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“CeCe, I need Plus Size Hygiene Advice…” #CurvyConvo

Hi CeCe,

I need plus size hygiene advice… I’m having trouble staying fresh.


Dear Anonymous,

I love that you brought this up… we’ve discussed boob sweat and chub rub on TBGB  but I never thought to write about overall cleanliness/hygiene for the Plus Size Princess. I’m sure a lot of us are told to sprinkle a little baby powder here and there, but sometimes that’s not enough. A huge part of staying fresh is combating friction. If you have parts of your body that touch/rub together i.e. back fat, cleavage or even your, um… kangaroo pouch/FUPA those can become hot spots that produce a certain Eau de funk. Lucky for us, there are products that make plus size hygiene a breeze.

Before I get into products that help keep a Plus Size Princess smelling like a daisy, here are some things you can do without spending extra money that easily help with hygiene: (click next)