s finishing an online education course in fitness training. Looking at my calendar reminds me that I have options to take vigorous classes 6 days a week and seeing those appointments really helps me to make that a priority.

Anyway, I just thought I’d check in with everyone since January is usually a time when we set goals. What are your health fitness goals? How has January been for you?

I’ll be responding to all comments, so chime in below!