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Plus Size Fitness: How to Run Your First 5K

Guess who did her first 5K last weekend…? This girl!!

A big part of being able to do a 5K is me taking special care of my knees. Be sure to download the free “How to Get Fit with Bad Knees” videos.


Here’s the story of how I ended up doing it and five tips being plus size and doing a 5K as a Plus Size Princess.  (press play to watch me run)


Have you/would you do a 5K? I did my first one today. I was really nervous but it was super fun!! #PSPfit #runwithhart


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Sports Bra Here | Leggings Here | Sneakers Here

I don’t particularly love running, but I work on my running so that I can have a workout in my back pocket that I can do anytime, anyplace *Janet Jackson voice*.

So, even though I’ve been training and working my way up to a 5K, I didn’t actually have a date, time or place for actually doing a 5K race. So, when my friends sent me a text basically saying “Hey girl, we’re doing a 5K this Saturday #PSPfit, right?” I couldn’t say no.

We did the Kevin Hart #runwithhart 5K in Philadelphia. The best part is how supportive my friends were.

(press play to watch Floyd, the number one #PSPfit supporter in the tri-state area lol.  )

#PSPfit brings the boys to the yard 😂 😍 #runwithhart

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What is a 5K?

A 5K run is 3.1 miles. It’s actually the recommended “beginner’s run” distance, so don’t let the “5K” title intimidate you. 

How Should I Train for a 5K?

I used the Couch to 5K training app, I can’t remember if I did a free or paid version. The app plays over whatever music you’re listening to and basically tells you when to walk or run. You start out running for 15 seconds or so and within weeks you’re running at five minute intervals. It’s cool to see how your body gets used to it!

How long Should I Train for a 5K?

I technically am not done training for my 5K, but I did it anyway because the race we signed up for encouraged all levels and walking too. So, sign up for one that’s supportive and when the date comes just do your best. I actually let my couch to 5K app guide me for the first part of the race, then I did my own intervals for the second half. I definitely didn’t run consistently the whole way, but I ran more than I ever have in my entire life.

What Should I Wear for a 5K?

Wear clothes that won’t move. You don’t want to be tugging on shorts or worrying about a shirt riding up. Make sure you have deep pockets or pockets with a zipper so your phone/keys don’t go flying out. Wear shoes you’ve been running in for a while already. Wear deodorant lol.

Am I ready to do a 5K?

In my opinion, if you have the desire to do a 5K then that makes you ready! Again, you can walk if you need to but it’s nice to have something to train for. Just run it by your doctor and then get moving! If you’d like a boost with the free “How to Get Fit with Bad Knees” videos, click the button below to grab them


Thanks to my friend Jasmine for pushing me to do this, can’t wait for the next one!

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