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Spotted: Chris Brown Playing Basketball in NYC

Have you heard Chris Brown’s “Dueces” song?

There’s a line in there that says like Tina did Ike in the Limo, it finally hit me. When I heard that lyric, I knew that Chris Brown would never see what he did the way most of us do. How could he site the most infamous domestic violence incident in pop-culture in one of his songs when he’s next in line for that title?

I’m soooo over Chris Brown! He may have forgotten his savage beating of a woman, but I haven’t.

Last night Robert and I  exited the train at West 4th and there was a huge crowd around the basketball courts. Robert said out loud to no one in particular “Is someone famous playing ball today?” then a stranger responded, “Yeah, Chris Brown!”

We both looked over the crowd and saw the “blonde bombshell” running up and down the courts. I guess he needed to let out some steam after breaking a window at Good Morning America earlier that morning. I snapped a photo because I could not believe he was making such a fool of himself in a single day.

“Do you think he’s ‘on something’?” Robert asked as we pushed our way through the crowd that was watching the CBreezy train wreck. I just shook my head.

A few weeks ago, Chris Brown leaked full frontal photos of his, um… “little Brown Chris” (sorry, I’m not posting those photos) and now Chris is having a public meltdown during the release of his comeback album.

My personal opinion is that the guilt of what he did is haunting him and making him ruin his own moment in the spotlight. Guilt can do funny things to a person (kind of like how OJ Simpson somehow managed to put himself in jail even when he was acquitted for murder).

Is Chris Brown on the Charlie Sheen band wagon? Does he really think we’re going to forget what he did do our precious RiRi? Also, where are his “people” and why aren’t they telling him to stop acting like an idiot

I have no clue, but it made for a very interesting evening!