Squalane Oil– Your Secret Weapon for Dry Winter Skin

Dolls, do you have dry skin in winter? Squalene just might be your new best friend— let me explain:

What is Squalane?

Squalane is a natural oil produced by your skin that starts to decline in production when you hit your early 20’s. 

How does Squalane prevent dry winter skin?

If you can infuse squalane in your winter body care routine, you will add topical moisture, which is a must to keep winter dryness away. 

What are the Benefits of Squalene?

I get excited about Squalene because it’s a natural (not irritating) fit for any skin type, even my dolls with sensitive skin/eczema love it. Squalane is a powerful antioxidant, that helps protect skin from UV damage. Squalene oil absorbs into your skin like a dry oil— no heavy/greasy layer.

Which Lotions Have Squalene in them?

Many vegan and cruelty free lotions and body butters use squalene. I made sure both my Cocoa by CeCe “self love scrub” & “doll butter” recipes contain squalene oil to keep your beautiful body soft and hydrated in the winter months.

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