Squeem Shapewear Review + Giveaway!

I put shape wear in the same category as false eyelashes and hair extensions; they’re all fun accessories that can amp up my look for a night and when I take them off, I should still be happy with who I am.

I can appreciate what shape-wear can do for my outfits, but I also love my “sweat pants, hair tied, chilling with no makeup on…” body too! For more on celebrating all body shapes, check out an an article I wrote for Bustle about how we shouldn’t value the hourglass figure above others.

That being said, it’s fun to channel my inner va-va-va-voom from time to time, so I’m going to try on some waist cinchers from Squeem on camera so that we can all see how they work. I’ve also got five to give away (enter to win below)!

Order a Squeem “perfect waist” here and a Squeem “miracle vest” here!

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153 thoughts on “Squeem Shapewear Review + Giveaway!”

  1. Talia Lashay Jones

    As the queen of short & cute dresses this would be a perfect addition to my closet… A girl can never have too much shapewear…

  2. Thanks for the review you actually convinced me and I think I want to try it out 😀 I am in my weight loss journey but I need something to help me keep everything in as well ^_^ your reviews and videos are always helpful gracias~

  3. Mandi Webster-Martin

    These look great! My problem with shapewear is that the bottom always rolls or flips up on me. Doesn’t look like that’s a problem with these. Would love to win one.

  4. It didn’t look like it but do you end up pushing back fat up with the waist cincher. Can you see it through your clothes?

  5. I think I would like to try the vest sincher because I want the “girls” to go up higher while I’m sinched in lol.

  6. I would want the vest, especially since the cooler months are coming and that looks like it would keep me warm lol

  7. I’d definitely go for the vest. Hmm, gives you that oomph on your bust and makes you walk straight like a true Diva lol.

  8. Abigail Lee McNeely

    I would love either of them, but the vest definitely seems closer to what I’d be comfortable in.

  9. I have been curious about these for a while! Is there any rolling of the waist cincher with movement? Thanks!!

  10. I currently have the vest. I agree it provides more support and ‘va-va va a voom’. However it gets pretty hot for everyday wear. I would love to try the waist cincher.

  11. Great review, I’d try the vest, it does look way more comfortable, I’d be worried that the cincher would be rolled up under my boobs by the end of the day lol

  12. I love the waist cinched vest. I am so glad to see a plus size woman try this on. I have been wanting to purchase one. I remember when I was little and my mom would wear those. Hope I when!

  13. I love the idea of being able smooth out the lumps and bumps! There are so many dresses that I pass up on because you can see all of me in them! And while I love all of me sometimes I want the smooth look!

  14. I have a few dresses that I love, but sometimes I wish I had shapewear that would work with them. I’ve never tried a waist cincher! Would love to try one out. Love what you said about seeing it as a fun accessory, and loving yourself without it too.

  15. I would like to try the Miracle Vest as I think it would have more support, not have the tendency to roll down and possilbly provide some posture support.

  16. UnequivocallyAwkward

    I immediately thought of that black dress from your Valentine’s day lookbook as well. And I’d love to be able to try one of those. Have a few dresses that I want to wear in December when I go home and would like that extra cinch!

  17. CeCe, you rock! I love your videos. I have been thinking about purchasing a Squeem product for a while now. I think I would try out the Miracle vest. Thank you for doing this great giveaway.

  18. Hi Cece, great video on waist cinchers. Very informative as always. I would prefer to try the miracle vest. Fingers crossed that I win!

  19. I would love to try one of these 🙂 Who doesn’t need to get smoothed out once in awhile? Totally agree with you on that point and this Squeem Cincher looks like a cool place to start trying!

  20. I had one of these a little while back and I really liked it! I’d like to try one of the ones with shoulder straps. Mine didn’t have any.

  21. I’ve been following these on Instagram for months. However, all of the models were super thin and didn’t really show me what I needed about these cinchers. I would love to try the vest. I definitely need all the support I can get! Lol.

  22. I’ve been eyeing squeem for a while but haven’t tried them because I feared that the length would be an issue since I’m so tall.

  23. Hello I love your YouTube videos and I would love to try the miracle vest I never have used a body shaper before and I think I would really love the miracle one,Ty!!?

  24. I am so interested in a body shaper but scared of spending the money because of my large hips and rump. Scared that one I purchase and try on…the sides and back will toll up. Ugghhhh however o am totally up for winning and then sharing a video on it. So I’m over here screaming eeeww eeeww me..on my Arnold Horseshack voice.
    IG handle is 4ever_faustina and yt handle is faustinamlee ???
    Oh and I would like to try either but that vest. Va Voom

  25. Hi Cece I would love to win the vest! I appreciate you doing this giveaway bc I’ve always wanted to try one of these! Hope all is well!

  26. I would love to try the miracle vest because who wouldn’t love a little boost in the bosom, and a little tuck in the tummy 🙂

  27. To be honest, I’d love to try either! But I think I like the perfect waist more because it gives you a few more choices with dress straps

  28. I would go for the perfect
    waist, it seems more versitile but I like that the miricle best gives that extra lift

  29. This might help with my diastasis recti. I stand at work most of the day, this would help to support the stomach muscles. I thought I would just have to use a prescribe waist band. i would love to give it a try.

  30. Phatnigerian Chic

    I would like either one. Thank u!! Loved how u explained that it was an accessory not something to change how u look but to compliment it!!

  31. stephanie horton

    Good luck to all you fabulous ladies.. And thank you cece for the try on. Ive been wanting some shapewear buts its intimidating. You look great btw ??

  32. I love this giveaway and the vest is definitely my first choice! I love the body positivity that Cece promotes! Love her!!!

  33. Samantha Nwaoshai

    I am a firm believer in shapewear no matter what your shape is. I wear it pretty often and I like how I look in dresses with it. Plus some of them help with chub rub.

  34. Sharmiesha Timlin

    I love shapewear giving me the va va va voom look in yiur words he he! I would be honored to win the vest in size XL. Be blessed Ce Ce!

  35. I’d probably want to do the waist cincher but either would be fun. I wonder how well they stay in place though, like when you sit or move in certain ways. It would be a little awkward to have one roll or bunch up and then have to adjust it.

  36. I’d love to try the perfect waist cincher I feel like I’d be able to last longer in it than the other one.

  37. I hope I win one. Usually I just wear girdles but I find that they hurt my legs or don’t come up high enough. I think that this would be a good alternative.

  38. I would love to try one. The vest one seems like it would be great. I am honestly worried about things like these slipping and sliding around

  39. I cant wait to try this product out!!! I’m so excited about the give away….thank you… YOU ROCK CECE:):)

  40. Omg i would love to try this right now..but i can afford one..but when i find a job i’m going to look forward it…keep going girl!!!

  41. Thanks for showing us how they look on you. It’s always so nice to see these things on a real person on not just a tiny model. ?

  42. Thank you! I usually see shape wear modeled by women who naturally have the intended/desired shape. This is wonderful! I’m intrigued by the waist cincher…

  43. Stacy Lynn Varney

    The vest one seems like it would stay up and not slip around?.I would love to try one! I have always been worried about things like these slipping around

  44. I have been looking for a waist cincher for awhile so I was excited to see the review. I am really interested in the miracle vest!

  45. <3 Thank you for doing a try on video because I always felt like waist cinchers were kind of intimidating, but now after seeing how much you liked it I'm excited to try one! 😀 I like the black vest because it seems more versatile and easier to hide under clothing.

  46. I would absolutely love to try this. I’ve wanted to try one forever. Would love to have one for my wedding 🙂 Thanks so much!

  47. I absolutely agree! Love the body you’re in and just add things for a special occassion! 😀 Great video!

  48. I’ve tried the perfect waist and love it, I would like to try the miracle vest next for a total cinched look.

  49. I have the “perfect waist” already and love it. Would love to have the miracle vest as well for which looks like it would be good for my back as well as my waist.

  50. Hi there I’ve been looking at the perfect waist wanted to try it been looking at the site need my curves back help…

  51. Thanks for the informative video! I always wondered how these would look/feel on a “real” plus size shape. I would love to try the “Perfect Waist” Squeem!!! Thanks for all you do!!!

  52. Thanks for the video! I’ve been considering getting one myself, I’m curious to see what it would do to my shape.

  53. Klalle00 Personal

    I have the vest. I got mine from Fashion to Figure in the Mall. It really does shape. But do not where it to a buffet. You will go from feeling the hold to I might just pass out. Also you need to practice wearing it if you are use to holding it in.

  54. I’d like the one that you just wrap around. The vest looks very involved…but I wouldn’t mind either one truthfully. Thanks for sharing how it looks!

  55. I think I would love the one with the straps (vest) style. There are lots of outfits I have it would work with.

  56. Nice video. Love seeing them on you. Do they roll at all? I’d love to try the waist cinched wrap around one. Thanks again for the video.

  57. hey cece, i love your videos and you keep me inspired to want to stay on my weight lose journey. I’m currently trying to lose weight and i would love to try the “perfect waist” in a size XL

  58. Thank you for being an inspiration with such a bright personality. You motivated me to keep pushing foward. I hope im not to late to possibly win one of these id be extremly greatful.

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