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Plus Size Dating Standards | Body Image | Shopping with Friends #CurvyConvo, Live (Episode 2)

Do you ever think about how upgrades are relative to what we had before? One girl may go from a flip phone to an iPhone 3 and be so hyped she wouldn’t even realize she was missing out on an iPhone 5. Another girl may order an iPhone 5, but get intimidated by all the new things it can do… return it and go back to her flip phone.

Those same things can happen in dating… Sometimes we think we’ve “upgraded” because someone is treating us better than what we’re used to. But if we’re used to being treated poorly, that doesn’t mean much.

On the other hand we may say we want to upgrade, but when it finally happens we get in our own way and can’t adapt. That was me when I first met Mr. Man: I had been whining that I seemed to only attract “flip phone dudes”, but when a “smartphone” type of guy was put in my path, I panicked and couldn’t activate our relationship.

I had a harsh conversation with myself in a post called “I said I deserved the best, but do I believe it?”  and then I pulled it together slowly. I had been praying for a certain type of guy, I had been complaining that I too deserved to be with someone who had the qualities I was looking for… so why was I shocked when he finally came along?

ask for what you deserve

In this weeks #CurvyConvo, Live! we had a good chat about plus size dating standards, body image issues and how to shop with your skinny friends without feeling uncomfy. You can watch the video below… I’m really enjoying talking to you girls live each week, so I’m going to keep it going 🙂

The next #CurvyConvo, Live will happen on Monday, August 25th at 9pm Eastern RSVP here!

Also, if you have a question you’d like me to answer, you can submit it at PlusSizePrincess.com/Contact

Special thanks to my girl Amanda for hanging with me… follow her on YouTube: youtube.com/imfashionablylate

Dear CeCe: Should I Let my Boyfriend Sleep With Someone Else?

Hi CeCe!

I’m in a loving relationship with my man for about 4 years now. But now and then, we get a little bored so we’ve decided to do a controlled “experiment.” He and I can both sleep with one person off Tinder (the dating app!) with the caveat that we need to sign off on each other’s person. 

Tinder is interesting actually. Have you ever tried the app? What do you think? Is this a recipe for disaster? I already feel a little guilty when I attempt to contact men off Tinder.  


Hi Anonymous,

Here are some things to ask yourself:

1.) Should I look for excitement inside of my relationship or outside of it?

2.) What if I don’t like this “experiment” and my boyfriend loves it?

3.) Why am I trying to save my relationship by doing things that make me feel guilty?

4.) Am I happy? Am I fulfilled? Is this the relationship for me?

5.) Do I want to be with someone who doesn’t mind me sleeping with someone else?

I’ve elaborated a bit more in this video response, I hope its helpful to you!

Side Note– for single girls looking for new dating apps to try: Yes, I have heard good things about Tinder and the other swipe-quickly app, TryHotorNot which is a new take on the old time-killing site that people were obsessed with a few years back. Robert would kill me if I signed up, so if you’re on either of these new sites let me know how it goes for you 😉

…thoughts? What advice do you have for our girl?


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“CeCe, I need Plus Size Hygiene Advice…” #CurvyConvo

Hi CeCe,

I need plus size hygiene advice… I’m having trouble staying fresh.


Dear Anonymous,

I love that you brought this up… we’ve discussed boob sweat and chub rub on TBGB  but I never thought to write about overall cleanliness/hygiene for the Plus Size Princess. I’m sure a lot of us are told to sprinkle a little baby powder here and there, but sometimes that’s not enough. A huge part of staying fresh is combating friction. If you have parts of your body that touch/rub together i.e. back fat, cleavage or even your, um… kangaroo pouch/FUPA those can become hot spots that produce a certain Eau de funk. Lucky for us, there are products that make plus size hygiene a breeze.

Before I get into products that help keep a Plus Size Princess smelling like a daisy, here are some things you can do without spending extra money that easily help with hygiene: (click next)