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Big Girls & Short Hair: My SisterLocks Install at Sabine’s Hallway (Natural Hair Salon NYC)

Is there a myth somewhere that big girls shouldn’t have short hair?

I’ve been thinking about getting SisterLocks for a long time and last week, I finally took the plunge and began my journey. While, I’m super happy with how they turned out, I was surprised that having “short hair” made me feel more vulnerable about my weight. In the past I’ve always added the hair I wanted for my ideal length with braids, weaves, etc. but I never thought about hair as part of my body image until I started rocking my natural hair at its current length.

Long Weave to Short SisterLocks

I know I prefer long hair in general, but I’m wondering if any of that has to do with body image. Like the longer hair is easier to hide behind or something? I dunno…

Anyway, committing to love my hair at the length it is now while I wait for it to grow longer feels very similar to committing to love my body as it is now, while I work to become my healthiest self.

(Watch me go from Kinky to pressed to SisterLocks in the video below)

Going 100% natural feels right for where I am in my fitness and self love journey.

Oddly enough, I’m not supposed to put any product on my hair. This means that in order to keep my 4C hair hydrated, I have to make sure I’m drinking enough water. Taking care of my hair from the inside out is right in line with my plus size fitness goals, so here is yet another reason for me to eat supportive foods and take care of myself.

My install was done at Sabines Hallway in Brooklyn (www.sabineshallway.com). It took 3 days to finish my hair, so having a nice ambience made the experience comfortable. We had NetFlix, Wifi and good company. I couldn’t ask for anything better!

I’ll have more details on my hair soon, but if you have specific questions leave them in the comments and I can answer them for ya!

I can definitely say this is another piece added to the puzzle of loving myself as I am now, and I’m all for it!

sisterlockson 4c hair 2

Summertime Shine #LuminousSkin

I’m switching up my look and enjoying more skin bearing outfits. Last week I remixed one of my favorite skirts for Saturday lunch with Robert.

CeCe Olisa PlusSizePrincess.com Striped Skirt with Pockets

 I bought this shirt for $6 Here and this skirt for $73 Here

I’ve also been trying different moisturizers to make sure I don’t get a “lizard legs” situation.

Lizard legs = when your shins get really dry.

For me, creamy lotions work well, but when I jump out of the shower, I like to let my skin absorb that water with a with an oil or gel moisturizer. This week I’ve been testing out Jergens Shea Beauty Oil, which is supposed to give skin six times more radiance, sheen and hydration. I like it because its an oil that doesn’t make me look/feel greasy and my skin feels moisturized through the day, so I’m not looking down in the middle of the day and seeing ashy legs!

The oil comes in a bottle that pumps. I’ve spilled baby oil before, so this is a good thing for me. A few pumps of the oil goes a long way and it absorbs really quickly. You can find this Shea Beauty Oil in grocery and drug stores in your area for $9.99. For more info about Jergens


This post brought to you by Jergens. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Brazilian Waxing for Plus Size Princesses: Eight tips for Going to Brazil!

Last week, Irina, the woman who does my waxing mentioned that some salons ask plus size girls to pay more for a Brazilian Wax,  because of their size. That really broke my heart, because reputable salons will not charge you a “fat fee”. According to Irina, the rates should be based on the service they provide not the size of the customer.

Below is a video and 8 tips for big girls who are looking to “go the Brazil” this summer… lets go! (press play, the video works!)

  1. A Brazilian Wax is when you wax everything from the front to the back (Yes, the back!)
  2. A big girl should not be charged more for a Brazilian wax. My Aestetician says that rates are based on the type of work (i.e. legs, bikini line, full brazilian) not the size of the person
  3. Having good chemistry with the person doing your wax makes the awkward/intimate process of waxing so much easier. Don’t be afraid to walk away or ask for someone else. Its your body and your money 😉
  4. I always skip nail salons and go to dedicated waxing salons or spas for my wax. This makes it easier to find someone who makes me more comfortable, if needed
  5. You will have to take your clothes off from the waist down, so I often wear a dress so that I can just take off my chonies (aka underwear) and pull the dress up easily
  6. I also offer to help, when needed. Sometimes, I have to move my chub out of the way and/or hold my tummy taunt. Saying “let me know if you need me to help” in the beginning tells my aesthetician that she wont offend me by asking
  7. Getting a wax can often feel like yoga. Irinia, my wax lady has me in a lot of crazy positions so that she can get to all my “nooks and crannies”, for me this is why good chemistry makes things easier
  8. Always remember, having a brazilian wax can make a girl feel very… *wiggles eyebrows* I always try to make sure I get my waxing done at times when it wont affect my decision making on dates. That’s all I’ll say about that!



How To Prevent Ingrown Hairs & Shaving Bumps (My PCOS & Brazilian Wax Maintenance)

There I was, minding my own business in the grocery store on 116th street, when a woman approached me. “Excuse me, do you know about TendSkin?” I looked at her with a confused look on my face, which she took as a cue to continue. “TendSkin, it will help with those bumps,” she said with a kind smile and walked away.

“Those bumps” were the ingrown hairs that I was battling as a result of managing the hirsutism (excess hair) that comes with having PCOS. As much as I hate that I have to deal with hirsutism, I’m thankful that I don’t have hair growing on my face/cheeks as other PCOS women do, that’s got to be really frustrating. Anyway, I thought my hairy situation was under control, but the side effects to my regular hair removal was giving me ingrown hair bumps which also isn’t cute. I mean, if a lady in the grocery store noticed it… I needed to do better.

Fast forward a few months and I started getting brazilian waxes (yup, plus size brazilians are no big deal, I love them). The aesthetician encouraged me to exfoliate my “little CeCe” with a sugar scrub and moisturize her with an oil (not baby oil, it clogs pores down there and causes… in-growns!). I mentioned to a girlfriend that I was trying different scrubs to prevent in-growns after waxing and she told me that apricot scrub works really well for her.

Thus, my ingrown hair/shaving bump prevention routine was born! I use the following steps anywhere that hair grows, bikini area, underarms and my “PCOS hot spots” and it keeps me bump free!

Here’s my process:

Step 1: When I shave, I use a 5 blade razor so that I don’t have to go over the area too much. I’ve tried cheap 5 blade razors, but I find that Schick is the best brand.

Step 2: In between shaving/waxes, I scrub all areas with Apricot scrub. I think the acne fighting agents are what makes this work better for me than a plain sugar scrub.

Step 3: I moisturize any area that has been waxed or shaved with coconut oil. Coconut oil is great to use all over your body and in your hair!

Step 4: Tend Skin, this is basically a miracle product. Even if I’m traveling and skip the steps above for a while, Tend Skin keeps a girl bump/ingrown free until I’m back home with all of my supplies. I’ve started with the roll-on container, now I buy big bottles and refill as needed.

Do you get shaving bumps/in-growns? How do you manage them?

Plus Size Travel, Plus Size Swimsuits & Vacay Essentials

Greetings from Los Angeles!

So, I got on the plane in NYC and was able to click the seat belt closed with no extender! Then just as I was applauding myself for my weight loss acomplishments, I changed flights in Chicago and the seatbelt was *this* close to fitting, but it wouldn’t and I had to ask the flight attendant for an extender afterall (womp womp!). Goes to show, that its not always us… sometimes its the plane, so we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves when we have to do the oh so embarrassing extender request.

I’m in my home state for a friends wedding. I’m not in the wedding and Robert had to stay behind for a family wedding of his own, so my main goal for this trip is to relax! I’m going to be by the pool and/or on the beach as much as possible starting tomorrow, so I tried really hard not to overpack. I’ve made some discoveries over the past few weeks that made my packing a lot more simple. So I thought I’d share!

First off, I revamped my travel outfit for the summer– remember when I wrote about plane comfy clothes for Plus Size Princesses? Well you can see that post come to life in this picture. The lip gloss I’m wearing is from the See & Be Seen makeup kit by Anastasia. I love the pink color and it pops on my brown skin, which is sometimes hard to find in a lip gloss.

Next, FullBeauty.com has done something I’ve been wanting a swimline to do for a long time… they’re making swimsuits with underwire in them! I always buy at least one halter swimsuit, but for a girl like me with DDD’s, that knot starts to dig into the base of my neck after a while and its not comfortable. Underwire in this vintage swimsuit cut is going to make my time by the pool perfect. Follow me on Instagram (PlusSizePrincess) and I’ll be posting pictures through the weekend. FullBeauty also has a great sheer swimdress that I like– I know everyone is doing the fatkini thing, but I’m just not ready, so these suits work well for me.

Lastly, Ms. Kathryn Finney from TheBudgetFashionista turned me on to the new Crocs… its not those crazy moon shoes anymore, they’re making cute little ballet flats with great support and the size 11w’s fit like a glove. I’m wearing them in the photo linked above!

Anyway, this is what I’ll be rocking all weekend until I have to put on real clothes for the wedding… I’ll post pics of that on my tumblr.

Summer Style

Crocs flat

Beauty product

Mesh Swimsuit

Vintage Halter Swimsuit

Thigh Chafing Remedies – No More Chub Rub (part 2)

For me the beginnings of chub rub start with a little pinching feeling on the inside of my thighs. It doesn’t take much… maybe a five-minute walk down the block bare-legged before a painful quarter sized blister begins to form and I’m miserable for days after. I’ve heard many suggestions to stop chub rub, I’ve tried them all and none of them work.

Baby powder didn’t work. Pure cornstarch didn’t work. Vaseline didn’t work. Deodorant didn’t work The list goes on and on…

Of course, I could always wear spanx/shorts under my dresses, but we all know how I feel about that. I mean, what’s the point in wearing a light airy sundress if I’m bound up like fort knox underneath? I also don’t want to worry about my spanx showing when a breeze lifts my skirt a bit or when I sit and my skirt rides up a few inches.

Last summer I made a life changing discovery: a product that relieves inner thigh chaffing/chub rub. The Monistat powder gel was the first product that actually worked for me when it came to putting out the fire that would burn between my thighs. I purchased it, I loved it, I swore by it.

Well this summer, I saw a commercial for a new anti-chaffing product by Gold Bond. I love that this issue is getting attention and I’ll support any company that’s trying to address it. So I tracked some down:

This stuff is different from the powder gel because it’s a stick (like deodorant). I have to say… I REALLY like it! I think the deodorant style application makes sure I don’t waste any on my hands, it lasts longer and it has no odor at all. I still love the Monistat version, but its nice to know that I have options.

I can proudly say that I have worn dresses and gone bare-legged every day for the past 6 weeks with no issues using the Gold Bond. And when it comes to the fashion show that I’m doing next week, I’m excited that I can wear anything they give me and not worry about wearing shorts underneath or getting blisters from walking down the runway… these products really do change everything!

Plus Size Travel: Swim Suits & Bikini Waxes

Its 3:30 in the morning and I can’t sleep so I thought I’d update you on where I am/what I’m doing.

My girlfriend is getting married on Saturday in Miami, so we decided to make a long weekend out of it. When I go on vacation, its always with my family so this is my first “grown-up” trip and I plan on making the most of it. I had to get two things done before I came to Miami: 1.) Get a new bathing suit 2.) Get my first bikini wax.


Lets start with the swim suit: I have some sites that I used to buy swimsuits in the past, but I wanted to try something different. I came across a site called SwimSuitsForAll and fell in love with a two piece halter tankini with a pink sash. I ordered it, it came last week and I love it! The built-in bra works really well and the pink sash is a really nice touch. You can order a variety of bottoms with this style so I decided to order a skirt bottom because I had some boy short-style swim bottoms already and I figured I could mix and match. I actually like the look better with my boy shorts, but its nice to have options for when I’m in a “I hate my thighs” mood.

With my swimsuit taken care of, it was time to look into a bikini wax. I asked some of my friends about it and I got answers that ranged from “I love getting waxed, I do it every other month” to “Its a pain like nothing I’ve felt before and I will never EVER do it again!” So I really didn’t know what to expect. To be honest, I was more concerned because I wasn’t sure if my size would be an issue. As a Plus Size Princess I have more… “nooks and crannies” than other girls and I was scared that maybe the waxing spa wouldn’t want to work around that.

Some of the people I follow on Twitter had been raving about the Completely Bare salon, so I looked into their methods and it seemed like if I was going to sign up for torture… they were the best people for the job. I booked an appointment at their 5th avenue location for 3 days before my trip (in case I had a bad reaction or something) and I must say, even though it hurt, it was the best thing I ever did! The salon was super posh, (I laid down on my back and was surprised to see a flat screen TV in the ceiling– I watched Juno). My estheticians name was Jordan and she made me feel so comfortable! She answered all my questions (with the PCOS sometimes I feel like I’m the only girl with unwanted hair on her body) and I didn’t feel like my weight was an issue. Jordan made me feel so relaxed that I actually ended up going for a Brazilian! (eek… was that TMI?)

Anyway, I’m here at the Miami Beach Resort & Spa, the pool is glowing outside of my window, the ocean waves are rolling in under the moonlight and… I’m happy.

P.S. I usually don’t post on a daily basis, but I’d like to share this experience with you as it unfolds. I plan on Blogging/Tweeting about my vacay every day, so feel free to check back in daily from now until Sunday. xoxo

Large(girl) Lessons: The “Pity Pretty”

Good morning class!

I am so excited about a new segment on TBGB called “Large(girl) Lessons”. Unlike “A Big Girl Rant” which is a segment mostly venting and complaining, these entries are meant to educate.

Today we will learn about something that is a subtle nuisance to PSP’s everywhere: The “Pity Pretty”.

Pity Pretty

Definition: When someone gives you a compliment out of obligation.

Origin: My sister, Denise, coined the term when she came to New York to visit me one summer and a flamboyant gay man saw me, stopped dead in his tracks and started singing/yelling/snapping about how “GORGEOUS!” I was. Before I could even say “thank you” he turned his head sharply towards Denise (who is much smaller than me and super cute) and gave her the “once over”.

“You’re pretty too,” He said flatly. And with that, he was out the door.

Awww man!” Denise said, “He just gave me a ‘Pity Pretty’!”

… and thus the phrase was born!

Now class, anyone (male or female, fat or skinny) can be the victim of a Pity Pretty, I mean– we’ve all been there when a friend gets attention for a fabulous outfit or haircut and then the gushing party quickly looks for something nice to say about us. That is a Pity Pretty!

But for a PSP the Pity Pretty often comes when someone gives us a compliment because it makes them feel better about themselves or makes them feel they’ve done a good deed.

Like when someone says “Well aren’t you gorgeous” and as they pat themselves on the back, their inner monologue is: I’m going to take the time to tell this overweight girl how beautiful she is because I’m willing to bet that people rarely think of her as attractive or ever bother to tell her so… So I will tell her! Because I always have been someone who can truly see beauty in any shape or size! I’ll probably make her day… or her week!

Is this making sense?

Class, I really want you to get this… so I’ll give you a few examples.

Example A:

The first time I got a Plus Size Pity Pretty I was 16 years old. I was away at vocal camp and ended up having a conversation with an openly gay 18 year old boy. We were having one of those “deep” teenage talks, and the subject turned to beauty.

“I guess I’m the type of person,” he said. “Who sees beauty in everything… I tend to think there can be beauty everywhere, even in things that are unattractive…” He swept his long hair away from his face dramatically as he continued, “…like you… I think you are beautiful.”

He gave me a smile that was so self-gratifying, it was almost as if he didn’t realize I was still there. In focusing solely on how open he was to see beauty in ugly things, he failed to realize what he was saying about me.

My heart sank.

Then out of nowhere came courage I didn’t know I had, I looked him square in the face and said,

“So… I’m unattractive?”

“Well— Er– No– What I meant was– You’re Just….” He stammered on for a few moments until I rolled my eyes and changed the subject.

Example B:

I was in college and I went to a gay bar for karaoke with some friends. I was standing near the bar when a guy swiveled around on his bar stool pointed at me and said “YOU are gorgeous…”

“Thanks,” I said casually.

He took my hand.

“No… listen to me you are a really pretty girl! You need to know that!”

“Okay,” I said.

“I don’t care what anyone else says… You. Are. Fabulous!!”

I pulled my hand away and walked outside. Before I knew it my eyes were stinging and my throat was tight, I took deep breaths to keep the tears from falling. He had said so many “nice” things but what stuck out to me was “I don’t care what anyone else says…” What exactly do “they” say… I wondered.

Before you start to assume that Pity Pretty’s only come from gay men, I give you…

Example C:

After a wonderful date at the movies and a walk along Central Park, I let Benjamin come upstairs for a glass of wine. He leaned against the doorway of my kitchen as I opened a bottle of Riesling.

“You know, you really are a beautiful girl,” he said.

I looked at him, smiled and turned around to grab two glasses from the cabinet. I guess my silent-yet-gracious reception of his compliment wasn’t enough, because he then said.

“What? You’ve never had a man tell you that you were beautiful?”

I turned around and he had a proud smirk on his face, as if he had done me a great favor. Little did he know that I’ve had men telling me I was beautiful since the day I was born… starting with my Father.

I’ve always had enough people building me up, that I was rarely shaken when people tried to tear me down. Am I insecure? Absolutely! but any body image issues I have don’t come from other people… they come from me! I am my own worst critic, but no matter how hard I am on myself if I take a step outside of my apartment and I am met with intense opposition.

You see class, I know I am one of many Plus Size Princesses who don’t go a single day in New York City with out an approving glance, double take or positive remark from someone. I know people find me attractive, I know that people think I’m beautiful, I know there are men that want me.

Now, I’m not asking you to put an end to your compliments, but make sure they’re coming from a genuine place. When a girl is big, it doesn’t automatically mean her self esteem is zero. Be mindful of what you say and how you say it because in your quest for kindness you may end up doing more harm than good.

Class dismissed!