Sip, Style, and Serve– My Tips for the US Open

Hey there, Dolls!

As a black woman entrepreneur, I’m constantly seeking inspiration, strength, and a sense of camaraderie in the world around me. And guess what? I’ve found all that and more in the world of women’s sports. I’m a season ticket holder for the New York Liberty (WNBA) and this week, I attended the US Open for the first time. I feel so incredibly blessed to watch players like Coco Gauff on her journey through the incredible realm of women’s sports–  it keeps my entrepreneurial fire burning brighter than ever. So, grab a comfy seat and get ready to be inspired – because we’re about to dive into a world of resilience, determination, and sheer girl power!

There was some drama at the game, you can see/hear my thoughts on that in my latest youtube video…

I had so many questions going into it and now that I’ve seen it first hand, I’m dishing out some insider tips for all you dolls who may be first-time attendees heading to the US Open in the near future. It’s the ultimate tennis extravaganza, and trust me, you’re in for a treat. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Can you attend the US Open for Free?

Okay, dolls, here’s the scoop. While the US Open isn’t entirely free, you can catch some of the qualifying matches at absolutely no cost, just by heading to the USTA pavilion. You can have lunch, watch games on the big screens outside, shop and enjoy a day of tennis without a ticket to a match. It’s a fantastic way to soak in the excitement without breaking the bank. So, grab your sunscreen and head on over!

What is the Grey Goose Honey Deuce?

Wondering what this famous US Open drink is all about? It’s a signature cocktail featuring Grey Goose vodka, raspberry liqueur, and fresh lemonade, garnished with honeydew melon balls (carved to look like cute little tennis balls). Sip on one of these while you watch the games – it’s a must-try! It comes in a keepsake cup that you can bring home with you.

What is the Dobel Paloma?

If you’re a doll who is into tequila, this one’s for you. The Dobel Paloma stepped onto the scene at the US Open as a brand new keepsake cup cocktail. Its a refreshing mix of Maestro Dobel tequila, grapefruit juice, and club soda + optional black sea salt around the rim. It’s the perfect thirst quencher during those hot summer matches.

Plus-Size US Open Outfit Idea

Fashionistas, listen up! Rocking the latest trends at the US Open is a breeze. Don’t stress too much about it. Think sporty/casual chic: jeans and a crisp white button down, classic tennis whites and comfy sneakers. Don’t forget your shades and a fabulous hat to stay cool and stylish. I opted for this Eloquii dress, my Serena Williams Nike sneakers and my favorite coach ergo bag + my tried and true Gucci sunnies.

How to Stay up for Late Night Matches

Anyone close to me knows that I turn into a pumpkin after 9pm. Late-night matches? No problem! Keep your energy up with a wearables energy patch. Stick it on, and it’ll give you that extra boost to stay engaged in those nail-biting games. It’s part of my late night match game-plan, I didn’t yawn once and I drifted off to sleep easily when the night was done.

There you have it, dolls – your ultimate guide to conquering the US Open like a pro. Whether you’re a tennis fanatic or just soaking in the atmosphere, it’s bound to be an unforgettable experience. So, grab your tickets, your Honey Deuce, and your energy patch – and let’s cheer on your favorite players in style! 🎾🗽 #USOpenReady

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